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The Arione CX Twinflex Braided Carbon Saddle is a tantalizing model for one simple fact: It takes the signature virtues of the Aliante and the Arione and combines them into one glorious saddle. From the Aliante you get Fizik's patented Twin Flex shell. The perimeter portion of the Arione CX is a 35g piece of woven carbon fiber. It surrounds a 15g bi-directional carbon/Kevlar-woven interior "hammock." This composite shell is nearly weightless, but it delivers the perfect amount of comfort and support.

The Arione CX Braided Carbon Saddle then borrows the essential trait of the standard Arione -- Wingflex technology. If you look at the wings of the Arione CX Carbon, you'll see that they flex to allow for free movement. Your thighs won't get pinched by the saddle wings with the downward force of your pedaling stroke. This flex gives you a near-custom fit without sacrificing the critical shell rigidity and support you need for optimal power transfer and comfort.

The Fizik Arione CX TwinFlex Carbon Braided Saddle is built on braided carbon fiber rails that not only save weight in comparison to the standard K:ium rails, but the braiding provides a new level of strength against the clamping force of your seatpost assembly. It's available in Black and White.

Please Note: The Carbon TwinFlex shell on this saddle is not compatible with Fizik's ICS lights and saddle bags.

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Garage, Meet Fizik

    For those who are nervous about Fizik's carbon rails:

    So last year, I pulled into a parking garage, completely forgetting that my bike was on the roof rack (trunk racks FTW by the way). I hear a bang as the car lurches down, then it makes a horrible sound like it bottomed out. Horrified, I get out to see what happened, and inspect the damage. The saddle, which was tilted down about 30 degrees due to the fork mount, hit a concrete beam at about 4-6" from the back end of the saddle, and slid along the top until it cleared the structural member. The impact moved the roof rack back about 6", bent the rack a bit, knocked my one bolt seatpost out of wack, slid the saddle rails back a bit in the clamp, and scratched the hell out of the microtex upper. The rails, however, were still intact; surprising, considering it absorbed the entire impact. Rather than sulk and turn home, we decided to ride anyway, and then replace the saddle before the next ride, just to be safe. I never did get around to buying a new Arione, and it is still just as solid underneath my 175 lb arse as it was the day I bought it.

    Impressive structural rigidity aside, I have to say that I prefer the Arione CX with Kium rails on my other bike. At least compared to my 2007 version of this saddle, the CX Kium is $100 cheaper, has a lower profile, more dense padding, and an ICS mount for saddle bags.

    I'm considering the Arione CX with flex...

    I'm considering the Arione CX with flex wings- would it be an appropriate choice for longer rides-50 miles or more- or should I consider something else-something more padded?