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When you have to dress nicely but can't stand the thought of high heels, slip on the Dansko Women's Professional Cabrio Shoes. These casual shoes give you a high-class look with top-notch comfort. Designed to follow the natural contours of your foot, the Professional Cabrio accommodates most feet. The high quality leather and generous padding make these shoes look and feel fabulous. The inner frame adds stability and reduces pronation so you can stand or walk for long hours without feeling the pain. Wear these in summer or winter as their outsole stands up to extreme heat or cold.

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An All Day Affair

  • Familiarity: I've used it several times
  • Fit: True to size

Shout out to and Dansko for giving me the opportunity to review this awesome piece of gear for the Backcountry community!

I'm a climber, I'm used to my feet being stuffed into tiny uncomfortable shoes and various rock features so usually at the end of a long session all i can think of is putting on flip flops and letting my toes spread out. However, being a student that works part time in a lab, that's not always an option. Enter the Dansko clogs. These clogs are GREAT if you're going to be on your feet all day or some extended period of time! They're comfortable and supportive and the rubber provides pretty good traction on the often slick lab floors. As I mentioned I primarily used the clogs for laboratory work where I'm standing over a lab bench playing with petri dishes for several hours and the clogs kept my feet extremely happy. That being said I didn't love the clogs for days when I was running around between classes. I have a pretty narrow heel and the heel movement, which i know is normal, didn't feel quite right. I should mention though, that the more I wear the shoes the more comfortable I get with the heel shifting. I guess you can chalk the discomfort up to the break in period of the shoe.

Sizing - I wear a shoe size 9 - 9.5 and went with the 39. Which is great if I am barefoot or wearing a thin sock, but it's a bit too snug if I throw on anything thicker. Keep in mind there is supposed to be about a pinky width of space between your heel and the back of the shoe and your toes should not be touching the end.

Looks - I have the brown antique leather clog and it's true to the photos on the website. I'm not too picky with my footwear but I think they look pretty cool with jeans.

Durability - I really like the sturdy rubber sole, none of this slip and slide nonsense. The rest of the shoe construction seems solid. I've been wearing them pretty regularly during the day and they're holding up great (minus the inevitable chalk smudges that appear on all my gear)!

In the end I'd recommend these shoes for anyone who is on their feet for long periods of time for work or play. I'd consider sizing up if you're thinking about wearing thicker socks. The shoe / fit does take a little bit of getting used to, but it's well worth the wait (and price)!!

An All Day Affair

Service Industry MUST

  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer
  • Fit: True to size

Let's be honest, I am a ski bum. I ski from 8am-3pm everyday throw some dry shampoo in my hair and show up to wait tables half way out of my snow pants.

The Dansko Clog is a MUST for anyone who works in the service industry. When your feet have been crammed in your ski boots all day they can finally relax with an amazing amount of arch support and a roomie toe-box (no more 92mm crap here).

Yes they are pricey, but you won't regret it.

I am a 7.5 and wear a 38!

I love Sanita and Dansko but. . .

    Dansko is winning with me. Sanita hurt my feet like crazy until I broke them in. Dansko didn't hurt at all. Granted, my Sanitas are one of my favorite shoes now but, I discovered today that they have cracked soles horizontally across the ball of the foot. I expected more from Sanita seeing as they are the original and they're not made in China and everything else. Oh and I've only had my Sanita pair for 5 months. And they're disintegrating on part of the heel sole. Did I just get a bad pair? Or maybe it's because I live in a hot desert. I don't know. Hopefully I'll have better luck with my Danskos. They may have been made in China but they're working better for me at the moment than Sanita. We'll see.

    Perfect for all-day on your feet workers

    • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

    I have owned a pair of Cabrio Professional Clogs for years and wore them from time to time, however when I began waitressing, I purchased a new pair in a size up and absolutely love them. I have collapsed arches, a bunion from breaking my foot years ago and calsifications from climbing. My feet have seen better days and there are VERY few shoes that I can wear all day long. The Professional Cabrio are one of those few pairs and wouldn't trade them in for anything. I have the Black Cabrio and it looks very professional, doesn't scuff and are easy to clean.

    I am a steady size 7 and wear a 37. I can fit into a 36 but find that my toes rub after a while. The 37 is perfect.


    • Familiarity: I've used it several times

    I LOVE the comfort of the danskos and the look of my mary janes. 11 years old +-

    The leather upper is in great shap, but the soles arerecently falling apart and crumbling, even after really good storage.I thought)

    I have worn them less than 40 least it's been years, but I want the soles replaced and ofcourse I'd pay..

    guess you have to get "fresh" ones from the company itself.

    Excellent Shoes

      These clogs got my wife through her medical residency and fellowship, both of which required her to stand and walk for hours on end. She absolutely swears by them (compared to other shoes, they helped reduce stress/pain in her feet, knees and back).

      Great shoes!

        Been wearing the Dansco Cabrio professionals for a few weeks now and my feet are feeling so much better. The running shoes I was wearing previously were only lasting a couple of months and at over $100 a pair, were getting way too expensive. I did have to send the first pair back because the size recommended were too small, but Backcountry was very quick @ shipping. And now I can wear my custom orthotics, too. Backcountry was very easy to work with and I loved the live chat feature!

        dansko prof cabrio clog

          really like the shoe. very comfortable. had to get used to the fact that the shoe does wear like a clog even though it has a back on it. this is my first pair of dansko shoes and i love them. i work long shifts(at least 10 hours) and my feet do not ache at the end of the day. would definitely buy another pair when it is time


            Got the Cabrio Cordovan. Just enough hint of red, just enough hint of brown. goes with everything! Dansko's are always so comfortable. In regards to peoples comments regarding the sole 'cracking' I have never had this experience. I recommend this product

            Just say no to Dansko unfortunately...

              I LIVED in my Dansko clogs for the past 14 yrs -- not the same pair of course, but I could get a good 2 yrs out of a pair as they were made incredibly well. I'm on my feet all day at work, and the support and comfort these provided were worth every penny -- like as comfortable as bare feet once they were broken in. I had to purchase a new pair recently; same ones i always get. This Dansko company is insulting my intelligence; these are not even close to the same shoes. I guess the leather's been replaced by PLASTIC, because they're so stiff I got a black toenail. And that's after using liquid shoe stretch -- which only works on leather, so the plastic was immune. They pinch my feet -- all i wanna do is sit and then take them off! I never even used to think about my feet, now they're constantly bothering me at work. And the soles squeak on the hospital floors, where they used to be silent. Again, plastic. I have since heard Dansko sold the company and the shoes are now being made in China, so mystery solved. But i'm SO disappointed, I wasted $100.00, and I now need to find another daily shoe after all these years. I need an authentic company that still takes pride in their product and is not trying to cheat the loyal consumers. They used to be the best, but now honestly, these shoes are a shell of what they used to be. THE WORST!

              I, too, was a loyal customer of Dankso Clogs and always wore the oiled "work" clog. I actually wore them for about 15 years. I wore them almost every day. Then, about 18 months ago, I purchased two new pairs, both of which had been made in China. Both pairs of clogs killed me, in spite of my vigilant efforts to try to get used to them. I found the leather to be very hard and unforgiving and impossible to break in. The part of the clog over the instep was higher up, than my old pairs and hit me my foot at a very uncomfortable place. In one pair, one shoe was markedly smaller than the other. It took my feet months to recover from wearing these shoes!! I miss my OLD Danksos (the ones made in Poland, and before that in Denmark), very much, but will never attempt to wear this line again.

              The old Dansko shoes were made by Sanita, and Sanita is now making them and selling them under their own name. Dansko had a distribution agreement with Sanita which ended in 2007. Dansko claims that they have made "improvements" over the old design (my guess is that because of the patent they couldn't exactly replicate the Sanita clogs), but according to everything I have heard, that is no where near true. I am going to stick with Sanita.

              Here is some info I found about it.


                Ever since I wore these shoes my knee always bothered me. Aching all the time. Ever since I stopped wearing these shoes my knee got better

                Don't go big!

                  I wear a size 7 to 7.5 and I ordered a size 38. I heard they run big, but these were WAY too big, so I recommend staying true to size.

                  Haven't gotten a chance to wear them yet, but I have heard great things, so they still get a good rating.

                  Get Sanitas Instead

                    I'm new to leather clogs, so I don't know how Danskos used to fit. What I do know is Dansko recently moved their manufacturing to China. The original Dansko manufacturer in Europe, Sanita, then chose to sell their original Dansko clogs under the Sanita name. I recently purchased both the Dansko and Sanita Cabrio clogs, and the Sanitas to me were way better. Here's a quick comparison: (1) Outer soles -- the Dansko outer soles were a hard and smooth plastic material, not as hard as LEGOs but not too far off. This made the shoes slippery (I could do pirouettes easily in these) and I constantly had to watch my step. The Sanita outer soles however were softer, kind of rubbery, and the grip to the floor was much better. (2) Footbed -- I don't have problematic feet, so to me they were about the same. (3) Leather upper -- the Sanitas definitely outshined the Danskos in the leather upper. The Dansko leather was very stiff and rigid, therefore uncomfortable to wear (I guess unless you constantly twist your ankle). Worst of all, it reeked of a very strong chemical smell that I couldn't stand, the effect of which is worse than smelling a permanent marker. The Dansko leather did not have the typical clean leather smell at all. The Sanita leather was much softer and more supple, making the shoe much more comfortable to wear. The leather also smelled the way leather should. (4) Color -- the brown Dansko Cabrio and the brown Sanita Cabrio basically were the same color. (5) Sizing -- the Dansko pair seemed a weeny bit bigger than the Sanita pair. Anyways, if you are thinking about purchasing the Dansko Cabrio clogs, I suggest you check out Sanita clogs too. Unfortunately, does not carry Sanita, but and other online retailers do.

                    Awesome shoes

                      I've been a huge fan of Dansko ever since buying a pair of sandals this summer. I wore them every day and knew I was going to have to buy some clogs when fall rolled around. Thanks to Backcountry and a 20% off coupon, I got the best price around (along with some sweet free socks!) They arrived in the mail yesterday and I LOVE them. I know some complain about the fit being off, but if you know your size in Dansko that shouldn't be a problem. I already want more Dansko styles. I will be buying them from Backcountry, that's for sure.

                      Dansko's have changed

                        I have owned Dansko clogs for years. This was the 4th pair of Professional's I've purchased in over 15 years. As soon as I put this shoe on, I noticed something was not right. They were much tighter, and my toe touched the end, which it doesn't do in my other 3 pairs.... My first thought was that I accidentally ordered a Narrow, but this wasn't the case. I compared them to all my other pairs, and just couldn't understand the difference. Then, after a google search, I discovered that in 2008, Dansko started being manufactured by someone else, the original company was Sanita, apparently, and they sell the same clogs, same name almost, and according to reviews, feel like the OLD Dansko's. You can tell a new, vs. Old Dansko because the original, made by Sanita, has a square around the Dansko name on the bottom of the clog, and a patent number. The new ones, do not. Low and behold, mine, do not. They are going back, and I've ordered a pair of Sanita's instead.

                        Beware of the Dansko Squeek

                          Beware of the Dansko Squeek. After wearing them for a bit they often start to squeek. A rep I talked to at Dansko said this is common and has to do with how the leather upper is attached to the sole. They are more than willing to replace them. I had to pay to ship them. I couldn't take the squeek. This is a pretty common occurance and has happend in 2 of the 5 pairs I have had.

                          I love my danskos, but the sole on both...

                          I love my danskos, but the sole on both shoes cracked on the bottom, balls of my feet area, straight across. I would love it get them replaced or fixed. Any suggestions???

                          Hey Theresa,

                          If you got these from us and you are still valid to return them under our return policy then please set up a Return Merchandise Authorization number within the original order or give one of our Gearheads a call and they will be more than happy to help you.

                          Otherwise, you might want to contact Dansko directly to see if their is a way to repair your existing shoes. Otherwise, I do not thing they will replace them as their warranty only covers manufacture defects and not regular wear.

                          Is this 38M or 38 Narrow?

                          Is this 38M or 38 Narrow?

                          I had a pair of Dansko shoes and I loved...

                          I had a pair of Dansko shoes and I loved them. I wore them at several times and don't want to wear them out. Then at last I wore them and went to somewhere. I got so embarrassed to find out the heels crumpling apart all over the floor. What caused that heels fallen apart? Is that came from a shoe storage that made of plastic as well as a chemical substance that effected the heels?

                          I have had my Dansko professionals for...

                          I have had my Dansko professionals for about a year now. I usually wear them all winter. My right shoe now feels so big that I feel like I am curling my toes when I walk. Do they stretch that much? My right foot is my larger foot. I am so not wanting this to be!

                          The Cabrio's material does stretch, but I'm not sure they stretch THAT much. In my experience they do not stretch as much as the Oiled Professional.

                          If you purchased from Backcountry, I suggest "chatting" with a rep. Perhaps you'd be interested in exchanging for a new pair?

                          Phil will these shoes be good for working...

                          Phil will these shoes be good for working at restaurant?
                          Andrea from Denver

                          I need advice.... I just got a really...

                          I need advice....

                          I just got a really great deal on brand new Dansko Professional Clogs off eBay. When I went to try them on it was much "harder" and "stiffer" than any other shoe I have ever worn. The length is great and I understand they should slip a little on your heel...which they do (something to get used to). My concern is how tight they feel on the sides and the top. I have really high arches and I have read on other posts that could be a reason it is tight on the top of the foot. I'm hoping after "breaking in" the shoes the leather will stretch and not feel so stiff. Should I just give it time or do I need a bigger size. I bought a 38 and I normally wear 7.5-8 in everyday shoes....sometimes 8.5 depending on the cut of the shoe, but I didn't buy a 39 because I know I cannot wear size 9 shoes. Help??

                          I would definitely give them time, I have worn Danskos for 15 years and especially the professionals, they are very hard. I always thought they were too wide on the sides and top, and I have high arches too, but they will definitely get looser, to the point of probably getting too loose after a while. The Oiled clogs are softer and easier to wear imo, and the patents have been the worst for me. I stopeed buying the stiff ones, which stretched out to the point I couldnt wear them. I buy the oiled or the canvas type Danskos now, because they're still my favourite footbed of all time. So my advice is just wait a while, they shouldnt pinch after a while, depending on how often you wear them, but wear them as often as possible to break them in if you can, even inside the house.

                          Mae, I hope your shoes are working out for you now. I normally wear Dansko professional shoes in a 36 (I normally wear a 6-6.5). However, the 36 in the Cabrio Professional was too small (toes were crowded) and the 37 was too big (shoe came completely off when I walked). Answer- 37 narrow. Fits perfectly! It seems that this Cabrio shoe has such stiff leather, it just really hurt my little toes if I wore my "normal" size.

                          I just bought two pairs of danskos because...

                          I just bought two pairs of danskos because they feel so comfortable when have them on. But, when I take them off at the end of the day, the sides of my left foot and even my left calf really hurts. I am worried that my calf hurts because this sounds like a position of the foot problem? Once I put on my sneakers on for a day, I am fine.

                          If this is your first pair of Dansko's it may take a little time to get use to the support. Dansko has some of the best support in the industry and some peoples body need to adjust for support. I would not recommend putting more support in the shoes as it will change support and fit. I would recommend having a shoe store stretch the leather a little on the side you are having the discomfort and see if that will put your foot into a better postion. Some peoples feet need to adjust to the fantastic support that come in the Dansko. This shoe has them most support in the industry and some people body need to adjust to this. I know because I went through it my first time.
                          Also the cabrio leather is great but it can take time to loosen up as it is a little stiffer at first. I hope this helps out.

                          what size do i order if i usually wear a...

                          what size do i order if i usually wear a size 7 in regular shoes?

                          I just bought my first pair of Dansko...

                          I just bought my first pair of Dansko Professional clogs. I bought a size 38 because I normally wear 7-7.5. They were huge! I returned them for a size 37, which still feel very loose. I can get two fingers all the way around my toe and they are not snug at all when putting them on. I know Danskos are supposed to fit loose, but isn't that too loose? I can't believe I would need a size 36 which is recommended for sizes 5.5-6! Maybe I need a narrow version?

                          Dansko Professionals should not be snug. There should be some movement or "slip" on the back. There should be no rubbing of your heel on the back, yet it should not be so loose that your heel completely comes out of the shoe. Figure that you should be able to start to fit your finger in between your heel and the back of the clog.

                          I like Amanda Roper's sizing tips for another user's question.

                          I do not think they should be snug -- particulary if they are "almost uncomfortable." A little snug by the metatarsals is okay, because that area of the clog will stretch. The clog should not be snug at the heel.

                          How long should Dansko's last? Today my...

                          How long should Dansko's last? Today my sole cracked in half. I'm so sad because I don't have the money to replace them right now. When I initially bought them I found out about 6 months later that I was sold the wrong size. They really should be replaced anyway, but I'm just curious to know the lifespan of these wonderful shoes. Does anyone know if Dansko will replace shoes for this problem?

                          Im so sorry to hear about your unfortunate Dansko incident. As far as the sizing being wrong, that definitely has been known to happen given the nature of these shoes, so at least in the future you know which size you are supposed to have. As for your bigger problem of having the sole crack, that is quite unusual as far as I know. Your best bet would be to call Dansko and let them know what has happened. Most people I know have these shoes for years (5 or 6 at least) before the start to see any kind of wear on them.

                          Just to give you a hand, here is the number to Dansko's customer service: 1-800-326-7564

                          Hope that helps.

                          I believe long periods of high heat weaken the initegrity of dansko soles (and other brands that use similar 'rubber' material). I sold two pairs of dansko professionals that arrived to buyers with soles coming to pieces, and both were sold in the hottest of summer. Also, I bought a pair of Romika shoes, left them in the car during August for about five hours...the soles literally crumbled apart the same days. Solution: never expose those shoes to very high heat for extended periods. I consider this a flaw in the manufacture of those shoes, and the sellers should warn prospective buyers.

                          I love Dansko's but unfortunately I have had two separate soles crack in half. Not sure how long I had them, several years, but I am disappointed this has happened twice. This has also happened to my sister. I have never left my Dansko's out in the heat and we do not have hot summers here.

                          Is the Dansko clog just like the professional...

                          Is the Dansko clog just like the professional Sanita clog they look alike except the heel on the Sanita does not seem so rounded.

                          In short, yes. Back in the day, Sanita manufactured for Dansko. Older Danskos have a patent number on the sole -- these are the Sanita-made ones. When the agreement between the two companies ended, Dansko made some minor changes to the design and began making their own. Sanitas are, basically, like "old-style" Danskos.

                          Great site! I'm pretty disappointed in my...

                          Great site! I'm pretty disappointed in my new Dansko Patent Leathers. I wear a U.S. Women's 11 and a Birkenstock 42. When both I and my sister (who has a narrow-normal width size 11 foot) tried on the 42 Dansko in the store, we could not even squeeze halfway into it. So I ordered the size 43 patent. It seems to be long enough (toes don't rub up against the front, and there's enough of a gap at the heel to fit a small finger.) Unfortunately, it confines the tops and sides of my feet, especially on the left foot. I have worn them twice now, for a few hours each time. I find that I dread putting them on. It's a chore to wear them.

                          Do you think it is possible to get the sides stretched at a shoe repair shop? (Is this even possible for patent or for Danskos generally?) I don't think sizing up will be the answer because I already seem to have enough length. I want to love them! Thank you.

                          I had the same problem with mine. My left foot runs almost a half size larger than my right, so the one shoe fit really tight over the top of my foot (but the next size up would have been too long in length). I ended up buying a shoe stretcher from a shoe repair shop, and stretching out the top portion. It took a few times, and I REALLY had to crank the stretcher (and let them stretch overnight), but now they fit great. I would recommend doing that.

                          Write your answer here...I had the same problem with mine. The new clogs rub the top on both feet. Red irritation develops. I have 3 pairs of older Dansko's which I love. I felt the inside of the upper part and they are made differently. I read that the new Dansko's are made in China, and that the construction is different.
                          Sanita Clogs are using the old patent of Dansko and are made in Denmark.
                          We tried stretching them. I may have to do this more. I'm really disappointed. I bought two pairs and don't want irritated feet. Ouch.

                          Same here, maybe it's the hight of your arches? I only tried mine once, took them to work (what was I thinking??) It seemed like the length was perfect, I have narrow feet size 6, but really high arch. Thank God I had a pair of other shoes in my trunk, I was in tears! I thought I'll try to break them and kept walking for several hours I thought I can do this, it'll get better, but I finally could not stand it anymore. Oh, my feet hurt, the arches were sore and top of feet and toes were numb for three days!! That's it for me.

                          Please help!! I just purchased two pair...

                          Please help!! I just purchased two pair of Dansko Sanitas from a woman on Craigslist. The shoes look brand new, no noticable wear. I got a red pair (suede looking) and a dull looking black pair. They have the Dansko trademark in the shoe, then on the bottom, they have the Sanita name in an oval with MADE IN DENMARK printed underneath. Patent 0060240 located right under the tread on the outer sides of the soles. Now the problem, I bought these, wore the black ones to work that day, only to have the entire soles crumble under my feet. I mean chunks broke off of my shoes!!!! Can anyone help in telling me first, if these are authentic? (look just like the others!) what would make this happen? And if these shows have any type of guarantee or warranty? Or if they can be re-soled? The soles have actually cracked all the way up to the heel up to the leather material.

                          Best Answer

                          HI Brenda, I bought a pair off of ebay and the exact same thing happened the first day I wore them. They looked new. They are authentic and I did take them to a shoe repair store, but they wouldn't resole them. I emailed Dansko and asked them if they would resole them and they said they wouldn't. I was able to get my money back from the ebay seller, which was good. I would contact the seller and demand your money back. Apparently from what I was told the companies were one but then split, something like that. Anyway they told me they were old. I hope this helps. Good luck.

                          Wow!! The same thing has happen to me my Danskos ..that i bought on ebay..wore them 2 days, was sitting watching TV , looked down ans saw all this black stuff..the soles were cracking off all the way across!! it look like old dry rotted!! I just cant find out why!! ;) and you say they wont resole them.

                          Sadly there does appear to be some kind of shelf-life on whatever their soles are made of! I just gave a pair that I had never worn to a friend that I got from a place I worked over ten years ago. Seriously, not a mark on them, they'd just been sitting around. She put them on and within a couple of minutes the soles just fell to pieces, dry-rotted!

                          Since I've never really had "new" shoes sit around like that, I thought well, maybe that's what would happen eventually, but then later realized I have shoes that old and older that I still own and use, like my Ariats that the soles are perfectly fine on. So I guess beware the "aged" Dansko!

                          I am a nurse and travel from state to state. I too had bought a new pair of Dansko's and the soles on both shoes crumbled beneath me! I have never seen anything like it...all the way to the leather. It must be dry-rotted or cheap rubber of some kind. I think Dansko should immediately resole a shoe like this, that would be great customer service since these shoes are not cheap (as far as price goes). I see more and more of this "crumbling soles" story lately. I will not buy them again without Dansko replacing my Cabrios' for free since I cannot back track to the state I bought them in. I just put them in a box waiting to get new soles on this new shoe that cost me $159.00!!!

                          Write your answer here...Yet another Dansko shoe heel falling apart! I've had these for 11 years now but only wore them MAYBE a total of 20 times. I know this for a fact because I only wore them when I took a trip as they would easily slip off & on at the airport & on the plane. Otherwise they were really too bulky for me. These look nearly brand new on top and inside. I plan to call the company tomorrow and ask how I will be compensated. I don't feel as if I've gotten my moneys worth by any means. 11 yrs old or not. If they aren't all torn up they should be fine- especuially the sole!

                          So I just got a pair of the dansko clogs...

                          So I just got a pair of the dansko clogs and they fit fine around my foot but feel too small at my toes. Is this normal and just need to be broken in? Or should I return and get a bigger size?

                          The best fit in a Dansko Professional is to have room. This model is supposed to fit loose all around the foot almost to the point that it feels big. This is a good indication that you have the right size. You want your heal to slip up and down in the back. You do not want your toes touching. Best way to tell is put on a sock that you would normally have on and put on the shoes. You should have around a pinky's width of room in the back of the clog.

                          Short answer is that if it feels tight I would probably get a bigger size. Wear them in your house and see how this feels. The fit on the clog is totally different then any company out. You will get use to the loose feel and they usually become your favorite shoes. Enjoy and I hope they work out for you.

                          Write your question here...Are dansko clogs...

                          Write your question here...Are dansko clogs non slip?

                          Yes! They have fantastic traction, and they are very comfortable. The one caveat, I would say, is that I routinely roll my ankle when I'm wearing them. Definitely doesn't discourage me, though! They are great, great shoes.

                          Which shoes are considered slip resistant...

                          Which shoes are considered slip resistant in the Dansko womens line

                          They all use a Polyurethane sole. Therefore the level of slip resistance will be the same for all their clogs. As far as how slip resistant that sole is it depends on what you want to do in them for casual outings you will be fine. If you doing anything technical your in a world of hurt for more reasons than the sole of the shoe.

                          Should a new pair of Dansko's be very snug...

                          Should a new pair of Dansko's be very snug ( almost uncomfortable) or slightly loose? For me this is the difference of one shoe size.

                          Best Answer

                          Hey Robin,
                          I got my wife a pair of these and the first pair were just a little loose. They stretched and ended up being too big. We went 1 size down and once they had stretched out they were perfect. In my opinion I'd got with the smaller of the two and if they end up not working out you can always return them and get the next size up.
                          Hope that helps.

                          I like Amanda Roper's sizing tips. I do not think they should be snug -- particulary if they are "almost uncomfortable." A little snug by the metatarsals is okay, because that area of the clog will stretch. The clog should not be snug at the heel.

                          Is there any way to prevent the stain from...

                          Is there any way to prevent the stain from washing off? I've had two pair that the stain washes off immediately with moisture.

                          I have worn my cordovan Cabrio Dansko clogs since 2006. When I bought them, the retailer told me to use beeswax sealer on them to protect the finish against rain, snow and dirt. I did this and it really has worked. A little bit of the stain comes off when I clean them and reapply the sealer, but the finish still looks great. I don't reapply the sealer very often, maybe 3-4 times a year.