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Burly skis!

    I have skied several of these Legend Pros over the years and really enjoy them. Stiff construction keeps them stable at high speeds. Able to plow through crud no problem. Large turning radius makes you want to go fast and rip big lines.For heaps of snow, (on days where its deeper than say, 18inches) I would suggest the XXL version for its added float factor

    Consistent, but nothing new

      Dynastar kept almost the exact same construction as the previous version. I guess they went with the "ain't broke, don't fix it" theory, but innovation is the name of the game in skiing. They are burly, stiff, fast and stable. Good for charging the whole mountain. Would have liked to see them push the envelope and add a rocker profile or slight twin tip. Maybe even change up the tired old graphic theme. C'mon, keep up Dynastar!

      Dynastar's are rockin

        If these Pro riders are anything like the PRO XXL's I'm on, you won't be dissappointed. I'm on the 184 size and they rip.. Straight line they offer pure control, and no waggle. The ride is butter smooth on the groomed and downright bliss in the Powder. Not a mogul ski, but can blast thru the fluff fields without a problem. On the straight lines you'll love the character this ski brings you. It gives you confidence to take the big lines without hesitation.

        i am a beginner-intermediate skier. I am...

        i am a beginner-intermediate skier. I am 5'4' and 150 lb. what size should I get? Is this a ski for a beginner ?

        I have a big dilema- Pro XXL or Pro...

        I have a big dilema- Pro XXL or Pro Rider?
        I'm 175cm, 57kgs hard skier.
        Wanna get some "specialists"- Not sure if the 187 XXL's will not be too big and hard in "between the trees" etc.
        What is the main difference between these two models?

        Best Answer

        There a few key differences in these skis. The XXL is Fatter, Stiffer and has less side cut. That translates to better stability, Wider longer turns and Better float in deep snow. That being said the Pro is more user friendly, Easier to turn in tight trees and more versatile in snow that is not powder. Both are great great skis.

        Write your question here...I'm also looking...

        Write your question here...I'm also looking to replace my old powder skis. They are the Dynastar BIG Powder Ski T-175.
        I'm 5'10"; 170-175lbs; 68 yrs; ski the trees a lot or where ever there's light powder. What do you recommend and why. Thanks!

        Best Answer

        I really recommend you get a ski with some rocker. It really makes skiing even more fun (seriously). I ski Salomon's and would recommend the Czar for a new powder ski. It has tip rocker only and normal camber under foot and in the tail. I know people are still skeptical about skiing a rockered ski, but they shouldn't be. Whatever you get, it should have rocker, I guarantee you'll love.

        I'm looking for a replacement for my old...

        I'm looking for a replacement for my old Dynastar SF skis - 201. Any suggestions? I loved their speed and stability and stiffness. Always had a smile on my face. I'm 6:8 tall, 220 lbs. Thanks, Jim

        Best Answer

        Like most of Dynastar's skis, the Pro likes to go very fast and is very stable. It is also stiff and with it 100mm wide waist will float you in the powder. If you decide to go with these, considering how tall you are, definitely go with the 190 (maybe even consider going a bit longer if there is a bigger size, but I don't think there is). Hope this helps.

        I'm 5.7 ft tall and 155. I've bought 176...

        I'm 5.7 ft tall and 155. I've bought 176 cm ver. Did I made miastke? Should I have longer skis?

        Is the 09/10 version of this ski different...

        Is the 09/10 version of this ski different from the 08/09 version? The reviews/descriptions I've seen indicate the answer is "no", but I was wondering if anyone knew this for sure. I'd read that Dynastar had added rocker to some of the models in the Pro line.

        Write your question here...Dynastar Legend...

        Write your question here...Dynastar Legend Pro Rider w/ marker Duke binding. make a deal for pro Brianski patroller?

        Best Answer

        I think that you should definitely consider these skis as one of your top choices. They are powerful, go fast, and can arch fast long turns. They will also float well in the deep pow. Not the best pick for quick turns and bumps. If you are looking for a non twin-tip ski that is very stable at fast speeds, floats well, and has a powerful construction, this will definitely be one of the best for those categories.