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Hey, the Japanese like them...

    I have no idea what all the fuss is about... I've always liked this method of strapping in. Although it really isn't any faster when you consider the fact that your fellow riders might have to take that extra second anyway. They did take a bit of adjusting and adapting to get them the way I wanted them, but it only consumed maybe a couple runs. I'm in japan now, and I had a couple of riders try and ask me how I felt about these bindings. Apparently, this technology isn't that common in Japan. I tried my best with my broken Japanese. Good luck with your pair.

    Shredder's Delight

      I don't know what these other reviewers are doing/seeing but I use both the Flow NXT FS and Burton Cartels. The Flows absolutely kill for ease of use and speed - there is no way a decent snowboarder is faster getting into any other binding (I've also used the K2 Cinch and Flow wins hands down). They're also comfortable, adjustable and sick on the steeps. I like the Cartels a little more in the park because I think their toe caps give me more control and the Cartels are definitely lighter. But for freeriding, the Flows are my first choice. The only down side comes from the wear they place on your back foot boot. I've had 2 pairs of boots with my Flows and my left boot (I'm goofy) always has more nicks, tears and general wear from kicking my boot in. Not a huge problem just the only negative I can see with these bindings. Bottom line is if you want to spend more time shredding and less time ratcheting in, these are for you.

      3rd Season and Counting

        I rode the tradition bindings for years,.... the first time i rode these bindings, i though to myself " Where have they been all of my life". Sure, just like with everything else in life, they have thier ups and downs, however, i will always recommend these type of bindings to everyone from the newest beginner, to the oldest veteran. USMC FOR LIFE , SEMPER Fi

        Takes too long

          My friend has these flow bindings. I almost feel bad for him while he's struggling with the forces of nature (for several minutes) just to strap in... Meanwhile, I rock my Burton Cartels and I'm good to go in seconds. These seem like they would work well, but I hate them and I will never buy them.

          "Takes too long"...Wha..Wha..What????
          These by far the are the fastest/easiest bindings I've ever used. Easy in and out without sitting down. I did notice when I switched to a bulkier heel boot that it did seem to interfere with the ease of getting into the binding. I used an exacto knife to whittle down the heel of my boot to get rid of the bulk without compromising the boots integrity. Now getting into my binding is like butter.

          There are no words

            Sick... ok maybe one word. I have last years NXT FS and they are the best binding i have ever used. These were my second pair of flow bindings and i thought it couldnt get any better. These bindings have so many adjustments I cant count them. Make sure you buy them early, and give your self a couple "break in" trips, so you can adjust them to your liking (it will take a while). After you adjust them be ready for the best shredding you have ever experienced.

            Hey will these work for a 12 boot if i...

            Hey will these work for a 12 boot if i finde a large or do i need a xL