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Not for me

    The last couple of years I've been averaging 6-12 marathons a year. Recovery drinks are one of the things that seem to make a difference for me. I used R4 (orange flavor) for a while but it always made me excessively gassy and would rack up my stomach for the next couple of hours. I even mixed it in a portable mixer to make sure I didn't have any dry lumps and experimented with watering it down. Nothing worked and I finally gave up on it. I've found my body likes the PowerBar Recovery drink better. No more gas and gurgling after drinking it vs. R4. I believe in the science behind R4, it's just some ingredient they use that doesn't agree with me.

    Best Recovery

      I tested this recovery drink as I was doing a 150 mile run though the Sahara Desert. After an average run of about 20-24 miles through a very hot climate I was ready to drop at the end of the run. After taking the recovery drink I was walking around fine. It would take about 15 - 20 minutes to take effect. It is well recommended. I had the cherry flavor and it also was not bad tasting. This should only be taken after and not during the run.

      want to improve?

        I have been using Endurox for over 2 months after my workouts 3 x's a week. Endurox improves performance, no matter what the activity. I am confident that this product has enabled me to get more out of my workouts. I have not been sore after working out since using Endurox, and I feel that my performance during workouts has improved as well.

        Not the tastiest beverage in the world

          Chemically, I suspect it delivers pretty well. I drank it during the Wasatch back relay and it seemed to hydrate and I didn't really get the aches too much.

          The taste, however, is just kinda gross. Sort of a citrus/chalk/green mixture that is precisely what you'd expect something chalky and green with a citrusy odor to taste like. Bleh

          Use of Endurox after running

            In the Hood to Coast relay run I participate each year each person runs approximately 3-5 mile legs in approximately 24 hours. The problem is you run hard for your leg and then immediately climb into a van and ride for the remaining of your participating runners legs. This can lead to sore muscles due to lactic acid build up. I used Endurox after each of my legs and did not experience sore muscles either the day of the race or the next day. I felt great and ran my best times. I highly recommend Endurox after your run coupled with Accelerade before your run for a greater experience. Thank you for introducing me to both of these products.