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Evolv not only created the Women's HERA Rock Shoes for top-notch performance, they also donate a portion of all sales to the HERA Women's Cancer Foundation. Lots of shoes can help you climb better, but these ones from Evolv may help you save lives. The HERA Rock Shoes' include ultra-grippy TRAX XT-5 rubber for supreme performance on tough sport climbs and techy boulder problems. They also include a soft, wicking microfiber lining to help your feet stay dry as you climb and minimizes stretch.

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Great Shoes!

    I love my Hera's. Till now I've mostly used mine for bouldering and they've done really nice. I normally wear a size 8 so that's what I got off a recommendation from a friend and they fit well. If you're new to climbing they will seem super tight when you first put them on but once you start climbing they will be great.

    Amazing climbing shoes!

      Im really stoked with these shoes! Bottoms are sticky and they fit great...tight and painful :) I usually wear a 7 1/2 to 8, so ordered a 7 1/2 in this shoe. Its perfect because its tight enough so that I have to take them off between every climb (unlike my trad shoes), but they aren't so painful that I can't climb in them. Love 'em.

      Too small? Put 'em in the oven!

        Got these for my wife so I could take her climbing with me. She's typically an 8.5 to 9, so I ordered 9, thinking she'd prefer a looser fit since she's never climbed before. Well, she tried them on and they were too tight. Not wanting to bother with the return, we decided to try to put them in the oven. 3 minutes @ 200 degrees loosened them up just enough for her. Now they fit perfect.

        I haven't taken her out yet, so I can't speak as to how well they perform and my wife doesn't have anything to compare them to, but for the price they seem to be a great shoe.

        As for the look of the shoes, my wife keeps saying "thanks for the really ugly shoes." I think looks wise she'd probably prefer the Evolv Rockstars (she's a girly girl) but they'll certainly serve the purpose.

        I've put my speed skates in the oven before, but they were specifically designed for heat molding. Nothing else on the Hera's melted or caused any problems? I'm considering giving it a try with my new Hera's if it worked out for your wife. I just purchased a size 8.5, I usually wear a 9 or 9.5. I'm pretty new to climbing and went with the size the person working at my local climbing gym recommended, but they hurt so bad I can't climb more than 10 minutes in them. They said they would stretch 1/2 a size but from what I've read these particular shoes won't stretch from wear.

        In Love! & supporting a Great Cause!

          Sooo comfy! edges nicely..great rubber, very sticky. Anything that supports Ovarian Cancer Research, has my vote anyway..let alone a kick-a$$ climbing shoe! I I have been using this shoe for mainly sport climbing and bouldering, great heel hook shoe for sure.. but also on some trad routes and it has proven to be a stand up shoe! Love them!

          You won't know you need it until you try it

            The only shoes I owned before the evolv heras were the beginner mythos....I used to think leather was the best option for climbing shoes and that I would buy another pair of mythos since they fit so well on my extremely narrow feet . After I read reviews I decided to try the Heras as a more advanced shoe.

            They made a great difference! the whole surface of the shoe sticks to the walls way better, the heel allowed me to heel hook confidently.

            The only issue I had with these shoes is that when I ordered them a Backcountry expert told me that I needed the same size as my mythos (which were size 7 for the heras or 5.5 for mythos) I was told that the shoe would fit perfect after 8 hours of climbing time.

            After 3 months wear and suffering (I climb almost everyday) my feet still hurt soooo bad I had to get off a long easy outdoor route before finishing it. I couldn't even stand around wearing them if I wasn't climbing.

            I reordered a half size bigger and have the perfect fit!! Just keep in mind these shoes are synthetic, they won't stretch as much as leather shoes.

            great fitting, great performance, didn't last as long as i'd have liked

              love these shoes. they fit my toes so well they work as well as aggressive shoes on steep stuff and don't hurt my feet as much. sadly they got trashed so fast - the rubber doesn't last long. just ripped out a toe this weekend and i've only had them three months. ok, i climb 3-4 times a week, but i can't afford to go through shoes that fast.

              Awesome support

                I recently broke my foot and sprained my ankle, so going on my tip-toes was excruciating for months. This shoe holds my foot so well that I'm back at the routes that were domniating me and killing them.

                I dont think it sizes narrow though, I have super-wide feet and could wear these all day.

                Superb Rock Shoes

                  These are great. Before I got my hands on the Heras I had the Elektras and the Heras were a hefty step up (which is impressive in that the Elektras are already awesome for the price). I use the Heras primarily for bouldering mainly just because I boulder a lot more than I do anything else. The rubber is sticky and smearing is great. The toe rand looks promising but I rarely get to toe hook much stuff even when I'm climbing overhang. The sole is nice and stiff enough for general purposes but definitely not as stiff as rock shoes get. This is fine in that they edge well enough for general purposes and are nicely sensitive. At times (when I do actually lead or top rope or whatever) near the end of painfully long pitches they do get slick and my feet slide a bit, but this is mainly due to my abnormally narrow feet. The heel doesn't pinch painfully like the blue womens Anasazi velcros, but this does make heel hooking an at times uncanny pursuit especially if you have narrow heels like me. Overall, great great shoe. It makes up for my foot's shortcomings as best as it can.

                  great cause, great shoe

                    This women's specific shoe is a high performance shoe with a stiff mid-sole. The heal area is a bit deeper than the Electra, but just as narrow. The perforated synthetic allows for more breath-ability. I like to think that this shoe is for anyone with a narrow foot, male or female. I love that this shoe also has meaning. Who wouldn't want to help others battle cancer.

                    Awesome shoe

                      This is a great edging and heel hooking shoe for bouldering or sport climbing. Be sure to not order too small though as it is synthetic and will not stretch. I'm usually an eight in womens and wear a 6 1/2 in these. They heel hook better than the Electra's but are not as sensitive. I would recommend this shoe to any women with a narrow heel and/or foot, or a guy with a narrow foot.

                      great great shoe

                        This shoe is great for bouldering, sport and longer climbing. It has extra support in the shoe that helps on those longer routes or full days of climbing. I wear a size 7 in this, but typically wear a 71/2 or 8 in most shoes. so the sizing is a bit weird. I could have even gone to a 6 1/2 but these are synthetic so you don't need to crunch your toes and stretch the shoes out! good support in the toe box. I could stand on my tip toes on flat ground and feel supported in my feet. With that extra support they do not bend into an arch as easily as the electras, but that is good when you need the extra support!

                        I just got into climbing (outdoors) last...

                        I just got into climbing (outdoors) last month, and up until now I have been borrowing my friends' size 9 in mens or a 7 in mens. The 7 in mens felt like it fit my length well, but it wasn't snug. USUALLY in athletic shoes I wear an 8 or 8.5 in womens. What size would you recommend with these or do you have any other shoes you'd recommend over these?

                        Best Answer

                        If I could make any recommendation, I would absolutely 100% try on a pair of shoes before you make the purchase. My first shoes was the La Sportiva Nago; In casual shoe I wear a 9-9.5, however in the Nago I was a 7. My next pair of shoes was the La Sportiva Muira XS which I wore a 7.5. Overall I would recommend going to a local retail store and trying some on. Then coming home and making the purchase off of backcountry taking advantage of the discounts. Simply purchasing them off of the internet will most likely lead to a return.

                        I wear a snug 6.5 women's in the Evolv...

                        I wear a snug 6.5 women's in the Evolv Elektra's- should I keep the same, size up or size down for Hera?

                        Hi,I normally wear 4 or 4.5 men's shoe.I...

                        Hi,I normally wear 4 or 4.5 men's shoe.I would like to order a Women's Evolv Hera Rock Climbing Shoe of size 4.Would the size 4 shoe fit properly???

                        Hello,Did you mean you wear a 4 or 4.5 in men's or women's? If you wear a women's size you can get that size or half down. If it is your first climbing shoe go with your shoe size. It will not be as snug but will be a lot more comfortable as you develop your footwork.Mahalo, Sumo

                        I currently wear the Evolv Rockstar in a...

                        I currently wear the Evolv Rockstar in a 6.5 -- would I wear the same size in the Hera?

                        Does anyone know whether this shoe breathes...

                        Does anyone know whether this shoe breathes better than the Electras? I have a pair of those and really like them, but man, they're stinky...

                        The Hera's certainly breath better.^Maybe I just got a bad pair, but in my experience they reek just about as much as the Elektras after a few months. I definitely can't throw them around wherever I want to in the presence of others.

                        I don't know whether this is urban myth but I heard that the reason the evolv shoes tend to smell is because they don't treat them with antibacterial coatings because they are worried it will leach off into your skin with prolonged wearing. Some people have mentioned washing them with woolite and spraying with lysol and that works. Check it out?