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The One PX - TF Alpine Touring Boot takes Dynafit's swift, lightweight performance and adds a roomier fit, extra insulation, and beefed-up support for the average AT powder seeker. Long, rewarding backcountry laps become the norm once you feel this boot's balanced mix of comfort and lightweight materials. On the uphill, you can achieve 60 degrees of rotation for long, efficient strides while the rockered, sticky Dynafit Pro outsole secures your advance on the skin track or boot pack. Once you click into downhill mode, its Central Buckle System locks down your heel and an adjustable Driving Spoiler creates a super-stiff structure for skiing all types of snow and terrain.

  • Medium-stiff shell provides solid downhill performance without making the uphill journey torturous
  • Wider last than most Dynafit models provides enhanced comfort for your forefoot during climbs and long tours
  • Thermo-moldable TF liner provides a warm, flexible, and cushioned interface between your foot and boot
  • Ultra-Lock System loosens the cuff into walk-hike mode with one flick of a buckle, while its buckle cable retention system prevents unwanted release
  • Central Buckle System locks down your heel and creates a stiff structure for both the uphill and downhill sections
  • Flex Tongue Design keeps snow out and doesn't rub during long skins, it also joins to the shell with rivets to improve rigidity
  • Driving Spoiler slides into the cuff to provide up to 60 degrees of uphill rotation while preventing interior friction and blistering
  • Driving Spoiler also adds a stiff structure for the downhill laps and adjusts your forward lean angle between 15 and 18 degrees
  • Injection-molded Pebax cuff and shell yield lightweight, stiff performance with a thin shell and minimal materials
  • Layer of expanded PU insulation glued into the shell adds comfort for the colder days in the mountains
  • Short, curved Dynafit Pro sole features large, sticky rubber lugs that grip icy bootpacks and help to secure your kick turns
  • Compatible with Dynafit Quick-Step-In binding systems (sold separately)
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Most comfortable boots ever!

  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

These were the first touring boots I've ever owned and so far they're amazing!! I've been in racing boots and even a few freestyle boots up until these and I can honestly say these are the most comfortable boots I've ever owned. The liners are light and comfortable. The walk mode has a great range of motion and the buckles are really well designed. I don't think the rubber bottoms are replaceable so hopefully they don't ware down. These boots are light, easy to walk it, comfortable, and preform relatively well. What else would you want in a touring boot?!?

Nice boot but not for me.

  • Familiarity: I returned this product before using it

Review is only on fit and initial impression. I returned the boots before skiing in them. I ordered these to try with a few others and for the most part I liked them. The heal retention is excellent and the boot is light for what it is. The deal breaker for me on this was the limited rearward flex in walk mode. Forward flex was like butter but rearward it would only go back so far before hitting a wall. Everyone seems to love the upper buckle controlling the walk/ski mode but I wasn't super impressed. It's nice you only have one lever/buckle to flip but I didn't like the idea of the buckle sticking out while unlatched on the climb. It did tuck in somewhat close to the boot but not enough that I was comfortable with.

Better than my old Adrenalins

  • Familiarity: I've used it several times

So far I've been out on several hikes and share most of the opinions above including that they tend to be a bit cold. I like the weight and am not going to worry about exchanging a few extra grams for the extra stiffness. I ended up getting custom foot beds since my feet are a bit misshapen. Overall a roomy toe box and plenty stiff. My old Adrenalins were like slippers, but they tended to be a bit soft.

Awesome boot for most everyone...

  • Familiarity: I've used it several times

Great fit, great price & great performance. Extremely comfortable forefoot, but also a very secure heel fit. No blisters or black toenails! I've been skiing in Garmonts for years and this boot fits me much better. I ski 105-110mm skis in the Wasatch and the performance is superb. Really don't need any beefier of a boot, even when skiing in resort. The single upper cuff buckle is very simple and functional.

Solid boot!

  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

One of my favorite current production boots. No issues with the liner. I get a really good fit and easy to mold. Love the progressive flex of this boot and up right stance. Great tour mode. Solid enough to ski 115mm under foot. This is the sleeper in the Dynafit line. Only a TLT or full race boot going to hike/skin as well

Great Shell, needs a different liner

  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

I cant believe Dynafit would make such a great shell and ruin it with such a terrible liner. Across the board when trying to sell this boot people trying them on winced in pain when using the Dynafit Stock liner, and then saw butterflies and unicorns when using my Intuition liner that I had to buy separately to make this boot work. Dynafit 60 degrees of cuff rotation is awesome but make a better liner, do not make your customer buy something after market right off the bat. In Europe you cannot even buy Dynafit boots with their liner, boot fitters will not sell them to you because they are so bad.

Great Boot

    This is a great touring boot for those looking for a little more on the way down. I split them with my Dad, and we are both very happy with them. He has a wider foot (Size 11) and went with the 28.5. I dont have any experience with other Dynafit boots, so take it for what its worth. We have these paired with Dynafit Stokes 191 and they are very light! We are both around 6ft.

    Great Boot

    The ONE boot

      OK- cheesy- but it really is. I converted to the TLT-5s last year and loved them. However- they weren't quite as stiff as I would have liked for some skiing out here in the east. These boots dial it pretty much just right- they have %80 of the touring ability as the TLT-5s with I'd say 30-40% more stiffness.

      I still use the TLT-5s for pretending I'm a lycra clad rando racer but for the rest of the time I use these boots and find that they allow me to do more on the downhill. They also have never given me blisters. I've had problems with BD boots in the past that were properly sized and molded but still gave blisters if they weren't tightened in touring mode. I just did some long days with these boots into the 10th mtn huts and my feet were the one of the only ones in the group that didn't look like they'd been through a pencil grinder.

      My only complaint is that they are actually surprisingly cold. I find my TLT-5s are warmer (strange- I know) but I have warm feet so this isn't a deal breaker.

      I use them on 176 BD Drifts and 176 BD Stigmas with Dynafit TLT Radicals and Dynafit TLT Speed Radicals. I've got average feet, 27.5, and weigh 165 at 5'11''. I'd say an advanced skier but not a cliff hucker.

      +: Stiff, comfy on long tours, amazing touring mode, love the soles for hiking around the hard granite of the White Mountains

      -: Strangely seem a little cold, wish there was a little more rocker in the forefoot for walking (though understand this would make them not compatible with Fritschis so I guess worth it).

      Solid AT Boot

        Previous comments are all spot on. The only question I would have is the spoiler on my pair is not adjustable as it is riveted in place, but then again maybe I'm missing something here. I'd also agree with the flex rating the previous poster provided. These boots have performed as described.

        Drives BD Drif t Fine

        • Familiarity: I've used it several times

        I finally had chance to use my new One PX boots today at Solitude; I'm very happy with how they drive my Drift 176 skis. We had ~8" of fresh powder today. The jury is still out WRT deeper and steeper but so far I have to say the One PX is a keeper. The only problem I had was with pre-release due to ice build up in the toe fitting. I'm using Radical ST bindings. Instructions say rotate the toe several times after clamping in to clear the ice but it doesn't work. I plan to start carrying a pick to clear the toe holes.

        will this boot fit marker baron bindings...

        will this boot fit marker baron bindings ??

        These boots will not fit in the Marker Baron bindings because the are a Tech boot and do not have enough of a duck bill toe piece to create a secure connection. These boots are designed to fit in the Dynafit tech/touring bindings that attach to the dimples at the toe of the boot. If you want a boot that will fit into the Marker system you want to look at boots like Lange, FullTilt, Rossignol etc.

        Hi Michael, are you sure about this? I've read a number of places that say it works very well with frame style A/T bindings, like the Salomon Guardian and Marker Baron. It seemed like Dynafit even designed the boot to work with these types of bindings.

        Unanswered Question

        What is a good BC boot with tech fittings...

        What is a good BC boot with tech fittings for a narrow (96mm @ 26.5 sz foot)? I recently purchased a pair of Mercury's believing them to be a narrow boot because I was told, when looking last year, that it was a narrow fitting shell. To get adequate BC toe room in the Mercury I went to a 28 shell.

        My alpine boots are 26.5 Lange RS110 LVs.

        Thank you,


        Unanswered Question

        I need to find a tech boot for my dad who...

        I need to find a tech boot for my dad who has giant calves. Normal size ankles but really muscular calves. Which tech boot can accommodate this?

        What size boot would likely fit my foot...

        What size boot would likely fit my foot size which is 11.5-12 US. I am slightly on the 11.5 side of the sizing.

        The only dynafit boot i have access to try on is the dynafit Zzero 4 PX-TF. Would this be a similar fit?

        An answer ASAP would be much appreciated.

        Hey Jay,

        For optimum performance it's always best to size down a half or full size from your street shoe when considering ski boots. When converted to Mondo sizing, an 11.5 = 29.5 and a size 11 = 29.0.

        These are probably going to be your best bet, but of course with ski boots it's always tricky depending on the width and shape of your foot. This boot has a last width of 103mm.

        Feel free to hit the "Live Chat" button at the top right hand corner of our website to chat with a ski expert and we can help answer any further questions you have about your ski setup! : )

        Is it likely these boots will fit? I have...

        Is it likely these boots will fit? I have small feet (26.5) but they're very wide (103). From what I understand stuff like Scarpa will be too small, but not sure where the Dynafit boots will be in regards to width. Heard Black Diamond boots are generally the widest, but much prefer the looks of the Dynafit boots. A bit stupid I know! They'll be going to Europe so it would be best not to have to return them, and I live in a small place so not much chance to try anything on.

        Generally these are on the narrower side and that is true of most European brands with the exception of Scarpa which (in certain models like the Maestrale and the Mobe are wider) Black Diamond is probably middle of the road and then again depending on the model most stuff falls into the 98-102mm range. You will get wider lasts on the bigger shells but for your size I'm thinking 102 is probably the widest you will find in most boots.

        How wide are these compared to the old...

        How wide are these compared to the old Zeus or Zeros? Any comments on their stiffness? I am looking for a wide, 103, stiff one. Any suggestions?

        The One/Vulcan/Mercury last runs wider than the the Zzero last by 2-3mm, officially 104mm. They are not the widest boot on the market, but are similar to the Scarpa Maestrale. This is a solid boot, approx. 110-120 flex. If you are looking for more beef, try the Mercury or Vulcan. Hope this helps.

        Finally got to try them on....(ones & vulcan)

        The lightness & stiffness was amazing, what i was looking for.

        Great fit on my wide forefoot, best among dynafit boots. The back half, arch and behind was killing me, too tight, @#$@#$. Also tried on a Green Machines & ZZeus, felt better but conflicted about forefoot width. My toes feel a little too snug in these boots. Can cooking the liners on a 27.5 widen them for a 102/3 mm forefoot?

        Any suggestions? How much give is their in this boot material?

        Any chance you guys are going to restock...

        Any chance you guys are going to restock the One PX in a 24.5?