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Thanks to the super-light weight and smooth flex, the Dynafit TLT 5 Performance TF Alpine Touring Boot glides in the high altitude of the Himalayas and in the slightly lower altitude of your local rando races.

  • Carbon fiber cuff and lightweight TF liner combine for maximum downhill and uphill performance
  • Claw outsole provides better grip and traction, and Dynafit’s sole construction allows for re-soling in case of abrasion
  • Acti-flex zone allows 5mm of flexibility in the toe when climbing and skiing, and it does not affect torsional rigidity or downhill performance
  • Short rockered sole is crampon compatible for those tough rocky or icy summits
  • Ultra-lock system opens up 60 degrees of mobility from walk to ski mode making skinning or running as easy as late fall training runs
  • Double tongue system with driving booster increases stiffness for ripping it back down the hill
  • Quick step inserts compatible to Dynafit bindings
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    Bought these back in 2012 but due to knee injury only skied them for the first time this weekend in Chamonix. For such a light boot, the TLT 5 gives fantastic support and strength - completely exceeded my expectations. Over 4 days I skied various conditions: week old packed snow on piste, a day of 2 foot deep fresh powder followed by another of heavier chopped up wet snow. Paired with some Revelstoke skis, this is an extremely light set up making for great steer-ability of the ski and the off piste ride felt as good as in my Black Diamond Factors. Booting up to find runs was effortless. The inevitable trade off was too much flex when hard charging variable off-piste and on bumpy, harder-packed snow in resort runs. But that's not surprising and they still coped amazingly well in those conditions - so a small price to pay for such a versatile boot.


    • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

    Three years old, 250+ days toured, over 500,000 ft. of vert., heat molded to fit my fat American feet, and currently hanging tight in their fourth year of touring and skiing. The tongues are not as optional as they once were, though. Best boots!

    Very Light Boot!

    • Familiarity: I've used it once or twice and have initial impressions

    Wow!! In comparison to other AT boots, these are the lightest. I usually fit a 98 mm last in my regular ski boots but these were even tighter on the side....almost like a 95 or 96 mm last.


      I haven't used these boots beyond trying them on and dialing them in on my bindings, but I am really excited to start touring on them this winter. Just pulling them out of the box was a jaw dropping experience as these boots are phenomenally light. I'm really pumped to see how well they drive my skis. They seem like they're going to be very capable climbing boots for those lines that require crampons. Great product, I think these boots are a winner.

      Remarkably Good

        These boots are pretty awesome. The combination of extremely low weight and huge range of motion put these boots in a class of their own.

        I've heard of sizing up and using thicker liners to add warmth to the boots, but my experience has been good year-round in the cascades.

        Notes after a year's usage:

        -Fit was strange for my feet. the boot narrows as it goes down, especially at the arch. I had to use an insole to mitigate the pressure on the inside of my feet. Also pressure at the top of my foot at the lower buckle was minimized by loosening the buckle and with some effort by a pro bootfitter.

        -The tongues are a little hard to keep track of sometimes since they don't fit nicely into pockets.

        -the boots go on and off faster than tennis shoes

        -I wear a size 10.5 street- and 11 running shoe and these were the correct length in a 29.0, BSL 317mm, although very narrow for my feet.

        Sell your children!!!

          Yes, outrageously pricey and incredibly worthy! Don't wait to buy used, you won't find'em.
          I've skied the TLT green plastic, Scarpa Maestrale, and then bought the TLT yellow carbon boot. And they are by far the stiffest. I am 6'2", 230 lbs, and ski aggressive. Wish Dynafit binders were more durable.
          The TLT plastic is as stiff or stiffer than the Maestrale for downhill performance.
          Walkability, Up-Hillability: no comparison to TLT for techy rock moves, articulation, and weight.
          Fitting: I punched my carbon TLT yellows in the spring for 6th toe and punched for length and they held great over 7 weeks.
          Skiing: Rather progressive flex blows through. But, these things are light as hale and ski amazing enough to never stop smiling. The smile factor margin is unbeatable.
          Cons: 1. Let snow in with tongue removed for uphilling. 2. No cant adjustment on cuff. 3.Super thin shell is colder. 4.Thin plastic might wear through someday from talus walking and rock climbing; though i love ridgelines more than ever with this boot.

          Yep...1000 bones..

            And believe it or not worth every penny the first time you climb 1000m and have a steep technical ski down. Add the fact that these things are pretty good on techncal ice and you have just saved money on a technical climbing boot and a ski boot in one. Hard toy to come by even at $1000. A no compromise ski boot for the back country that walks and climbs like few others and none of them under $1000.


              These boots are super versatile. Remove the cuffs, tongue, and the velcro strap and you have a race boot. Put the tongue in and you can easily drive powder skis. The cuff articulation that is achievable in these boots allows for better walking and skinning.

              The liners are thinner than traditional thermo-moldable liners. However, I did not notice colder feet as a side effect.

              Everything about these boots is done well except the buckles. The upper cuff buckle sticks out when in walk mode. This is fine for mid-winter snow coverage but when walking on trails or boulder fields caution is advised. I have broken one and bent the other one. The lower buckle has a small spring that forces the buckle closed. After some use, the spring will wear through and actually keep the buckle open (when not under tension). This is purely a cosmetic problem as it doesn't hinder the use of the buckle.


              These boots are a game changer

                Got these boots at the beginning of the season and love them. The range of motion thats available to you on the ascent is an unbelievable advantage. You don't tire as quickly and due to the increased range of motion you are able to easily and comfortably take huge strides. For me this meant about 10-15 minutes faster over 1000 feet on the ascent.

                Secondly, when you put in the tongue the boot becomes an ultra stiff alpine boot that skis great. Another commenter noted that the angle is too far forward. The solution for this is to not put the tongue in and ski without it. The boot without the tongue still offers more support than a scarpa f1. On days where the snow is truly deep this option is preferable even, but when conditions are "variable" you'll appreciate the power pushing through the muck.

                One other thing, if you have to go through any downhill while skinning you may want to consider locking the boot into ski mode. With all that range of motion there is no leaning back to avoid flying forward when your heels aren't locked. I got a great view of the sky last weekend when I forgot this despite having been warned.

                TLT 5

                  54 years old, experienced backcountry skier living in Utah. I don't "huck 40 footers," or ski super fast. I ski often and was looking for a lightweight back country setup. They are matched with Voile Vectors and Dynafit bindings. They are fitted with one medium sock (I could not fit more in the size 30 shell.)

                  Advantages: 1) Light. 2)Great range of motion in tour mode, especially without the removable tongues. (not bad even with them). 3) Surprisingly stiff with lots of forward lean; this is not adjustable, so you better like it.

                  Disadvantages: 1)The silly removable tongues seem destined to be lost; they can easily fall out, when you are removing the boot. 2)The boot allows some powder intrusion without the tongues in place (think wet boots on a deep powder trail break. But you can tour with the tongues in place, and not experience leakage.) 3) No forward lean adjustment 4) The boot seems unnecessarily stiff for my backcountry skiing style. 5) Price: ridiculous, but I paid it!

                  Summary: a very light and very expensive, high performance boot for expert skiers, with substantial stiffness and (non-adjustable) forward lean in downhill mode. They have great ankle flexibility in touring mode with the tongues removed, and good flexibility even with them in place. They seem ideally suited for randonee racing, or similar pursuits.
                  The removable tongues are the boot's achilles heel, in my view. I think this is a design flaw. I fear I will lose them, and that they will be difficult and expensive to replace.
                  I would prefer an equally light, but softer boot, a bit less forward lean, and no removable tongues. I have not had them out in extreme cold, but have not had cold feet. (You may love the stiffness and forward lean.)
                  Light weight design means they are probably not optimal for "hucking 40 footers," but for the majority of skiers, they seem sufficiently robust.

                  TLT 5 Performance

                    Super light
                    low volume fit
                    medium-soft flex felt smooth
                    walk mode is great
                    lower cuff did not create any performance issues
                    best AT boot I have skied

                    only con
                    upper buckle is open in walk mode, and is hard to fit pants over open buckle. This allowed snow to enter boot liner when boot packing up steep terrain

                    Amazing BC Boot Technology

                      I had used my new TLT5 Performance boots on a coolish Dec Canadian Rockies day - it was -30 degC when we left the truck! Couple of comments about my experience with these boots. First about fit - I slip into 27.5 Scarpas or 27. 5 Garmonts with a bit of fussin for a fit in the heel area - usually end up using yards of tape over the season no matter what we've tried. I was able to get a decent fit in the Performance TLT's it seems with 28's. No blisters or red spots, no anything after the first day in the boots - I am amazed with how comfortable these were.
                      Other comments have appeared about cold - my boots were molded using maybe a bit larger toe-caps than normal to give me a little more room. Even after skiing the morning, a lunch stop wearing two down parkas, down pants and huge BD ice climbing gloves left me nice and warm, even the boots. No sweat! My partner on the other hand did have cold toes in his Scarpas. It was a very cool day! Frostbite city! So in my case I don't think I need to take much more care with these in cold temps than with any other boots I've used.
                      About the up, these boots are nothing short of amazing. With tongues in the pack I had kick just like a cross country rig. Nothing sore. Amazing stride. Enough control on the up's 'n down's (w/o the tongue). I am blown away!!
                      And about the down, these boots were easily stiffer than my good old Mega-Rides (and my F3's which I kind of expected) and had no trouble with 178 Mustagh Ata's. I tried these boots out on my new set of Stokes and they seemed to have more than enough meat for these. I have had stiffer boots but they've been high top downhill setups (favourite was an old set of Nordica Slaloms -called em bananas). Again, I am impressed.
                      So wanted to say to the Dynafit development crew - good job guys!

                      Why would I tour in anything else?

                        I have about 8 days in these now. I have skied these with my 178cm Ski trab duo freerando lights (80 at the waist), and my Blue House District 187cm (110 at the waist). These boots feel equally at home on either ski. Put the tongue in and you have plenty of power to push any ski I've ever used. These are far better for the downhill than my Garmont Adrenalins. And far better on the uphill compared to my Scarpa F1s. Great fore/aft motion, amazingly light. In the past you needed a quiver of boots to go with your quiver of skis. NO LONGER!

                        I gave it 5 stars, but what don't I like?

                        The power strap gets in the way when touring. You have to leave it completely "un-velcroed" to get the full range in motion. I actually think I'm going to just get rid of it. I don't think it adds much power.

                        It probably isn't the warmest boot. But I ski in Utah, and it rarely gets cold enough here to matter.

                        I wish there was a little D-ring on the boot for safety straps. I won't go into the whole safety strap argument, but I just wish there was a better way to clip them in.

                        I know a lot people gripe about the price, but a product is worth what ever people are willing to pay for it. Clearly plenty of people, including me, are willing to spend $1000 dollars for boots. What else were you going to buy with that money, cable TV?

                        Any other liners fit for the boots? I...

                        Any other liners fit for the boots? I currently have scarpa universal liner, but they are too bulky for the boots

                        You should be able to use the Intuition liners for these boots. I would recommend that you heat mold them at a local ski boot fitting store, that way you get the most custom fit and it will be molded to your specific Dynafit boot. If you have questions about the Intuition liners or the heat molding process just give me a call and I can answer them for you .

                        1800-409-4502 Ext 4318

                        Can the rear insert be modified/replaced...

                        Can the rear insert be modified/replaced for more forward lean>

                        Best Answer

                        You can adjust the forward lean but, I am not sure to add more Ive only heard of people taking away as it already has a lot. Take a look at Lou Dawson's take on it Dynafit sells their adjustment plates, you could give them a call and see what they have to offer.

                        Anyone used these for snowboard mountaineering?...

                        Anyone used these for snowboard mountaineering?

                        I still use Burton race plate bindings; these look questionable for the toe bail, but I guess one could use a dynafit toe? I also have a fairly wide foot; these sound narrow.

                        Anyone have a recommendation for another superlight AT boot that would work with Burton race plates, or similar bindings? I usually leave the AT boots in walk mode for snowboarding; don't need the beef that skiers want. I do a little ski touring too, but not much. Currently using Scarpa Denalis, they are fine, but heavy (they were fairly cheap, on sale a few years ago). Had some old Dynafit Tourlite boots a decade ago that were my favorites. Thanks!

                        Will these fit in normal At bindings while...

                        Will these fit in normal At bindings while I save up for dinafit bindings.

                        Best Answer

                        This boot is only compatible with Tech bindings. It will work bindings from companies like G3, Plum, La Sportiva, and of course Dynafit. You could snag these now and get the bindings when you have the money. I would ski the boot you have now with your current binding until you have both the binding and the boot.

                        I am currently using a 28.0 scarpa maestrale...

                        I am currently using a 28.0 scarpa maestrale and like the fit. Any recommendations on what size TLT 5 I might like?

                        Also, which shell molds correspond to which...

                        Also, which shell molds correspond to which boot size, do 27.5 and 28.0 come from the same mold, or 27.0 and 27.5? Thanks.

                        I wear a 13-14 (US) men's mountaineering...

                        I wear a 13-14 (US) men's mountaineering boot. From what I can see Dynafit only goes up to 12.5 (US) men's, is that true? 13 (US) seems like a pretty common size. How do I get dynafits in larger sizes? I can't find any other ski boot that is as light as the TLT 5s.

                        I'm going to use these for ski mountaineering, and want the lightest setup possible. The Scarpa MAESTRALE does fit me (comes in the right size), but it's a good 2 pounds heavier per pair.

                        Are you guys going to restock these boots...

                        Are you guys going to restock these boots in 29.5 & 30.0?

                        Having a Baron/Volkl Nanuq setup for powder...

                        Having a Baron/Volkl Nanuq setup for powder days and spring touring. I use alpine boots for powder but looking for something I can walk with while touring in Sierra. I used borrowed Zzeros last year couple of times and they were ok but trying to find out if TLTs would fit this setup. Have a racing background so looking for something what can hold but priority would be walking comfort/weight/downhill in that order. Will TLT5 fit the Barons ?

                        Best Answer

                        Negative, Ghostrider.

                        The TLTs are only compatible with tech fittings (Dynafit, G3, La Sportiva, etc). The short lips on the toe and heel of the boot may look like they're designed to fit into bindings, but they're too short for that and designed for crampons only.

                        I love the Dynafit TLT 5 but the price is...

                        I love the Dynafit TLT 5 but the price is a killer - got any 'seconds' size 29? Vern...........

                        Can you ski Fritschi Diamir Freeride Pro...

                        Can you ski Fritschi Diamir Freeride Pro Binding with these boots? im pretty sure not, but thought i should check.

                        Do the TLT boots run small or large in...

                        Do the TLT boots run small or large in fit?

                        Best Answer

                        I found they fit a bit smaller than my Scarpa's and Megarides both - I've worn 27.5 Scarpa F3's and 27.5 Megarides (as note below) but the 27 shell on the TLT5Perf seemed a bit too short with only a finger behind the heel (w/o the liner). So a 28 shell it was. Usually I get a good fit everywhere but the heel - these fit superbly (really snug) after cookin and now with about 8 days use are the best fitting boots I've worn - ever.
                        Some of the info on the Teton Gravity thread about these boots suggests maybe going up a size too I think.
                        Hope that helps . . .

                        I wear 28 mondo and find these true to size... however, they are on the more snug side so some boots size 28 will have more liner to work with whereas one needs to be size 28 for these; what I'm trying to say is they're true to size but not much leeway

                        That's the weight for one boot not a pair....

                        That's the weight for one boot not a pair. They are light but not that light.

                        Best Answer

                        Owen, have you weighed a pair? That'd be a pretty shocking weight for a pair of ski boots, lighter than the lightest snowboard boots. This review confirms backcountry's misprint -