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The lazy camper’s tried-and-true method for dealing with food stuck to the bottom of a camp pot is to fill it with water and let it soak overnight. However, this is not such a good idea in bear (or raccoon, for that matter) country, so equip your camp kitchen with the Evernew Titanium 1.3L Non-Stick Pot for easy, quick cleanup. The silicon-based ceramic coating releases food residue with a quick swipe of the sponge, and this coating is non-Teflon and uses no PFOA in the manufacturing process to safeguard your health. Cooking with this ultralight pot is a breeze as well thanks to the silicon-coated handle.

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Good as new after 6 years

    I have used this pot for backpacking with never an problem with food sticking. All I need to clean it up is a simple plastic scrub pad I bought at the grocery store. Aside from some scorching marks on the bottom from the stove, it is a good as new. No dents, and the coating on the handles work wonderfully and show no wear.


      I had the same issue with scorching with this pot. I actually was never able to remove the blackened material from the bottom of the pot after a 2 week trip. I have been using the msr titanium pots and I like them much better and the lid seems to fit more securely. It is nice to carry but even with the non-stick coating I prefer aluminum for anything more advanced than boiling water.

      Lightweight & Useful

        If I have to heat/cook anything other than boiling water, I use this pot. It's just the right size for a 1+ person meal that requires actual cooking. The coated handles do not get hot, making lifting & pouring much easier & the use of a hot pad unnecessary. It is possible to nest many stoves inside where the lid will fit securely. The only drawback I've found is when preparing a meal, you need to pay constant attention to the stove's heat & stirring the contents as not to scorch the bottom of the pot. When the non-stick coating becomes scorched, it takes quite an effort to get it completely cleaned. This is a product statement/disclaimer from Evernew & I reiterate, "Avoid high power stoves which will lead to focused overheating. Titanium cookers are made to cook well using moderate heat. Intense heating is absolutely unnecessary & detrimental." If you do pack any metal item inside the pot, make sure to enclose it in a stuff sack or plastic bag so you don't scratch the non-stick coating.

        The msr whisperlite and xgk both fit in it.

          I love this. I was so happy the MSR XGK fit in it. It's a great one man pot. It has been with me for over 15 thousand miles of cycle touring where space counts.

          update: Jeff Gerard must be spatially Challenged. His comments are false and misleading. It might be tricky and take some practice but It's quite feasible to get the whisperlite or xgk to fit in this pot with the top on! I leave the stoves in their bags to protect the non-stick coating, but I don't care if it gets rubbed off. I primarily use the pot to boil water and only occasionally cook ramen in it. And if you're melting snow, be careful, it's easy to scorch the bottom. I know. I did. But I don't really care about that either. It's a great pot, whether or not the coating gets rubbed off or the bottom is scorched.

          I have. That's why I only gave it four stars. I've actually worn down some of the non-stick coating trying to remove scorch marks on the bottom. It most likely doesn't make any difference in those areas since it still seems to work equally as well. As opposed to a Teflon coating, the silicone "F" coating doesn't flake & is much smoother. I will however, opt for the non-coated versions on any future purchases.

          Thinking this would be the right size for...

          Thinking this would be the right size for a backpacking couple using it primarily to boil water for freezer bag cooking, coffee etc. Is this the only pot I'll need?

          Best Answer

          Yes, this pot should work well for a couple. Most freezer bag cooking I do requires 2 cups or less of water, and this pot has about 5.5 cups capacity. Also, the nonstick coating should help out when you decide to skip the bags and cook the occasional meal in it.

          With my stainless steel pots, I could throw...

          With my stainless steel pots, I could throw it on the fire versus having to break out the stove. Can you do this with titanium cookware?

          Best Answer

          The melting temperature of stainless steel is about 2750 F, which is actually lower than the melting temperature of Titanium which is about 3040 F. That being said your stainless steel is more likely to melt than the titanium pot, however I would still recommend against it as you would most likely ruin the silicone insulation on the pot handles.

          If you don't care about the melting of insulation on the handles I would say, go for it, but personally I would pick a cheaper pot to throw in a fire.

          It should also be noted that aluminum has a significantly lower melting temperature than both titanium and stainless steel at 1220 F, so definitely don't go with aluminum for open fire cooking.


          Happy Camping!

          Will metal utensils damage the non-stick...

          Will metal utensils damage the non-stick coating like teflon pans?

          Best Answer

          Generally it will pose a problem to use the metal utensils. That non stick is just a coating. The metal will take this coating off and void the whole point of buying a pan like this. Your safest bet would be to buy something plastic. I would recommend the jetboil utensil kit or something similar.