The Dynafit Zzero 4 C-TF Alpine Touring Boot saves plenty for the downhill.

You'll be stoked your Dynafit Zzero 4 C-TF Alpine Touring Boots weigh just over six pounds when you're halfway to your next destination on the Haute Route hut tour. These tough, yet nimble AT boots stay light and ski hard. Touted as the lightest four-buckle on the market, the Zzero 4 C-TF boots grant featherlight uphills and rewarding downhills. Dynafit's Powerstringer reinforcement efficiently transfers energy to your glides as you hike and hold firm during sketchy descents. The Zzero C-TF Boot's Pebax tongue flexes smoothly and consistently as you pass your skin track on the way back down, and Dynafit's lightweight, thermo-moldable Multiform liner insulates your foot so your toes don't end up frozen at the end of your hikes.

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Here's what others have to say...

Im a woman size 22 /22.5 i found that model...

Im a woman size 22 /22.5 i found that model at 22.5 but I don,t know if its a man boot. it is the same size braket?

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This boot is a unisex boot. If you are a 22.5 in a woman's boot, you will be a 22.5 here. Typically "women's" boots may have a narrower liner and/or a wider cuff. I can't say for sure if it will fit your foot, but it's worth trying. This is a great lightweight but powerful AT boot.

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Mixed Feelings

I climbed/skied 100,000 feet in one week in this boot ~

Lighter than most at 3lb 6oz per boot for size 26 (US8).
Just stiff enough to drive a fat light ski (Voile Drifters).
Good for a narrow foot.

Not as durable as I'd hoped. In about 30-40 days the touring buckles collars were bending and there was some malformed plastic.
Because the liner was so minimal my foot got really banged up from every day use. Ankle bone in particular took months post winter to heal.
The mold didn't seem to scale for the smaller sizes. There seemed to be too much going on for my small boot size. Buckles would rub, upper plastic on lower - just showed it was tested and molded at a bigger size and not redesigned at all for the smaller sizes.

Mixed Feelings

I heard the Dynafit boots run a bit narrow....

I heard the Dynafit boots run a bit narrow. Is this true?


Responded on

Jeff, They run right about in the middle of the AT boots out there. The custom liner will cover most feet. If you have a super-wide foot or have funky protuberances, you may need to modify the shell. Best to head to a good bottfitter for this.

How safe would I be buying these without...

How safe would I be buying these without trying them on? I like the reviews, weight, and price, but a little worried about buyin' without tryin'.
Thx, Jeff

Responded on

Backcountry has a great return policy so you'll be good to go if they don't fit for some reason. Just stick them back in the box and send back for an exchange.

How safe would I be buying these without...

How safe would I be buying these without trying them on? I like the reviews, weight, and price, but a little worried about buyin' without tryin'.
Thx, Jeff

Responded on

well that is the pro and con of internet shopping right there. Backcountry has a great return system, and I have never had to return anything, I hear the reps are great and very helpful getting you the ones you need. Best bet here is to really read up about them, not just here, but do a google search. It also might help you to get your feet professionally sized. Not the kid at Walmart, but a proper show store, that the employees know feet

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Thanks Dwayne. Well a local ski tech measured my feet (looked to be between 8 and 8.5) and said I should get an 26.0 boot. But then we were talking about Black Diamond boots. Not sure about Dynafit. Do the Dynafits run big or small, wide or narrow? Also, can I heat mold them myself?

can the pebax sheel be ground and heated...

can the pebax sheel be ground and heated / stretched for custom fit or is the poly sheel of teh zeero 4utf better for that?

what last do the dynafits have?

Responded on

Yes, the shell can be customized by either grinding or heating/stretching, preferably by a very competent bootfitter. Typically, if such modifications overly damage the boot, it won't be covered under warranty. Both shells will work for customization.

In general terms, Dynafits have a mid to narrow width, mid-volume last.

I notice that the sole is glued to the...

I notice that the sole is glued to the boot so replacement is not possible. Can they be re-soled? They also seem very thin and soft, so wondering how durable they are? Otherwise, they seem like a nice boot. Great fit for a narrow foot. I normally wear a 13 and the 29 is the perfect shell fit.

Responded on

The soles are very durable within the realm of their intended use. The softness will give you awesome grip for ridge scrambling. Long treks across parking lots, etc. will definitely wear them more quickly. I wouldn't advise resoling, even if you could find a cobbler to do it. You run the risk of screwing up your binding release values.

Unanswered Question

Cuff Sizing- Anyone out there with large...

Cuff Sizing- Anyone out there with large calves rocking these dynafits? I almost always have to find specific boots to fit my calves more than my feet.

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Thoughts after the Haute Route.....

Just finished 7 days in these boots on the Haute Route. I'm relatively new to ski touring and chose the ZZero's after wavering back and forth between Dynafits and the BD Factors. I was really happy with my choice in the end and these boots were great on the Haute Route.

I want to say that Ski Touring boots do not perform on the downhill like alpine boots- initially at least. The first time down, between the light boots, the bindings, and the light skis, you're going to feel like you've never skied before. This is how I felt going down the Argentiere Glacier from the top of the Grand Montets in Chamonix the first time in these boots. However, all the uphill skinning in these boots was fantastic. At the end of the week, I was stranded an extra day at the Bertol Hut before making the final descent into Zermatt due to bad weather. When the skies cleared and we did get to go down, I had half a meter of fresh powder, and didn't miss my alpine boots at all once I had gotten used the Dynafits.

I want to mention the sizing and fit as well. I had gotten these sized to my feet at a shop in the US, and then took them to Sole Bootlab in Chamonix prior to heading out. John at Sole taught me a lot about bootfitting. Out of the box, these boots killed my feet after being on just two minutes- my arches hurt and my toes were jammed together. John told me this is actually ideal as long as the shell dimensions on your feet are right without the liner. He built me a custom foot bed and thermo-molded the liners for me. The boots felt perfect after he was finished and after 7 days all I had was one little hot spot on my heal that never became an actual blister.

I highly recommend taking them to a bootfitter and spending the extra money to make sure you get the right fit. Liners in AT boots aren't as forgiving as alpine boots due to the extra movement you foot has on the uphill.

I was the considering the BD Factors because I wanted the extra stiffness and alpine style. My guide had advised me to go with the Dynafits instead and that I would be happier in the long-run. I'm glad a took his advice. After you spend a couple days on AT boots and get used to the feel, the only thing that limits you is your ski ability, and I now know from experience that while there is specific gear for specific activities, gear can only make up for your ski ability so much. Every individual has to decide where you want to sacrifice weight and performance.

I will say that after two days of warm up tours before setting out, I found that the weight and shape of my skis was more important that the stiffness of the boots, so after I changed out my rental skis from super light and thin to something a little fatter and heavier, for me I had found the perfect combo. By day 5 in the ZZero's my downhill performance didn't feel sacrificed at all. However, I don't think I would have thought the same if I had stuck with the 68mm waist, 600g each skis I had initially rented.

Hope this helps anyone deciding to buy these boots and just wanted to share my experience....

Anyone care to guess what the "Flex" of...

Anyone care to guess what the "Flex" of these boots might register (on an alpine/downhill boot scale"?

Responded on

You have to take flex indexes with a grain of salt because each manufacture's ratings are different. AT boots also lack the progressive feel of a regular alpine boot, they're either engaged or not. Buckled real tight on the cuff in the 15 degree mode I'd say mine are around 110-115. Sometimes they feel stiffer than that, but feel as though they lack some power because they're so lightweight. Laterally they're incredibly stiff for the weight because of the carbon stringers.

Please Help. I am trying to make a final...

Please Help. I am trying to make a final call on these boots here, or the BD Quadrant, or the BD Factor. I am really looking for 1 set for all. I am looking for something that i can use for touring and downhill both. Not super agressive, but decent ski, live outside of aspen, so usually plenty of oportunity. I have it down to these 3 choices, already havev teh FZ12 bindings, and went with teh sidestash skis.

Responded on

I would go with these they are good for anything and they are Dynafit compatible, i dont think that the BD Factors are. Get um SHRED AND NEVER LOOK BACK!!!! GO BIG OR GO HOME!!! IMPULSE BUY DO IT DO IT!!!

Responded on

The Factors are indeed dynafit compatible, IF you buy the extra AT soles (about $40, sad with an already $700+ boot). Factors will ride much more like a traditional alpine boot, but they are 2lbs heavier per boot, and don't have as much flex in walk mode.

Good I need to know that you difference...

Good I need to know that you difference has between:
ZZERO 4CTF and ZZERO 4U TF thanks.

Responded on

A little late... but the C-TF is made of Pebax with carbon fiber reinforcement, while the U-TF is made of Polyurethane w/o carbon fiber. This means that the C-TF is lighter and stiffer.

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Dynafit green boot

Excellent boot for backountry and ski mountaineering.
From on hill to epic descents and even ski traverses.
Fit well with my narrow foot.The ideal mix of stiffness
and comfort for your go to backcountry ski boot.One recomendation get fitted with the Intuition liner to really have the boot dialed.

Dynafit green boot
5 5

These Boots ROCK!!!!!!!!!!

Comfort, power and they are light! Out of the box these boots fit better than any other boots I have ever had. I really like the liner they come with, you can mold them multiple times and are light. Good articulation for all day tours and hiking. I feel like I have running shoes on when I tour with these but that they ski like alpine boots.

These Boots ROCK!!!!!!!!!!
Unanswered Question

how does this boot compare to the older...

how does this boot compare to the older dynafit tourlite 4? I would like to switch to something that will help me more on the downhill part but I don't want to lose the "hiking" capabilities.

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Great boot and very green

These are great boots, stiff, light, and perfect with Dynafit bindings. They fit me the same as the same size in Scarpas. Carbon stinges are very tough and show no edge cuts after a season of pow. And just so you know they are made in Italy with French liners NOT in China as the Tech Specs indicates. Nice that something is made somewhere besides China.

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Euro stylin'

This boot is stiff, light and works well with dynafit bindings. What more could you want?

Well, a really comfortable liner, which this boot does not have. I know the liner is thin to save weight, but dynafit may have sacrificed just a bit too much. Compared to my BD boa liners, these things feel thin and create more pressure points.

1. Great buckles (catches on the widest setting keep them on the buckles even when you are climbing and they are really loose)
2. Light
3.Really light
4. A really stiff (laterally) tongue-style touring boot.
5. Dynafit fittings (have grooves in the toe fittings that allow the dynafit pins to slide in more easily and shed snow more easily)

Has anyone had any issues with the carbon...

Has anyone had any issues with the carbon stringer on the inside of the boot getting chopped up by your edges? I mean I know it's bound to happen but has anyone experienced any issues with carbon delamination as a result of the damage and exposure to water? I just got the boots and I love them but I am already seeing hacks on the pivot and the carbon.

Responded on

I have probably 70+ days on these and the carbon stringer has held up well -- yes I've scratched it, but no more than any other pair of boots I've owned. Ultimately, I think the longevity of these boots is excellent.

5 5

These boots rock

I'm in my third season with these, and I agree with the sentiment that these are the best all-around AT boot on the market. I own both the 3-buckle (for ice-climbing approaches) and 4-buckle (for general use) versions of the C-TF. The ZZero fit is incredible, at least for my foot shape. I use them for in-bounds area skiing, long AT tours, skiing Colorado 14ers, and most every other kind of skiing you can imagine. I even won a Nastar medal skiing them, which is just plain silly. The 3-buckle version is very tough for downhill skiing, despite adding a Booster Strap; I'd say it gives up 80% of downhill performance and takes every trick you know to get back to maybe 50%. In contrast, I could ski double-black-plus stuff the first time I put on the 4-buckle version, no Booster Strap required. In fact, I like the 4-buckle ZZero so well that I have pretty much retired my standard alpine gear and gone over to skiing AT gear with the ZZero 100%.