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Sweet pop

    Anyone that is complaining this ski isnt stiff enough is probably that same kind of person that drives a 4x4 pickup with mud tires and never actually drives it off road....I am 6' 225 lbs and I can lay down some trenches. This ski has plenty of energy and stiffness. If you want a burlier ski than man up to the 194 XXL pro rider, or the rossignol phantom sc 108 or rc112 and good luck with that ACL repair because you "needed a stiffer ski". Bottom line this ski is more than enough for the average skier and deserves better reviews.

    Crud Busters

      I was lucky enought to pick up the 07/08 model on Tramdock. I bought these to replace the Volkl Mantra from the 05/06 season. I loved the Mantras, but wants something a little stiffer that would have less chatter at high speeds. These skis rip! It's like skiing on rails. Perfect all around ski with none of the BS. Unless you hit the east coast this is a great everyday ski. If you want a true powder ski, I would go bigger.

      Pro Rider, Sweet Ride

        I have been riding Dynastars legend series for years. Being old school myself, I like the traditional feel of them. I finally got to spend a day on the Pro riders with lot's of new snow. From everything from packed to deep, they transitioned smoothly between them all.

        Not Bad, Yet Not Great Either

 was an interesting test day for sure. 9 inches of wet snow on top of straight up crust which yielded for some interesting results. While I felt that this ski was overpowered kind of easily in most conditions, it plowed through
          the tracked up wet snow like a friggin' plow. It might not make sense, but it did. Untracked pow deeper than its tip rise however made the Legend Pro Rider sink quite quickly because of its lower tip profile. Groomers treated it well, but not
          fantastic because it took a bit of a lighter touch and a balance point that is further back on the ski than normal.

          Who is it for: Skiers who are adept, yet have a lighter touch.

          Who is it not for: Straight up powder skiers and people who hammer on their skis.

          Speed: 2
          Long Turns: 3
          Short Turns: 3
          Float: 2
          Crud: 4
          Groomed: 3

          Overall: 2.83

          Yo Wally!

          This is Dan C, raced with you for WPRC back in the day. Do you think I'd like these boards? Looking for an everyday "race style" ski that will handle well in trees and powder. Need a stiff ski that can handle power SG turns. Mostly skiing Squaw Valley these days.


          Does it all

            I bought this as a backside ski that I could use occasionally on the front, but it is fast becoming my everyday ski. Skied in 12+ inches of powder yesterday beautifully, excellent float for the size. Although it is a beefier ski, it rides surprisingly light - while it is designed for speed and big turns, it is very nimble. Incredibly stable at speed as well as landing drops.

            solid, stiff, tough-as-nails all mountain charger

              this ski is NOT for the faint of heart. that being said, if you like race-like construction in a stiff-as-balls charging ski that can dominate just about anything your throw at it, this ski is a great choice. this ski does not excel at bumps nor deep blower pow with a 100mm waist, but just about anything else and this ski will give back everything you put into it and then some. a very fun ski!

              Pretty good

                I have been skiing some short boards for the past several years so I demoed some 185s . I wasn't really digging them for the first few runs because I was not really used to the length and weight compared to short skis, they got better after a few. They don't really lay down easy carves on regular groomers.
                I was able to get them into some steeps and they handled well.
                It wasn't till I swapped skis with my bud that I noticed the real difference these make in the crud. I can't compare them with the other Dynastar Models but these cut through very well. Took the same run twice on different skis and level of speed I was comfortable was much greater on these skis.
                I wouldn't recommend these as an all mountain ski but they would work very well on steeps, in the powder, and railing through crud. I like to ski very fast and they performed well.

                Best Pair of Skis I Own

                  By far the best pair of skis I own. Usually it takes some time to get a feeling for a new pair of skis, but I loved them the first run I skied on. They float great in powder and power through crud with amazing stability. I can ski fast over any type of snow without feeling the bumps and iced slush. They are a light ski so they don't weigh you down. If you have any other questions feel free to ask.

                  A decent ski but...

                    ...if you like the old Legend Pros, these will be too soft for you - the "Neutered Pro" will not give you "unshakable stability" in the crud or anywhere else. Make no mistake: "full vertical sidewalls" is no "sandwich" - these boards look and feel capped. That said, if you slow down, these skis can be fun.

                    Bottom Line: The Dynastar Legend Pro Rider is bigger but softer this year. Are you ready for this ski? I'm not and suggest that you don't believe the hype.

                    NOT THE OLD LP!!!

                      These skis are not the old legend pro, got a pair of 184s and skied them 3 days, was all over the place, went back to my old pair that have probably close to 200 days on them and its night and day difference. This new model is way too soft. If you are buying this as a replacement for your old 186 pro riders, you will be greatly disappointed.

                      Fun, fun, fun

                        I've been skiing a pair of 190 CM Volant Chubb's and while they are a great all mountain ski, excellent in powder, they got all skittery when I started to zoom on the steep groomers. The Chubb's were damaged when another skier whacked me last year at Deer Valley, so I had to get new one's. Then I found out that they don't make them anymore, so I was forced to find a replacement. I bought the Legend Pro Rider based on the recommendation of the Backcountry Gear Heads, my ability and due to it's similar size and shape to my Chubb's. I could not be any happier with my choice! I can go as fast as I want down those steep groomers again, with no high speed jitters. Oh man, I missed that! No more "scary" fast, just "fun, fun, fun" fast from now on. In 35 years of skiing, these are the best ski's I've ever used! Turns like a 190, but goes fast like a 210. What could be better than that?

                        Myabe the best

                          I have skied the Legend Pro since its inception and it has always been just an amazing ski. Now that they have widened the ski, it is an even better choice. It is definitely a race layup, and you need to be on your game - but if you are this ski delivers. You can ski fast in open bowls, and on groomers, but it also can be handled in tight trees. The 184 is all most skiers need, the 190 can become a handful. Great ski among a lot of great ski choices.

                          pro rider

                            176 this ski is the best ski ever have skiied dynastar for years. this ski is great on crud and un groomed runs it just blasts tru all thecrud and pushed up powder, normal skis when they hit a over skied run,you set your edge on the skied of stuff andthe pushed up powder , crud, and slop.,pushes you around these skies just blast ritethru . this ski is what you want instead of a board. i wish dynastar made a 176 xxl. this might have been the best ski ever. love the graphics, . thanks melisa@ guides hut

                            In a word...Confidence'

                              Tried out these skis in mixed conditions for the past couple days, from ice to wind crust, Boot top powder. They inspire a confidence underfoot that no other ski I have ever been on does. I'm 6 3 and 180. I skied the 184 and was honestly worried it would be too short. And while I'm sure I would appreciate the 190s on deep days, the 184s were excellent. Easy to throw around in the trees yet long stiff and stable enough for me to say "screw turning" and point them through the crud. I can't vouch for the difference in stiffness from last year's that others mention but these are great for me, still definitely one of the stiffest skis on the market. Like I mentioned above, they inspire confidence underfoot so you only have to worry about terrain in front of you. That's what these ski thingies are supposed to do, right?

                              a kinder, gentler Legend

                                08/09 Legend Pros are softer in the tip and tail than previous versions but still have much beefyness under the boot. The turn radius is also smaller than that of their predecessors and the swing weight is reduced because the core is milled at the tip and tail. This is makes the Legends more accessible to the average advanced or expert skier but takes away from both their beefyness and stability at mach 10. Having skied 176's and flexed them and 184's in a shop, I can say that the 184's are marginally stiffer, but still nothing like the previous versions. In my opinion, the new Legend pros are a great all-mountain ski that turns and floats better than it's predecessor at the expense of high-speed stability and hardcore awesomeness.

                                Unanswered Question

                                Just bought the 09/10 Legend Pro Riders...

                                Just bought the 09/10 Legend Pro Riders 176. I am a very aggresssive skier at a whopping 5'5'' 150. I've been skiing Rossy B'3s for the last three seasons at 168, is this going to be to long for me, or did I make the right investment? From what i've read here it sounds like they might throw me around eh?

                                I am an aggressive female skier who is...

                                I am an aggressive female skier who is looking to buy the women's version of this ski. I am in having a hard time deciding between the 166 and the 176. I ski in Utah most days of the winter. I am 5'6" and about 135lbs.
                                Any thoughts????

                                I'm an ex-racer, 6'2 - 235. Looking for a...

                                I'm an ex-racer, 6'2 - 235. Looking for a stiff "race type" ski that will charge on Squaw Valley powder days. Trying to decide between the Legend Pro Rider and Volkl Mantra. In addition to handling heavy powder at Squaw, I need a ski that can charge power turns on groomers. Concerned the LP could be too straight.

                                Hey Dan C. 6'2", 235lb and an ex-racer would demolish the new Legend Pros because they were softened after the 07/08 model. The Mantras would suit you a bit better stiffness wise, but a little small for a pow day at 96mm waist. I would suggest the Dynastar Pro XXL in either size (187cm if you like to turn a little, 194cm if you just straight up charge. It is a wider and stiffer traditional camber ski for sure), the Atomic Atlas in a 192cm (Atomic's race pedigree integrated into a huge, rockered pow ski) and if you want to buy American, try out the Moment Garbones in a 192cm (Will plow through anything). Hope this helps.

                                Ive been skiing 168 volkl all stars for...

                                Ive been skiing 168 volkl all stars for the past three seasons on the east coast. Im used to short skis and Im not sure whether to go with the 176 or the 184. 184 is what guys who are around 6'3 220 ski out here in the east. Im 6' 170 and 168 seems a little short but its no big deal. Ill be skiing all over Utah next year and was wondering which length would be best for an everyday driver?

                                I like the reviews and comments but concerned...

                                I like the reviews and comments but concerned about short radius turns given all the high speed super GS positive remarks. Make an annual trip to Baldface outside Nelson BC, steep tight trees, wind slab, champagne powder all in one run, can they make the quick turn when necessary.

                                Is it bad if ski service mounted my bindings...

                                Is it bad if ski service mounted my bindings not in the center but litle backward ?

                                I am trying to decide between the 184 and...

                                I am trying to decide between the 184 and 190 for this ski. I am 6'2" and 210lbs, ex Racer and expert skier but don't do much out of bounds or backcountry skiing. Any thoughts?

                                What's the diff between the Pro Rider and...

                                What's the diff between the Pro Rider and the XXL

                                I currently ride a 168cm 8800 which are...

                                I currently ride a 168cm 8800 which are about 4 years old. I am 135lb and 5'7" an like to ski all off terrain. Should I go 166 with these? Also if I understand this model is a bit softer and more forgiving than last year so a good transition from my 8800?

                                I am on my 4th season on the 8800 too. It is still my trusty all mountain GS racing ski. I just demoed the Pro rider and really liked it. It does have a considerable softer flex and skied much better in Pow then the 8800. I have a 176 8800 and demoed the 184 Pro rider. I only weight 150 and the 184 may have been more then I need, but I did not have any problem.

                                Looking for some help concerning choice...

                                Looking for some help concerning choice of length to purchase in the Dynastar Pro Rider....I ski aggressively off-piste and am considering the Pro Rider as my ski of choice for your standard 6-8 inch days of fresh snow and slightly bigger dumps...I currently ski the 8800 model in a 178 length which gets me around very well until I encounter some serious pow...I'm 5'9" and and a lean 165 lbs...the K2 Coomba is probably in my sweet spot length of 181 but I've heard great things about the Pro Rider...can the 176 be too short for some hard charging? Will 184 be too much for me to handle in the steeps? Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks!

                                I wouldn't go shorter than your current setup if you are looking for a ski for those fresh days. If you ski aggressively, I don't think the 184 will be too long. Coomba is a great ski as well and if you think that would fit you better then maybe it is the better choice for you.

                                Dynastar Legend Pro Rider vs . Line Prophet...

                                Dynastar Legend Pro Rider vs . Line Prophet 100's...I ride an older model of the Legends and Love them...but am interested in hearing about comparison to the Prophet 100s

                                The Pro rider is one of the best made all mountain chargers. I have not skied the line Prophet's 100's but I can speak for the pro rider. Beyond being one of the best constructed skis, you can ask anything of the Pro Rider and it will respond. The ski is forgiving enough for small tight turns and will allow you to go as fast as you ever want too on skis. Dynastar as been making quality skis for years and this is one of their masterpieces.

                                IS THE VOLKYL KURO AS GOOD AS THE DYNASTAR...

                                IS THE VOLKYL KURO AS GOOD AS THE DYNASTAR PRO RIDER?

                                6'3" and 230lbs, ex-racer and pretty...

                                6'3" and 230lbs, ex-racer and pretty aggressive skier, skiing Washington Crud and side-country(80%)... Looking for a one ski quiver(although I have some Volkl 5-stars for the really icy days). I primarily am in the trees or open faced powder in the side country, take some drops but nothing huge, don't go into the park...barely even look into the getting out and cranking some GS turns here and there when it is corduroy(20%). Considering the following: 1) Prophet 100's 2) Dynastar Legend Pro Rider 3) Volkl Gotama 190 4) K2 Coomba. What are thoughts on best ski and size for me out in western Washington?

                                right now i am debating on what size to...

                                right now i am debating on what size to get 184 or 190 right now i ski on 188 dynastar inbig intuitiv i like skiing steep lines in whistler

                                What do you think? the pro rider or pro...

                                What do you think? the pro rider or pro xxl?

                                Hey Backcountry,I have read nothing but...

                                Hey Backcountry,I have read nothing but great things about these skis. I am looking to buy a pair in the 184cm length. I am 5'10 and 190lbs, super strong expert who mainly skis in So. Cal with a few trips to Mammoth and Colorado each year. I ski at least 20 days on the normally groomed slopes of So. Cal. and love the parks and pow (when it is here). Are these skis just as good on piste as off? I ski full throttle most of the day and want a ski that is stable, yet turns when I need it to. Any advice would be great.

                                If you like the park and like to ski mammoth, why don't you take a look at the LINE mothership, it charges just as hard as the dynastar but with a twintip, also the legend's turn radius is 27m so it won't be that quick on-piste, but if your strong you will be fine.This is a great ski, but not a park ski by any stretch.^^^^^The Line Mothership is NOT a park ski. Just because it's made by Line and is a twintip does not mean you can take them in the park. They are stiff as hell, 111 in the waist, and have the metal matrix. If you plan on skiing in the park at all...don't go motherships.

                                I have questions about the length to get...

                                I have questions about the length to get in this ski. I am a expert skier that skis every sunday with my racer boys and racer coach wife. They rip everywhere. I am a little out of shape and am looking for every edge I can get. 6' /215lb. I buy skis every 5 years or so and am on a Volkl 6 star now. I am leaning towards this ski in a 166 to have a quicker turning ski. My volkls are fine except off the run. input please

                                I would suggest a longer length. Based on your size, you should be skiing at least the 184. If your skiing a lot of powder I would really recomend the 190 as it will really give you the edge with floatation. This ski is pretty stiff and straight, so if you are concerned about your conditioning you might want to look at something a bit softer with more sidecut. Other skis I think you should consider are the K2 Coomba or Volkl Gotama. If you're nervous about going to long the 181 Coomba would be a good choice. Racers turn, you need a ski that will turn more imo