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Lightweight DNA with the spine of a shredder.

You don't need to be a ski-runner to appreciate a light and quick touring ski, but if uphill speed's not the only thing occupying your dreams, you'll probably appreciate something that lets you enjoy the downhills, not just survive them. On Dynafit's uphill-downhill spectrum, the Manaslu Ski checks in at "free touring," right between a freeride ski and a long-range tourer, making it one the most versatile boards available, appealing to speedsters on powder days and resort-bred rippers looking for a lighter backcountry set-up. It has an early rise Scoop Rocker tip that rides smoothly over variable snow and makes for easy turn initiation without sacrificing the stability and grip of a long effective edge, and a dual-radius sidecut for easy turning and edge hold in firmer conditions.

Regardless of whether it's on the way up or down, the Manaslu is light and quick, thanks primarily to a Paulownia wood Isocore with beech and bamboo stringers that keep it lively and fun. Since it's not a super-light minimalist, it also has a biaxial fiberglass laminate and Titanal inserts that offer some backbone for you to push against, so you can ski hard even if conditions aren't ideal, and a construction that combines the durability of a sandwich layup with a light and flexible cap. The Manaslu also has a Speedskin attachment system, with notches in the tip and tail that quickly accommodate Dynafit skins, saving you time and hassle when you're leaving the parking lot or doing yo-yo laps in your favorite bowl.

  • Lightweight Paulownia Isocore
  • Bamboo and beech stringers, biaxial fiberglass laminate, and titanal inserts
  • Scoop rocker early-rise tip
  • Dual-radius profile
  • Sintered graphite base
  • Speedskin attachments