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must have for anyone these days

    I know the outdoors is supposed to be where we set aside all things worldly and get back to the way it used to be...

    ...yea, that all sounds good, but if I can choose to keep my Ipod and cell phone or GPS running and not have to carry or resupply batteries for my camera during camping or hiking...or simply whatever the purpose...then I'll take the outdoors with a dash of MyTunes thru Itunes solar powered baby!!!! I bought this adapter and its 12v sibling to go along with the everlite solar headlamp for gearing up for the AT. I have owned the unit for a year now and have countless hours of charging my Ipod and many other devices. This is the most ingenious thing for outdoors that has come along EVER for this digital world. If you're like me and like to spend alot o time outdoors and hike and different things then you'd probably like the idea of having all your music as well as your Kodak moments available at all times not having to worry about batteries. Get this puppy with the headlamp and you will be all the envied the next time you and your friends go out on the trail or to camp...nuttin like having the soundtrack to your life in the great outdoors with mothernature your power supply!!!

    I now use this more than my laptop or computer to charge my Ipod becuz I can stuff this in a pocket on the go in case I'm away from any other usb power source for too makes Ipods, and many other things, so much more mobile friendly...better than cheese and bizkits!!!!

    My USB port died on my dell laptop. Do you...

    My USB port died on my dell laptop. Do you have anything that I can plug-in from behind my laptop that has a female USB port on the other end of it?

    I'm not quite sure what you are looking at this particular item for given your question, but I am an IT major and avid outdoorsman so I will try to answer this vague question you have or anyone else may have thereafter. To make certain I am clear for you to understand let's make sure you are aware that this is an adapter that compliments the everlite solar headlamp. This adapter plugs into the headlamp. Then you plug your usb device (ipod, gps, etc.) into the usb port on this adapter. This item is not a 'fix it' device for a bad usb port on a laptop, motherboard, usb card, etc. If that's your problem you need, not If your laptop has a PCMCIA slot port there are PCMCIA usb cards that you can get for your laptop and that should remedy your problem. Hopefully by now you have figured this out and got one or bought a new laptop...If I am confused and you are asking whether you can charge your laptop off this adapter through your usb port, if you got it working somehow, then no. For that you would need 12v power and there is a 12v adapter that is available for the everlite solar headlamp. However, it would only trickle charge which would be pointless IMHO. However if this is what you are referring to (or anyone else would like to know) Brunton makes a solar panel that is capable of high wattage non-trickle charge and trickle charge solar panels. I would suggest Brunton's proper solar panels for such a task opposed to trying to do so with this unit. This works best for small things like an Ipod, cell phone, Iphone, etc. I own an Asus EEE PC (mini-laptop) which is low on power consumption and I also own one of these lamps with all aforementioned chargers. I have not yet tried to power/charge my Asus with said 12v adapter but will be sure to post response once I challenge that attempt.I realise this question is 6 months old or better, but I figure since noone left a reply someone else may come along later wondering some of the same things.......hope this helps (someone)