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Shade your peepers with the Electric Tonette Sunglasses and head across town for a delicious lunchtime burrito with your pals. Make sure they really pile on the cilantro and melt some jack cheese on top. The cheese will shine deliciously in the sun on the outdoor patio, and that’s when you’ll be psyched that your shades are both impossibly stylish and impervious to bright flashing lights.

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Nice Shades

    Love these sunglasses. Super versatile and comfortable enough for all day wear. Although they are not a sport model, I have done a ton of hiking and a little biking in them. No issues with them fogging even on the hard uphills. Like I said comfy, so if you have an all day road trip, perfect choice. I have to say these are fairly durable as well. I tend to beat up sunglasses and these seem to be fairing better than the last few pairs I have owned. Great style, tortoise shell is awesome.

    Need shades cuz my future is so bright

    • Familiarity:I've put it through the wringer
    • Fit:True to size

    I am very happy with my Tonettes... I bought them on sale here for $45 a while ago and I've been wearing them like crazy since then. They go with everything!

    I also wear them mountain biking, snowboarding, rafting and shit like that. They're also great for sitting in hot springs and drinking beer all day long. Great hangover glasses too!

    I have a really, really teeny head and sometimes I think the sunglasses look too wide for my face, but sometimes they look fine. I don't know, maybe I'm crazy. Either way, I love them! They're my go-to sunglasses :)

    Need shades cuz my future is so bright

    Solid choice.

    • Familiarity:I've put it through the wringer
    • Fit:True to size

    These shades are pretty nice. The acetate frames are par, and lens quality is actually very good. I have the black frame with brown gradient lens. I prefer my frogskins, but I wear these when I'm at work or I'm concerned about losing them. The lenses are pretty big. The metal hinges get loose after a little while. Good style on these things, a little different take on the standard frogskins/80s/rayban look that's popular. I'll stick with frogskins though.

    Tonettes = great!!

    • Familiarity:I've put it through the wringer

    I really like these. They are a little large on my narrow face, but they sit on my nose really well and are lightweight. I got the painted black ones (the arms are clear, painted black on the outside, the front frame solid black) with the brown gradient lens. Nothing fancy, but I paired them with a black croakie sunglass strap and they are awesome for just about everything. Hardly any glare off the lenses even in bright sunlight, and neat style. However, like all sunglasses with metal hinges, the arms start to swing a little loose on the front frame after a few months, but it doesn't affect performance at all. Some say these are for women, but I think they would look great on anybody's face. Had'em for over a year, and few complaints.

    Glasses for any face, and any look!

      These are awesome sunglasses! Very lightweight and comfortable. They also fit a variety of different face types providing a stylish look for all. They are a different take on a very popular design that helps you stand out from the crowd. The many color options also allows you to customize the color of the frame and the lense to whatever style you need to keep it real.

      Solid Sunglass!

        Love them and the colors. I have a medium face and they fit perfect and my girlfriend has a small face and they fit her just fine as well. Great style as they are a bit different but you can wear them anytime/anywhere. Only complaint is for the price they are almost in the range of polarized, which I wish they were.

        Nice, but not worth the price

          These sunglasses look pretty hot, but I was a little disappointed with the price these are listed at. They're only slightly heavier duty plastic than your average knockoff wayfarer. The lenses seem good, and the multiple colorways are nice, but I was super bummed that these didn't come with a hard case! Most better quality sunglasses usually come with one. For 80 - 100 bucks, these fall short for sure. Find them at a discount elsewhere.

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          Are the Tonettes only a womens sunglass,...

          Are the Tonettes only a womens sunglass, or can dudes rock these as well? Or does electric make a dudes version of this style?

          i have a big head i would like to know if...

          i have a big head i would like to know if these pair of glasses were made for someone like me