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Some bindings make you feel like you’re dragging cement blocks up the hill. Since you want your legs to be bum-slapping fresh for the hard-earned descent, Dynafit made the superlight TLT Vertical ST Binding.

  • The combination of CrMo steel, stainless steel adds strength while keeping weight at a modest 400g (without stopper)
  • Torsion-bridge between toe and heel, plus four metal attachment points, distribute force evenly for torsional stability and control during descents
  • Low height for direct energy-transfer to ski
  • Self-guiding wings for quick entry
  • Activate the climbing heel-support system easily with your pole tip
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You Won't Feel Any Difference

  • Familiarity: I've used it once or twice and have initial impressions

These bindings are unbelievable! They are light and honestly I didn't feel any difference between them and alpine bindings. They are easy to get into and they def surpassed my expectaions. After reading some reviews, I was afraid they might pre-release but that def was not the case. When reading reviews we need to keep in mind what type of skier is using the particular product. I didn't use these bindings to land 20 ft jumps. But they handled iced, groomers, and powder very well. You really don't feel the difference between these and alpine bindings (at least I didn't ). I'm def amazed how well they performed. I really can't find one reason why anone wouldn't rate these bindings as 5 stars

Great binding, though heavy for tech

  • Familiarity: I've used it several times

Don't notice any performance difference between the Vertical ST and the Speed Radicals. FYI, the 82mm brakes weigh 235g as a set, so removing those will net significant savings.

Get some

    I have no complaints about these. My 1st AT bindings, and I'm glad I didn't go a different route. I'm not that aggressive so going with the higher DIN capable models wasn't worth the cost and weight. I've paired them with BD Aspects and Scarpa Rush. Get yourself some!

    Skier Hangs over Crevasse by Dynafit Toepiece

    Dynafit's have the ability to "lock out" the toe release mode which is how you stay clipped in for touring. In this video, the person was skiing with toepiece locked out when he punched through a snowbridge. The heel released, but the locked out toepiece and ski kept him from plunging in.

    Pure Awesomeness

      I'm a lighter guy so I haven't had any issues popping out of these things; on the contrary, I am a bit concerned about not popping out of them. At any rate, these are quickly becoming my everyday binding. My alpine touring setup is super light now with these on a set of BD AMPerages. Love em so far.

      Ultimate Touring Binding

        Stupid light and i mean stupid light, how am i able to jump off cliffs (good sized ones at that) and these are still intact blow me away.

        Keeping the weight down = MORE FUN on the way down!!

        only complaint is it can be frustrating getting the risers to turn just right, but other than that an amazing binding!!

        So glad I bought them

          Much better than the Fritschi system. The light weight alone is justification for the purchase. On top of that, these have much better torsional rigidity making turns actually an option.

          Clicking in and out is easy and adjusting the heel for variable pitches is easier with practice.
          They're rock solid, despite the very limited connection to the boot. I've skied them on spring bumps with no release and taken at least one good fall without a release. Just in case, they do come with a leash that's easy to install. It's a little short, but good enough.
          Pair them with a good ski and enjoy lightweight, bomber ski control.


            Let's get this clear, my wife says she will never never go back to her marker barons after a season on these. For touring her biggest like other than the light weight, is that the binding is only attached to your toe so you are not lifting the whole binding. Another plus over the barons is the three heel height lifts vs two. Took a little getting used to and learning some tricks from some experienced users took this binding to another level. She's in love and I'm jealous.



              These are perfect for what they're designed for. Lightest setup and but still super durable. The walking/touring mode is much more comfortable and efficient than anything else I've used (markers, fritschi). While they don't feel like a normal alpine binding, they still perform well on the down and I've had no problems coming out of the binding once getting the DIN dialed in for me. If you're going to spend more than half your days in the backcountry and only own one pair of skis - get the dynafits.

              Everyday Awesome

                this binding is awesome. it's the easiest to use in my opinion. the heal lift is pole accessible and this is a great binding for everyone.. beginners included. it's a bit heavier than the tlt speed, but again.. it's easier to use. great solid binding.


                  After making my way up in the league of backcountry shredding I finally splurged, and upgraded to a dynafit setup. Couldn't be more stoked on my decision to go this lightweight! I ski on 181 Surface Livefree, and wear a 27.5 Black Diamond Prime AT boot. Absolutely love my new setup!

                  This Fritschi Guy Is Becoming a Dynafit Believer

                    I have 4 pairs of AT skis with Fritschis, I never tried Dynafits because I'm 6'2" 220 lbs and I was, frankly, scared of the dinky little things.

                    Last week I was in Austria and a friend lent me a sicko-light AT rig consisting of TLT STs and Mustagh Superlights. I only got two days on them (using my Scarpa Spirit 3 boots), but they performed perfectly. I got a nice 25cm powder day, did some touring, and the bindungen did exactly what they are supposed to do.

                    They took a little getting used to and I'm still not 100% convinced. One thing that still has me a bit concerned is getting in and out of them on very steep slopes and in deep snow (cleaning ice out of the little toe indents on my boots). But the touring performance was insanely great. I saved about 3 lbs per foot over my lightest current rig and it TOTALLY showed in my uphill performance.

                    My Austrian friend told me "try these once and you'll throw your Fritschis in the garbage". That didn't happen, but I'm enough of a believer now that I'm going to buy a Dynafit rig to add to my quiver. I'm 50 years old so I don't huck and I ski well within my limits, so maybe the Dynafits will work for me in the long run. Perhaps someday the Fritschis will indeed wind up in the garbage. We'll see.


                      I love how light these bindings are! So far they have worked great. My only gripe with them is that they can sometimes be a pain to align the front points into the boot toes on steep terrain.

                      Update: I recently took a decent fall and both skis popped. However, one of the leash cables actually broke. Not at the crimp, but the actual cable broke! Lame. Luckily, my friends were faster than me and we able to retrieve my ski that shot away like a missile. Time to get some brakes!

                      Boot insertion: Try angling one of the boot's hole in, with the other hole up in the air above the binding, then "rolling" the other hole down, and into place while applying pressure. Work well, even on places that suck for putting on skis.

                      The cable is supposed to break away, so if your being buried, your not dragged down by your ski.

                      These are amazing bindings

                        Today was my first day on Dynafits. Ive always skied Barons and Fritchies and have always been skeptical about Dynafit performance. I mounted them on my Coombas and use BD method boots. I skinned up over Cardiff pass and skied a Holy Toldeo and then skied back down East Hellgate. I must admit, it took a few minutes to get used to lining up the toe piece and using the heel raiser. That said, these binding exceeded all expectations on uphill and downhill performance. My Barons and Fritchies are now regulated to sidecountry status!

                        So light...

                          These are great light weight bindings. I had the on my BD Verdicts and liked them so much i put them on my Atomic Bent Chetlers. For me they are plenty of binding to handle that type of "big ski" granted i don't huck, i don't ski too fast and i try to stay upright (or hip check when i am getting out of control - so i don't blow up if i can help it). Once you get used to the mechanisms they are very easy to use both for downhill and touring. The best part is they are SO LIGHT they let you tour longer and ski more. They are worth every penny.

                          I've got Black crowes nocta at 176 with...

                          I've got Black crowes nocta at 176 with 122 underfoot, I'm with tlt5 - 150lbs not that agressive skier, gonna use it everywhere, slopes, under lifts, going back country, should these work fine or to go for the radical ft

                          these should work just fine for you. I am 170 lbs and a very aggressive skier and I rock the G3 onyx tech binding in and out of bounds and I haven't had a problem with it. I do think the G3 has better retention than these, so if that is concern of yours then maybe have a look at those. but only being 150 and not that aggressive you should be fine!

                          Can you install breaks on tlt vertical...

                          Can you install breaks on tlt vertical after they've been mounted on skis??

                          I wish to purchase the ski trab volare ski...

                          I wish to purchase the ski trab volare ski 164cm, 100mm under foot. If I purchase this binding (brake width 92mm), could I fit the DynafitSki Stopper TLT Vertical + Comfort Crampon in width 100mm in replacement of the 92mm brakes to fit the above ski? Would you recommend 100mm brakes or 110 mm for this ski? Is 'stopper' another word for brake? and what is the 'comfort crampon' that comes with the stopper? I am sorry if these are stupid questions, but I am trying to make this work. Cheers

                          When are you getting more stock in 100mm...

                          When are you getting more stock in 100mm in? Or do you have any alternatives you can offer please for 100mm wide skis under foot. Thank you

                          Do you have any of these bindings in stock...

                          Do you have any of these bindings in stock w 100mm wide brakes? My skis are 100mm wide under foot. Cheers

                          Will these bindings be compatible with...

                          Will these bindings be compatible with Black Diamond Synchra women's ski? It has a 80mm width. I am also skiing with Black Diamond Shiva boots.


                          Unanswered Question

                          Another catalog's specs list boot range...

                          Another catalog's specs list boot range 6-13 for these bindings. My boots are BD Prime 30.5. Will these bindings work? Is the only issue the plastic connecting rib? I would probably remove it anyway to use ski crampons.

                          will these fit Garmont Masterlite AT...

                          will these fit Garmont Masterlite AT boots?

                          Does this binding not work with scarpa...

                          Does this binding not work with scarpa boots?

                          Has anyone used these on a 100mm ski? Is...

                          Has anyone used these on a 100mm ski? Is 8mm too much bending? I want to switch to tech bindings on my Atomic Access skis, but don't really want to pay an extra hundred dollars for the 100mm Vertical FT's. Thanks for the input...think snow!

                          Hey goddjohn1893760,

                          Thanks for the question. On alpine bindings, I don't like to bend the brakes more than 5mm and Dynafit stoppers are definitely a bit more fragile than that. I would suggest to snag the Dynafit TLT stoppers that we have on this site in the 100mm size. They're $69.99 so it'll still be less expensive than the Vertical FT binding.

                          My primary objective is(was)to lighten my...

                          My primary objective is(was)to lighten my equipment. I have never been on a true backcountry setup (tech bindings/boot combo). My old boots (purely alpine) of 20 years back only weighed 8lbs-5oz. I bought a new pair (alpine) last year and was stunned when they came in at 11lbs-6oz! This is progress?!! This is what led to a search for a lighter boot..leading me into AT. So, here I am wondering if I can ski both the backcountry and the lift-served areas with a true AT setup. ??? Someone mentioned below that heli skiing wouldn't be a good idea with Dynafit type bindings..why not? All this talk I'v heard about tech type bindings not being "strong" enough for frontside lift-served skiing is confusing when I hear the other crowd comment on how they have skied 55 degree chutes with their dynafits. I am not going to find too many 55 deg. chutes at most of the resorts I ski. I have a feeling that if I make this conversion to AT, I'll never go back. The thought of untracked powder..!

                          Best Answer

                          Hear is the answer I gave on the Dynafit Radical page:

                          "How well they hold depends on both your skiing style and what you ski in-bounds. Watch Hoji, he may be super-powerful, but he's always smooth. If you are slammin' VW-size hard bumps all day, tech bindings may not be the call. They will hold for some cranking skiing, but they don't have the elasticity of an alpine (or alpine-style) binding."

                          Some more info with a personal slant: I am light (150#), have skiied since age 2, grew up racing on Vermont ice, but now live in Utah. I like to ski as if every turn is the last one I will get. I pretty much never have pre-release issues with tech bindings at all speeds, in or out of bounds. That said, I realize that bigger dudes with different skiing styles may have different experiences. As mentioned above, it's all about elasticity. An alpine binding will allow you to get sideways and (may) bring you back in before it releases. With tech bindings (any brand), you are either in or you are out. Hope this helps.

                          I have bought the TLT dynafit radical...

                          I have bought the TLT dynafit radical ST

                          My feet shape suit the Black diamond boots. Either Quadrant or Prime (any tips?- havent bought yet)
                          I have heard BD boots dont work well with dynafit. Is this true??

                          BD's tech-system boots should work fine with Dynafit. The only "official" Dynafit toe-bars are found in Dynafit and Scarpa boots. These can work a little better, but any tech-compatible boots should work. Always be sure get all snow/ice out of your toe inserts by stepping into the binding and then rotating 3-4 times.

                          Which dynafit binding is recommended for...

                          Which dynafit binding is recommended for the G3 Manhattan ski? 108 underfoot, 190 length, I think they weigh about 4.2 or so per pair.... skier is 190lbs, 6'2"

                          If you are a fairly aggressive skier, I would go with either the Radical FT or the Vertical FT, but leaning toward the Radical. Both have DINs that go up to 12. The Radical is the new version with a beefier toe-piece, wider & stiffer plate underfoot and easier elevators.

                          just got a pair but w/o the manual. can...

                          just got a pair but w/o the manual. can anybody share a link where i can get the manual. my main concern is the lateral DIN release. i've figured out how to set the vertical but not quite sure how to set the lateral. i realize that the hash marks represent the DIN settings (5-10) but i don't know what to line up in relation to them to set the appropriate DIN. Help please?

                          This brake is 92 mm width, but my skis are...

                          This brake is 92 mm width, but my skis are 88mm width at the foot (K2 Waybacks); will these bindings work with my skis? Thanks!

                          how would these perform during the...

                          how would these perform during the spring/summer corn harvest? i'm living in WA and got some great turns in coming down mt. adams the last weekend of july and would love to repeat that. debating between these and dukes, leaning towards these, just want to see how they would handle the corn. thanks.

                          I would advise against the dukes, or baron's for that matter, for Wa snow most of the year. While the bindings are pretty bomber for the decent, the transition from touring to downhill is a pain because the wet cascade concrete gets bound up in the latching mechanism that Marker uses.

                          Will the 110mm binding / brake fit a ski...

                          Will the 110mm binding / brake fit a ski with a 112mm waist or would I need to go up to a 130mm binding / brake?
                          Thanks, David

                          I bought some breaks for my TLT. Can someone...

                          I bought some breaks for my TLT. Can someone help me put them on.