Basic Overview of FOX RACING SHOX’s CTD Damper

FOX RACING SHOX‘s CTD damper can be found on their 32 and 34 line of mountain bike forks along with the FLOAT rear shock. It is intended to take the pain out of finding your ideal suspension setup with a simple 3-way adjustment. Climb, Trail, Descend. CTD.

Climb mode firms up the feel, but stops short of acting as a true lockout, given that the blow off valve allows your suspension to move under unexpected hard hits.

Click the damper into the Trail mode, and you’ll find that there’s ample low-speed compression to keep the fork riding high in the travel, while still providing the compliance you need to smooth out the ride. Trail mode has three sub-settings, which allow you to tune exactly how much feedback you want from your suspension.

Descend mode provides the lightest compression damping, and accordingly, the plushest feel.

With CTD, it’s easy to make adjustments on the fly in response to trail conditions. Or, you can always find one setting that works for you, and stick with it over the course of a ride.


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