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On the skin up, you want your boot to be superlight. Feather-light. Half-a-feather-light. On the way down, you want bomber stiffness and support. Welcome to the Dynafit Titan TF-X Ski Boot.

  • Polyurethane mix maximizes rigidity and support while keeping weight low
  • Alpine overlap construction allows for a walk/tour range with agile forward and rear motion
  • High, stiff Titan Spoiler adds support and forward lean
  • Lightweight, micro-adjustable magnesium buckles have floating touring hooks for the ascent
  • Triple Binding Sole (TBS) means you can use the touring setup or alpine setup (both toe-and-heel sets included) for backcountry and resort days
  • Titan TF-X liner combines heat moldability with a plastic-reinforced tongue
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Call it an alpine boot for great touring

    One season in the books on the Titan and I can confidently say this is a sturdy, worry-free boot which unless you're a pro, you'll never be able to tell the difference between it and a traditional alpine boot on the way down. The huge upside being it tours very well, is pretty comfy in walk mode, and does a lof of things quite well. Will your feet hurt after a 3-mile tour in? Yes, but this isn't a boot designed for miles and miles of comfortable skinning. What it is designed to do is make you forget you're wearing an AT boot on the way down, and stand up to whatever terrain you take it into.

    I paired mine with the SI&I CAST touring system and the Marker Lord SP bindings, both new in 2013/14. The Lords were a great match because they accept the tech toe and are super burly, as well. DPS Wailer 112 carbons are what I skiied on all season, both east and west and I couldn't be happier with my setup.

    It's also a nice touch that you get both AT and alpine sole plates with this boot, so if you have multiple setups you can pair this boot to all of them. Great for your beater, early/late season skis, icy east coast days where powder planks don't make sense, etc.

    One thing of note, the Titans are definitely an athletic fit, and tend to run narrow, particularly in the toe box. I have wider feet so there's been a lot of tinkering and heat molding all season to get them where i needed them. But they haven't let me down in any situation and I hope to get many years of use out of them.

    Call it an alpine boot for great touring

    The Dynafit Titan TF-X After 5 Season

      Great Boot! Only ever skied with the AT Soles which are still functioning after 5 seasons each of 60 to 70 full days skiing. Will fit any binding that has height adjustment. I believe that this is the only true Dynafit boot that can be described as an "All Mountain Boot". Most ski manufactures produce "All Mountain Skis" but somehow failed to match them with a LIGHT WEIGHT All Mountain Boot. Sadly the Titan TF-X is no longer manufactured by Dynafit and has not been replaced. If you can find a pair your size, grab them. The key features are their great AT soles, their light weight, and the downhill design. I had Intuition Power Strap liners for 4 seasons and now have the Intuition Dreamliner. Both great. The boot is a little cold in -20C. But 'Boot Gloves' solve that. Any boot manufacturers looking to fill the void for "Light Weight All Mountain Boots" could do a lot worse than to start with the TF-X and build from there. Improvements would be a full rubber sole, not just fore & aft (K2 have made a brave first attempt but I think have not understood the benefits of a full rubber sole. At each Gondola terminus I simply step into my bindings while the heard are battering their bindings scraping the ice from their soles), and powder proof sealing, and of course, the downhill design & light weight of the boots.

      I am new to Back Country (BC) skiing. Would love to have a set up for both inbound and BC. Have been debating between Atomic Tracker 16 vs Dynafit TLT Radical FT on K2 Coomback (174) with Dynafit Titan. Would love to have one go-to-boot that does the job for both alpine and BC (AT/Tech) binding.

      Also I believe that my equipment should grow with me after my initial investment as I gradually improve in BC.

      What do you think about my set up?

      A boot For Titans

      • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

      If you find your self hiking to ski big mountain lines or are looking for one boot to wear in bounds and hiking then this is an option to consider. This boot is stiff; it will handle high speeds and big drops. It will also be much more comfortable hiking up than in your race plug boots. Shipping with both DIN and tech soles this boot is very versatile.

      Great pair of boots

      • Familiarity: I've used it once or twice and have initial impressions

      I used to rent boots but my oddly shaped feet resulted in excruciating pain, loss of circulation, and lots of down time massaging my feet back to life by the fire pit. Then I got these boots and I must say I am absolutely in love with them. They are light (especially for the price), very comfortable, they lock down tight, the walk mode is generous and I really like the way the boot looks. I skied a blue run in walk mode without knowing until I got to the bottom. Total noob mistake probably bumped the switch getting on or off the lift. They come with soles for either AT or Alpine bindings too, although switching back and forth constantly may strip out the screw holes since it's just plastic...

      Bombproof Touring Boot

        Purchased these boots new for this season. Have skied a total of 33 days in them thus far and have a few comments. Most of the time I am using the alpine sole with a pair of Marker Duke bindings. While I would prefer to use the tech compatible soles all the time, the heel piece of the Dukes started to deform the plastic. This is because the Dukes fit very tightly and the heel piece on the tech soles is slightly taller than the alpine sole.

        My overall impression is that these boots are VERY stiff and are ideal for high performance descents. If loosened up properly, they also provide a high degree of mobility for the uphill. While they are not the lightest touring boots you can find, for bigger more aggressive skiers, these provide an appropriate trade off of weight for performance. Like some of the other reviews, I have found a few durability issues. The liners are not the highest quality. It felt as though they took a long time to pack out, even after the heat molding. More recently, they have begun to pack out too far, causing me to buckle the boots more tightly than the shell would prefer. As a result, the rivet on one of the toe ratchets has pulled out, so that I cannot fasten the toe buckle. Still looking for spare parts so that this can be fixed.

        Will probably keep using these through the end of the season and into the next. The next step in dialing these in will be to get a pair of intuition liners and to repair the toe ratchet. With the performance and versatility of these boots, I will do whatever I can to keep them usable.

        run small

          wear a BD Factor 27.5; got the same size in the Titan... run smaller for sure. no other commments about performance yet.

          Blister boot

            Had these boots heat molded and they felt great in the store,did a quick skin up Blackcomb to the solar coaster to avoid buying a lift ticket last season.
            Anyways they rubbed my feet to oblivion.Never had a new boot that caused me so many blisters.I know they need to be broken in,
            I find the tongue pinched the top of my feet,the boot sits way low and cut into my shins and my calfs,this is something I dont feel I can deal with.
            Heard the stock liner in junk?intuition liners help?
            Any advice?

            Perfect one boot quiver

              I skied it all this season in these boots. Inbounds, out of bounds, boot pack, tour, and they performed perfectly. These have been the most comfortable boot I have ever toured in. The range of motion is superior to anything else I've experienced and these were a great introduction to the Dynafit system. The graphics pair up with my Stokes quite well which is a nice bonus.

              Great touring boots for aggressive skiers - a few minor issues

                From someone who grew up racing and likes snug-fitting plug boots for everyday skiing, these are a great option for a touring boot. After trying on many of the more aggressive touring offerings, I went with the Titans because:

                - The flex is stiff enough yet nice and progressive
                - The fit was good for me, not overly roomy yet quite anatomical out of the box (I did end up doing some punching on some problem areas and my bootfitter found that the plastic is really easy to work with)
                - They have alpine boot-like forward lean, which is not always there in touring boots
                - The walk mode has excellent range of motion

                Upon skiing them, I have found that they deliver in terms of performance both up and down, and in comfort.

                The boot does however have some small flaws:

                - The cuff canting bolt will not stay locked in position. This is a well-documented issue and Salewa (the distributor) will send you fixed cuff bolts that can be installed
                - The liners feel short-lasted. I alleviated this a bit through some modifications, but a neoprene toe box would be nice. Also, make sure you thermomold the liners because they're way too volumnious when new (which could be why many think this boot is quite low-volume when it really isn't)
                - The stock rear spoiler digs into the back of my calf because it ends too low down. I fixed this by removing the stock spoiler and installing spoilers from my old Dobermanns higher up on the spine of the boot.

                In all, this is a great aggressive touring boot for those hesitant to leave their solid alpine boots, but you may have to do a bit of tweaking and fiddling to get them right for you.

                Dynafit Titans

                  The Titans are easily the best boots I've owned. They are light enough for long backcountry treks and stiff enough to drive both my Line Prophets (inbounds) and Ski Logik Howitzers (out of bounds) on even the worst conditions.

                  Dynafit Titan

                    Last year made the mistake and purchased the Black Diamond Method. The boot fit my foot really well so I went for it. Sure enough on a 4 day tour one of the boots cracked right in half around the upper cuff. Cheap China's made ski boots, should have known better. Decided I wouldn't let this happen again and started checking out the Titan, the craftsmanship of this boot is insane. I really like that you dont have to remove the liner and footboard to change out the toe and heel pieces, unlike the methods. Boots tour great and ski great. Was a little worried about having enough volume in the forefoot... but after skiing them just one day they fit great. God Bless Dynafit man!

                    A few flaws

                      This boot is no doubt a real badass tour machine. Its stiff and performance-fitting. However I've noticed some serious durability issues with the liner. The shell plastic at the instep is so stiff that when you pull the tongue out to get your foot out of the boot, the shell can damage the liner. And the glue around the sole doesn't hold up to too much abuse either. Kind of strange to pair such a burly shell with a not-so-burly liner.

                      Still a totally awesome boot, just treat your liner with care.

                      I completely agree with you Drew. the boots are almost as burly as my lange boots, but the liner is garbage. i went to my boot fitter and got a custom foam liner for a couple hundred bucks and these are almost a comfortable as my hiking boots, which is a good thing when you are ski patrol! i would advise anybody getting these boots to ski the liner out in the first month and then buy a sweet custom liner.

                      Best Ski Boot

                        I recently purchased the Titan and had it fit by the Bootdoctors in Telluride. Wow. Unbelievable! The Titan is the most responsive, aggressive, and comfortable boot I've ever owned. I use it strictly with Dynafit bindings, which is a sick boot/binding system, both in resort and, more importantly, out of it!! The boots will not let you down. Don't waste your ski time thinking about another boot--buy the Titan!

                        Touring and Powder Tested/Approved

                        So far after a handful of tours on the Titan's and I'm impressed overall. They are as performant as my alpine boots in every way (lateral stiffness, quickness, comfort, control, flex), yet they still offer solid touring capabilities. There are other boots that walk a tad better, but these are comfortable on long skintracks with more switchbacks than the ascent up to Angel's Landing. Ski/Walk mode is perfect and the forward lean offered by these puts you in just the right position for proper skiing. So far, they've driven my Surface Live Life's with ease in bottomless pow, creamy old pow and crusty crusties. I'll get out on groomers just for fun this week or next to round out the review, but these are great boots.

                        BTW... I took mine to Surefoot to get the liner's molded and they pack out a TON. So, the stock fit should be pretty snug because once they are molded, they pack out a bit. I also moved the buckles on the upper cuff to better accommodate my skinny legs (an easy task with an allen wrench and 5 min).

                        Touring and Powder Tested/Approved

                        Dynafit Titan TF-X Ski Boot, best touring boot available

                          If you like to ski aggressively and have always wanted a touring boot that will ski like your alpine boot, this is the one for you. I have been skiing these for about 4 weeks now and they have become my go to boot for touring and in bounds skiing. The sole plates are easy to change out, and unlike the Black Diamond Factor you are provided with both up front. This boot is stiff and can handle every day skiing. I tried both the Titan and the Factor on, and actually demoed the Factor last season. First, the Titan has a superior liner. Second, it's stiffer and has better performance. Third, again you get the Dynafit sole and the Alpine Soles included (saves you about $20.00. Finally, this boot is full of features that make it a great touring boot (great walk mode, nice buckle holds for the uphill, very light weight) yet none of these features detract from it's performance in any way. This boot has wide last which works well for my foot. I have really thin ankles and usually have to go with a 26.5 and a lot of boot work. I was able to go with the 27.5 on this boot with no problem. These boots have fit better for me than any other boot I have had prior right out of the box.

                          Dynafit Titan TF-X Ski Boot

                            I have now skied this boot for 12 days and spent two 12 hour days on it this weekend. It hurt like crazy for the first couple of weeks (bad bootfitter combined with a weird foot) but is finally starting to break in and skis great. I have found it to be at least as stiff as my previous boot - a Lange 120 flex boot - possibly stiffer. My foot is wide and short, and I fit the BD Factors quite well for reference. This boot is taking a bit longer to break in than a Factor would for my foot, but the boot is stiffer than a Factor and I like the PU construction better than a Pebax boot. Touring capabilities are great - this boot hikes well and the soles are very nice if you're climbing over rocks and dirt on your way to the snow, as we're unfortunately still doing here in Utah. Also, I'm just starting out on Dynafit bindings and the new and improved toepieces that Dynafit boots have actually do make it easier to get the hang of the Dynafit system. My only qualm is that these boots aren't super warm.

                            Dynafit Titan TF-X Ski Boot - Men's

                              These boots are stiff, ski great, and the walk mode is solid. I skied these for the first time this weekend and I'm sold. They fit my foot perfect with a wide forefoot (102mm last) and a skinny ankle. These boots ski well and will most likely turn into my everyday alpine boot as well. Can't say enough good things about these. Finally, someone comes through with a true freeride touring boot.

                              Does this boot fit the Marker Duke...

                              Does this boot fit the Marker Duke bindings?

                              You can technically wear the Dynafit Titan TF-X Ski Boot with Marker Dukes (or many other alpine bindings) by switching out the factory AT soles with some alpine soles. The Titans are intended more for touring than straight alpine, and this is at least partially evinced by their light weight.

                              I know they are intended for touring. Was planning to use this as my only boot,(my salomon boots are worn out) on both my dynafit gear and BlackDiamond Megawatt with marker duke....

                              Ofcourse I can change my bindings from the dukes....

                              Thanks by the way..

                              I tried on the Mercury's at a 27" (Im...

                              I tried on the Mercury's at a 27" (Im normally a 27.5), felt great, especially around the shin. I was told they may be a bit soft for my aggressive style of skiing, but after looking at the reviews, looks like the Mercury's or Titan's would be good options instead of forking all that cash out for the Vulcans.

                              The problem with the Mercurys were...they were too narrow! Will I find the Titan's wider? I'd hate to buy them without trying them on, but no one here sells them, and the price is very tempting! I will be riding on Armada 181 JJ's and dynafit radical ft's. Im 5'8", 170 pounds.


                              Would these boots work for women as well?...

                              Would these boots work for women as well? If so what size would be recommended for someone who regularly wears a size 7.5 shoe?

                              Hi, im freeride skier. Is this skiboot a...

                              Hi, im freeride skier. Is this skiboot a good option for a big mountain skiing(includes drops,jumps..)?


                              I'm looking for my first AT boot next...

                              I'm looking for my first AT boot next winter. I have Full Tilt Konflicts for my inbounds (Jackson Hole Mtn Resort) boots, looking at a boot just for Teton Pass, Grand Teton National Park & Gros Venture range in Jackson Hole. How would width of foot-bed compare to Full Tilts or Dalbello Kryptons??? I think remember hearing these have a somewhat good stiffness. I believe these were the boot Hoji used before he had designed the Dynafit Vulcan ???

                              The Konflict are a 99mm wide last width, the Kryptons are 98mm and these are about 104mm (in a 27) so quite a bit wider. These were indeed the precursor to the Vulcan and are pretty stiff. If you are concerned with stiffness you can also look at the Titan UL as that is a bit lighter and a bit stiffer through the use of some carbon.

                              Sandy (or anyone else) I am looking at the...

                              Sandy (or anyone else) I am looking at the Titan versus the Vulcan. I assume the Titan is stiffer? And is the last/fit the same on both boots? Thanks in advance.

                              They are about the same last width (104mm in a 27.5). Where you will find a massive difference is in the walkability between the two. The Vulcan borrow from the TLT5 in the tour mode and makes it a much better uphilling machine than the Titan. I'd say the Vulcan actually felt stiffer but that is likely due to all of the carbon.

                              Im finding for alpine soles for Dynafit...

                              Im finding for alpine soles for Dynafit Zzeus and Gaia. I think its the same with alpine soles for Titan. Do you know where I can buy it?

                              Thinking about this boot as opposed to a...

                              Thinking about this boot as opposed to a alpine (ie firearrow F1, tecnica demon...) boot. My thought is it will give me the flex of a 130 with touring and a walking mode, but primarily it will be used inbounds... Would this boot make sense or is it best to stick to an alpine?

                              Best Answer

                              The walking mode will give you a lot more comfort on short hikes and sidecountry adventures, as well as in the parking lot, base lodge and watching the kid's race. This boot skis and feels like a classic alpine boot. In the end, fit is the most important factor. Your call.

                              I wanted to know if these boots might work...

                              I wanted to know if these boots might work with a medium to wide foot.

                              Officially the width is 104mm in a 27.5. When compared with other brands they feel a bit narrower than that. If you are "medium to wide". you should be fine, especially with the help of a good bootfitter. Typically the widest AT boot is Black Diamond.

                              Do these boots work with fks bindings?

                              Do these boots work with fks bindings?

                              Does the AT sole on this boot work with...

                              Does the AT sole on this boot work with Fritschis? I know they're too tall for the Duke/Baron.

                              will this boot work for 135lb male who is...

                              will this boot work for 135lb male who is a competitive big mountain skier. who skis at the ski area and in the backcountry

                              How many True Usable swaps can you do...

                              How many True Usable swaps can you do between the Alpine and the AT soles? IE using the boot on an Alpine Setup and the using it on a Dynafit setup?

                              FYI there are 20 screws to mess with every time you change the blocks, and someone commented on the carbon version saying that play developed after swapping frequently. I just put FKS bindings on my resort boards and have to use the alpine blocks for those. I love this as a all-purpose boot but anticipate switching blocks alot will be an issue.

                              What is the big difference between the...

                              What is the big difference between the titans and the zzeus?

                              does anyone know what the last is on the...

                              does anyone know what the last is on the titans??? im coming out of a lange comp 130 w/97mm last and wondered about the volume. will they be comparable in stiffness?? or any other suggestions, thanks

                              Your best bet is to try them on. They should be a bit wider in the heel than your langes. When you try them on, keep in mind that the liners are very thick until molded. To get a true sense of shell fit, try them on wearing a well-worn set of liners instead of the new stock ones too see how much space you have.

                              I normally ski on Rossi plug boots in ZB/ZB flex (which is probably similar to your 130s) and the flex on the Titans is slightly softer, but still plenty stiff to drive big skis.

                              The Titan last is 102mm in the 27. It's still a relatively high volume boot, but as DM points out, the liners absolutely NEED to be heat molded to get a good fit for 95% of people. I've actually taken to swapping mine for a pair of Intuition wraps out of some Full Tilts.

                              It's rated by Dynafit at a 130 flex but flex ratings are only comparable within their own company. A 130 comp Lange will be a bit stiffer, but compared to most touring boots its still one of the stiffest.

                              I've skied the BD Factor and it wasn't...

                              I've skied the BD Factor and it wasn't stiff enough for my 220 lbs. Is the Titan stiffer than the Factor/

                              I only tried the Factors on in the shop but own the Titans. The Titan has a more progressive flex than the Factor and ramps up to a stiffer flex once into the travel, but is softer at the start of the travel. The Factors on the other hand felt too stiff at the start of the travel, but not stiff enough once more flexed. I found that the Titans felt more supportive as a result. Neither is ridiculously stiff.

                              How much stiffer are these than the Zzeuses?...

                              How much stiffer are these than the Zzeuses? I tried on the latter and the fit is ok, but the flex is worthless. I have the Sally Guns, and I need something stiffer that can tour.