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When Torstein Horgmo takes to the streets, he grabs the DC Ply Snowboard for all his rail-destroying missions. Lock and Load camber utilizes traditional camber to give the Ply plenty of pop and provides a stable platform for locking into presses.

  • Lock and Load camber delivers the benefits of traditional camber with lengthened contact points that create larger flat areas at the tip and tail for increased stability and bigger ollies
  • Flexalite tip construction is 30% lighter than traditional constructions for reduced swing weight, and biax glass provides a loose feel
  • Stratus core is made from snappy, lightweight poplar
  • Twin shape makes dropping switch a snap, and Radius to Flat tip and tail provide extra float in pow
  • Extruded True base is easy to repair
  • Structurn base uses golf ball-like dimples to break water tension for added speed
  • Special edition graphic exclusive to Whiskey Militia
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when will they be back in stock! before...

when will they be back in stock! before xmas?

Unanswered Question

My son is 12. He is 158cm he is starting...

My son is 12. He is 158cm he is starting black runs in Australia and will be doing some racing. Would this board be suitable?

Hi, I'm 5'6 and weight 158 pounds is this...

Hi, I'm 5'6 and weight 158 pounds is this board a good size for me?

Hi , I'm 5'9 and weight 154 pounds, (I'm...

Hi , I'm 5'9 and weight 154 pounds, (I'm 18 and I think I will get to 176 max ) do u think this board will fit me??? I was going to buy the DC Bittner SE 156,5cm snowboard but since they are out of stock I was considering buying this one, will it be to small for me?

Hey Salomaoabdala,

Keep in mind that this pro model was designed for Torstein Horgmo and was built to be maximized for his specific body type and riding style. Your body description matches Torstein's build pretty closely so if you want to just start killing it in slope-style and big air then this might be the board for you. Now if you are looking to get this board for all-mountain riding then you might want to consider something a little bigger.

hey Wayne,

thx for the help, I�really am looking for a board to ride in ski resorts, for doing jumps and rails, but I�m kinda afraid of buying this board and it get too small for me, but at the same time I dont wanna spend a lot of money on these boards, and 99dollars is a killer!!! will be more sales like this one for 99? or should I just buy this one??/

I am 5'6 and weigh 130 is the 150.5cm a...

I am 5'6 and weigh 130 is the 150.5cm a good size for me?

Alex, this board is awesome! I'm 5'6" and weigh 150lbs. I road the 150.5 all over CO in just about any condition out there (Pow to ice to park to slush etc...). It did good in all of them...the biggest thing you need to know is that the extruded base does get slow and doesn't hold wax for long. Which is an issue if you like to go really fast and don't like to tune your board a lot. If you're ok with sacrificing speed it's an awesome board that I'd recommend to just about anyone.

Is this good for powder?

Is this good for powder?

depends on your ability. but what homeboy said up above is a good place to start. im 6'3 and i ride a 156 skate banana all over utah in 12+ inches of snow with no problem. this board has a pretty flat camber which won't help you in pow at all but if you get a hybrid camber board, you can def go shorter on the length. feel free to call me at 877 364 3865 ext. 4375 and we can chat further about what would work best for you.

so whats the differnece between this and...

so whats the differnece between this and the old torstein model? and whats the difference between this and the new ply besides the graphics

Best Answer

As an owner of both the Ply and the DH, you couldn't be more wrong when telling people to go for one over the other. They are COMPLETELY different boards aimed at completely different riders. The DH is a super-stiff, true cambered, all-mountain board. The Ply is a semi-stiff, tip-and-tail rockered, freestyle weapon. The DH is suited for bombing double blacks while the Ply is suited for hanging out in the park all day. Since you obviously endorse, I suggest you make a more informed sales pitch next time.