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Sizing infos totally off

    This shoe seemed pretty amazing. Just bought size 8.5 after referring to the sizing infos and trying 3 different other type of Five Ten in store (8.5 did fit my feet perfectly with those). It seems that the sizing for this shoe is way much smaller than what was displayed, can't barely stick my feet in. My girl friend that wears 7.5 for women tried it and did fit perfectly. Unfortunately, they are actually sold out, so won't even be able to review their performance.

    Rock Wrench

      The toe end of the shoe is amazing! Edging faces is a huge improvement. But the heel end gets no stars from me. Really hard to keep the shoe on while heelhooking anything!

      Like any climbing shoe be sure to buy half a size up, and allow time(a couple of climbs)for the shoes to break in. I like the style and the flat toe helps in a lot of toe up sits. I've been using the shoe for a month now, and I love the fit and grip of these shoes but the only down side is that they are already starting to wear out at the top of the toe and look like they will break through any day now(i climb daily). I love every about this shoe just wish it was made with a better material.

      rock Wrech sizing whut???

        I have owned and wear 10+ pairs of 5.10 shoes. (mocasyms, anasazi's every kind, gambits, v-miles)

        i am a solid 11 size street shoe guy...if i want a 5.10 performance fit i go down to a 10.5.
        i sized these to go performance at 10.5. i could barely squeeze them on and could not stand the pain to touch my foot to the ground so i sent them back.
        i thought the sizing was a bit off so i returned them ($7.50 later) and ordered the 11.

        The size 11 was almost no different than the 10.5 and i returned them again for a refund. (Another $7.50) waste of time...

        I am so glad i paid $15.00 to try on these two pairs of shoes from you guys...not

        Slab Slayers

          All reviews are pretty much dead on when saying that these shoes are great for slab. Except that they don't tell you the truth. These shoes are THEBESTFREAKINSHOESONTHEPLANETFORSLAB!!!! The 5.10 Rubber is amazing, and these shoes genuinely have made me feel like I could walk on a wall. You'll be able to confidently stand on stuff so small you can barely see it's there. And when time comes for cracks with serious edging or crazy smears, the shoes will be there for you.

          Small pockets aren't so good with this shoe, I would say 2 fingers or less is a hassle simply because the toe box is so square. This has a huge advantage on 3in or wider crack though as the shoe shape allows some serious grip on the inside and outside rubber. Some cracks I don't even have to edge against anymore, I can just kick my foot in and walk up it.

          If you like slab, cracks on slab, or overhang. Buy these.

          Another note, the top rubber does tend to flake quickly, but it hasn't affected the performance of the shoe in any noticeable way. Where it flakes is more of an aesthetic part of the shoe instead of a functional area.

          Awesome for crimpy

            I got these shoes for christmas, and have had a good three months to use them (3-5 days/week gym & 2 monthly outdoor trips).

            They are absolutely AMAZING on the small crimpy stuff, anything on a vertical face is going to feel like a shelf. I've several times been standing on some tiny crimp and felt entirely secure. If your local crag is all vertical or slab, this shoe is the one for you. The 5.10 rubber on this shoe is really durable, and will stick to almost anything.

            The downside is that for anything that has any kind of pockets or anything that is past vertical, this shoe is almost useless. The front toe is squared off to be able to grab the small crimpy stuff, but won't fit in anything less than a 3-finger pocket. It has a slight downturn to the toe, but not enough to do you much good on the steep stuff.

            In short: If you're not gonna be doing a lot of overhang and will be mostly face climbing, this is the shoe for you. If not, take a look around before you commit to this one.

            Great Shoes

              I like these shoes alot. They make it really easy to stand on next to nothing. I wear a size 11 running shoe and bought 11's in these and they fit like a glove. They were a bit tight at first but stretched justttt a little to get that perfect fit. They wont stretch much because they are synthetic. The only issue I have with the shoe is that material on the top of the toe area flakes very easily. It is almost as if 5.10 did a half ass job with some spray on rubber. I'll be contacting them shortly to see if they have had any similar complaints.

              I just bought these. Do they stretch out...

              I just bought these. Do they stretch out at all? They are just perfect but a smidge tight right now.

              Unanswered Question

              Hey guys, i have a 5.10 Anasazi Verde...

              Hey guys, i have a 5.10 Anasazi Verde Lace-up 7.5 which is perfect for sport climbing and Bouldering but not that comfortable for trade routes. So i was looking for a New pair of shoes, which size should get to theses babies ? I've just got the New Team 5.10 size 8 which is too tight unfortunate ( i just sold to a very HAPPY friend now ).. Any ideias ?
              Cheers ..