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You'll be stoked your Dynafit Zzero 4 C-TF Alpine Touring Boots weigh just over six pounds when you're halfway to your next destination on the Haute Route hut tour. These tough, yet nimble AT boots stay light and ski hard. Touted as the lightest four-buckle on the market, the Zzero 4 C-TF boots grant featherlight uphills and rewarding downhills.

  • Powerstringer reinforcements efficiently transfer energy to your glides as you hike and hold firm during sketchy descents
  • Pebax tongue flexes smoothly and consistently as you pass your skin track on the way back down
  • Thermo-moldable Multiform liner insulates your foot and allows for a fit custom to you
  • DynaGrip Ultralight soles provide excellent traction when walking across slippery rock to get the line you really want
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Unanswered Question


i love these boots with my tech bindings, but i'm still not sure if they are (officially or unofficially) compatible with downhill / DIN bindings for resort days. please help!



binding compatibility- it states the boot...

binding compatibility- it states the boot can use alpine touring bindings. What kind would that be?

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How to mold liners? I have this boots,...

How to mold liners?

I have this boots, and it is perfect. Only downside is that I need more volume on toe box. How can I mold them?

Can I use Intuition rice method?


What are the main differences between this...

What are the main differences between this boot and the ZZero4 U-TF boot?

The Zzero 4 C-TF is stiffer and lighter(1595 grams vs. 1705 grams/per foot). The shell and cuff are Pebax vs. PU(polyurethane). Pebax is stiffer, lighter and more temperature-stable. Also, the C has a carbon powerstringer for more lateral support/stiffness.

Hello - Will these boots fit into a Marker...

Hello - Will these boots fit into a Marker Duke / Baron Binding?

Best Answer

Sorry, but Hayden has his facts 100% backa**wards! All versions of Marker's Baron/Duke bindings feature an adjustable toe height on the front binding, meaning they can be adjusted both in height, and in length (from the rear binding) to fit ANY ski boot. I know, because I regularly alternate between Dynafit Titan UL AT boots and Salomon Falcon Alpine boots on my Barons. What is more, Salomon's binding HAS ZERO TOE HEIGHT ADJUSTMENT, meaning there is only one AT boot you can be 100% sure of fitting their binding: Salomon. (Funny how that works). There is only one caveat to the "Marker fits all boots" rule: Marker makes their binding in a Small and Large size. Dynafit, and most other AT boots will tend to have shorter sole lengths than an alpine boot of the same Mondo size. If your alpine boots are at the small end of the fit spectrum for your size Large Barons/Dukes, your new AT bootsoles could potentially be too short, and the binding might not be able to adjust far enough forward to maintain adequate forward pressure at the heel piece. The punchline: if you're worried about this, check your current Alpine bootsole length and the Marker bootsole-length charts PRIOR to purchasing any new AT boot. Happy shopping!

I've read a lot of comments and reviews...

I've read a lot of comments and reviews about touring boot and proper fitting, but i'm still confused about this:
What's the difference between size 29 and 29.5?
I think it's the same shell size. Does the thickness of liners is different. Or only boot sole thickness is different?

What are the differences between this boot...

What are the differences between this boot and the ZZero Green Machine TF?

What is the flex index of these boots?

What is the flex index of these boots?

Best Answer

Jody, As there are no standards for flex index, Dynafit's boot designers prefer not to use them. I have skied these boots and if you have to have a number, I would give them about a 110. Solid, but not race-boot stiffness. The carbon stringers give a ton lateral stiffness.

I'm 6'7", 225 lbs. I currently ride 30.5...

I'm 6'7", 225 lbs. I currently ride 30.5 Garmont MegaRides on 190 BD Megawatts. I'm interested in a size 30 (or 30.5 if available) Green Machine. How does the Dynafit fit compared to Garmont?
Would anyone NOT want the Green Machine if they were my size? Why?

I'm 6'7", 225 lbs. I currently ride 30.5...

The Green Machines are 104mm at the metatarsals. This makes them about 2-3mm wider than other Dynafits. Comfortable for most mid-width feet, but not huge. I had Megas about 8 years ago and I would say these fit similarly to those older Megas. Not sure if they have changed since then.

Thanks a lot Sandy. I really appreciate...

Thanks a lot Sandy. I really appreciate your help. You just made my search a lot easier. I Either got the the Green Machine or the the Titan Ultralight (assuming that the Ultralight version of the Titan has the same last of 102 as the Titan does). I'm size 28.5. do you know when you guys will have the Green Machine? Also, you guys are currently out of the Titan Ultralight in size 28.5; is there any chance you guy will order more of it in that size?
Thanks again for your help

Thanks Sandy. What about the Dynafit Green...

Thanks Sandy. What about the Dynafit Green Machine TF? Which one would you say is wider?

D. I have some more detailed specs for you. The Green Machine/Zzero series is Dynafit's widest at 104mm. This is right where most people consider the middle width range to be. The Titan/Zzeus/Gaia are 102mm, but with a thicker (i.e. more adjustable) liner. The TLT5 series runs 101mm with a thin liner. Hope this helps!

Has anything changed with this boot from...

Has anything changed with this boot from last years model? (besides the color) And what has changed if any?

Nope, same exact boot with different colors. Dynafit's new top of the line Zzero 4 boot is the Green Machine TF - it has a new stiffer carbon cuff, sturdier walk mechanism, 10 degrees more stride range, all for 10g less than the C-TF. We should have them in stock soon but until then you can check them out on the Dynafit website: