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Proud Parent

    As for school, this is a great backpack. I just purchased it for my son and he loves it! It has great organizational properties. It also has good weight distribution and does not strain your back - if warn at the proper height.

    too heavy

      This bag was really heavy. Also, when I bought it on tramdock it said "one size", but the actual bag that came was a large. It was way too big. I'm 5'6'' and when i buckled the waist strap, the shoulder straps were too big to touch my shoulders. And the chest strap was not in a comfortable place for a female--all the pressure was right across my chest. This bag empty weighs as much as my old bag did when loaded with my clothes. I ended up returning it. Still, it seemed tough and well made, with good features, so if you're a big strong guy who doesn't mind plaid, this might be the perfect bag for you.

      Nice Carry Barry

        I like this pack because it holds the load in a comfortable place, which, for me at least is vital to being able to ride how I want. For hiking it has well placed straps for skis or snowboard, and enough pockets to keep your gear separate and locked down, but not so many that you lose your lunch (or anything else.) Inside there is a little pouch that keeps your probe ready and your shovel is attaches so that it is always easy to access as well for (hopefully never...) when you really need it.


          I have had this pack for a few years now great pack for short hikes with a snowboard the virtical and horizontal option is great, however the diagonal ski carry is lacking to say the least, with bigger heavier skis the straps just don't cinch tight enough at all and the skis flop around. Put in a full hydration system and you lose all your interior storage, it was a good pack at first but after a few climbs and tours felt that it needed more. Borrowed my buddies BD covert pack was much happier.

          4 years old and still a great pack!

            I have used this pack with my gotamas and had absolutely no issues with fitting them through the bottom loop. I am 5'4" and 115lbs and this pack fits great through the waist, shoulders and back. Very comfortable for short day hikes. I usually have issues finding backpacks that can size down to fit my frame but Dakine has a great product for a great price. No rips or tears in the past couple of years, and I am super stoked about the winter insulated hydration pocket. I am a big fan of this pack because of it's size, please don't even think that you can make this pack work for an overnight trip because you will be disappointed.

            Not for school, but....

              i made the mistake of getting this for school, BAD IDEA!...the lack of pockets and small size make it bad for school, however as a riders pack...awesome!...easy to pack an extra layer, a pair of night goggles, and some snacks, glove liners, face mask and other small items...for when you ride all day and go day to night and want to stay hydrated...that's what i use it for.

              great pack

                I have been skiing with this pack for the past week and i have to say it truly is a great pack. It fits really well whether hard charging a double or sluggin some gear up to the hill. It is a small pack, it is only really good for a couple sandwiches a few under layers and maybe a thin shell, but it hase some great pockets that come in handy. the water proof camera pocket is great and the camelback holder, and expandable bottle holder are great features. The ski carry is a nice touch, making it easy to get your sticks up the the lodge or throw them on your back fro a short hike. also, even tho there is no boot carry i like to strap my powerstraps around the top loo and cinch them down with the side straps. I have it in the white chop shop and its pretty steezy, i love the look and definetly appreciate the functionality of the heli pro. yet another great buy from backcountry

                Sick Bag!!!

                  I have owned a couple of these over the years and Dakine has done nice job of upgrading it year over year. I agree with other reviews that the ski carry can be a little sloppy, but its not a problem for me. I love the little features like the goggle pocket, the expandable water bottle holder (strange how a bottle of booze fits perfect in there) the waterproof camera pocket, I could go on and on. I like the different patterns, but went with black to keep it clean. with all the straps and padding you can really load it down and its still comfy for hours. Mine gets lots of use outside of the skiing world as well as an overnight bag for short trips. Mine is well used, and highly recommended.

                  Gets the job done

                    I used this pack for sidecountry trips and short backcountry tours last season. Until the ski strap ripped off late in the year, I've had great experiences with the Heli Pro. It's big enough for your shovel, probe, skins, food, and water without being overbearing. As someone already mentioned, the diagonal ski attachment is not the greatest and I would be wary of the wear and tear you'll have over time. I've since moved on to using the Lowe Alpine pack, but feel the Heli Pro is still a decent choice for resort and sidecountry use.

                    A good little summit pack

                      I used this as a summit pack for Mt. Adams. The glacier to the summit was way too icy (and steep at times) to try to skin up, so I used crampons on the ascent and used the pack to carry my skies. As previously pointed out, it is true that the skies flop around a bit, but it wasn't that bad, and it was nice to have this very light summit pack for a VERY, VERY enjoyable ski down from the summit. :) One other thing to note is that because it is just a lightweight and small pack, there is obviously no back support. So the pack was not super comfortable on the ascent, but certainly doable for a few hours. I'd recommend the pack, recognizing it's limitations.

                      Its worth the money

                        this bag is really nice. Durable and has a ton of useful pockets and straps. The straps are really long and so they kinda just hang there if you have them pulled tight which kinda sicks but there are ways around that. It doesn't come with a camel pack but is compatible with one. This is a good bag and I highly recommend it.

                        good all around bag

                          Few things I didn't really like;

                          I found the chest strap didn't tighten down as much as I would like. I'm pretty thick in the chest also. Also, when having the chest strap tightened to max there is a long piece of slack that just flails around. This slack has whipped me in the face a bunch of times while bombing a run. Wish it had some way to secure the slack like the other straps.

                          The ski holder works pretty good also, but I haven't used it for any extensive climbs.

                          The dakine hydration system works well in it, no complaints there. This bag is useful for an extra set of gogs, some grub, water, and a good amount of room for other crap. I have stuffed 3 softshells into it also , so it has a good amount of room in it.

                          Get the 20L, You'll thank me.

                            This pack is constructed well and is quiet durable. I use mine for motorcycle riding and find it to be rather heavy totally empty. I would recommend getting the 20L over the 16L pack if you wanna carry more than a jacket in it though. Over all it has fair storage, functionality and looks pretty cool.

                            Great, Durable, adjustable pack!

                              This is one hell of a winter pack. It is extremely durable! It is pretty light weight for its size and durability. It is very adjustable. So you can easily adjust this pack for a a lazy loose fit or a snug fit while you are riding no problem. Also, the snowboard carry is awesome. I have tried the skis but, I wasn't a huge fan. The diagonal loop method isn't that great on this pack.

                              Another handy thing about this pack is that the top pocket that you see in the picture is actually padded. It is a great spare goggle or sunglass case. I used one of these packs for 4 months while working at The Canyons and I never had a problem with it. Looking forward to using it this up coming season.

                              Bottom line: If you are looking for a winter pack that you can store your gear in, extra goggles or sunglasses, and something that is hydration compatible with an insulated sleeve. Look no further, this pack is the one for you.

                              i want to buy this to use as a backpack...

                              i want to buy this to use as a backpack for school; would it be a good backpack for school or should i go with something else?

                              Penny, The Heli pro is designed primary for outdoor use and it is great on that but also specific. So I think there will be several features that will not be of much use at the office, such as the shovel holder, the diagonal Ski carrier, the ice axle sleeve and the like.
                              On the other hand, if you intend to carry a laptop it does not have ANY protective padding in the bottom or sides, nor folder compartments.
                              Conclusion: check other options before making a decision.

                              I've been wanting to pick up a good pack...

                              I've been wanting to pick up a good pack for sidecountry/resort usage, and I've found a 16L in a local sporting goods store much like this one, with a hydration bladder. The only thing is, I'm not positive it's waterproofed well enough, and the bladder doesn't seem to be freeze-proof.

                              So is it a horrible idea to get a cheaper version of this pack with a bladder that's not freeze-proof? Or should I chuck up the cash for this one that I know will work in all conditions? Thanks guys

                              Best Answer

                              Personally I would buck up and get the Dakine, but that's because I know their quality, and I don't know what the other bag you are looking at. The Dakine has really good build quality to it, and is one of only 2 bags I would pick for short tours into the sidecountry. Remember, no bladder is truly freeze-proof, but you can insulate them quite easily.

                              How do I drink from this backpack? Do I...

                              How do I drink from this backpack? Do I have to buy something to make this work?

                              Does it come in any solid colors? I am not...

                              Does it come in any solid colors? I am not crazy about any of these patterns.

                              is this backpack all backcountry or will...

                              is this backpack all backcountry or will it work good at a resort like when i just have a few things

                              HECK YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!...thats what i use if for and its an extra layer and headphones in the main compartment, night skiing gogs in the goggle pocket, facemask+glove liners+bandana+multi-tool in the outer pocket, and a whole days worth of water/monster/gatorade to boot!...its the perfect size for that kind of thing, its not like a huge backpacking rig...and everything fits nice and compact with the tightning straps

                              What shovel would be the best to go this...

                              What shovel would be the best to go this bag and fit in the shovel pocket.

                              Does anyone have any pictures of this bag...

                              Does anyone have any pictures of this bag in use, with the skis strapped in?

                              Kyle,Pic can be viewed at Dakine's website. Link James. The loop at the bottom of the bag, I guess, is for the skis to slide through and then they strap at the top. the bag they show on the Dakine's webesite is a different bag. Thanks though for the link!~Kyle

                              How far are the padded straps supposed to...

                              How far are the padded straps supposed to go around your waist

                              can this pack carry fatter skis? say...

                              can this pack carry fatter skis? say 135mm/105mm/122mm waist

                              I have had problems in the past with bags...

                              I have had problems in the past with bags that only fit narrower skis; how wide is the ski carrying loop on this?

                              Pretty wide. What kind of skis are you thinking about throwing back there? My scott p4's fit back there and they have a 131 tail and fit in fine, with both of them together sliding in, perhaps a little tough but still plenty of leeweigh. The biggest problem I could foresee would be if you have a twin tip rockerd' ski and try and put them in both at once. I don't think you would have a problem if you slid one in then the other because the combination of the rocker and huge tails could perhaps create a problem. But again slide them in singly and you should be fine, no to mention that you should get the 20L this pack is amazing, enjoy it, it rocks balls!

                              I can't decide weather to get the 16L of...

                              I can't decide weather to get the 16L of the 20L. is there really that much of a difference? also is there much of a difference in weight?

                              The DAKINE website says this pack is...

                              The DAKINE website says this pack is recommended for people 5'7" and smaller. I think I might prefer this version to the 20L version because it's smaller, but I'm 5'10". Can anyone speak from experience that this pack will work for someone over 5'7"?

                              if your all torso or have broad shoulders.. Do not get this bag. It's simply not designed for a medium plus build with large shoulders. But if you the average 5'10 guy and skinny upper.. You wont just love it.. You'll literally sleep with it, shower with it. Maybe even dump your girl friend and date it.Thanks Sterling H! Your assessment was dead on! I'm 5'10 180# with a 42" chest and the bag is PERFECTION! Just enough space with no bulk. The diagonal ski carry is wobbly, but fixed with a 12" cinch strap through the front daisy ($2.00 fix). They won't move at all.

                              could you carry a pair of ski boots?

                              could you carry a pair of ski boots?

                              Does this backpack come with a camel pack...

                              Does this backpack come with a camel pack in it? Or does it just come with the compatabilty to hold one

                              Does this product come with the camel pack...

                              Does this product come with the camel pack and hose to suck water inside the insultated sleeve or do you need to buy that seperate?

                              is it water proof?

                              is it water proof?

                              waterproof um no. It can handle a bit of snow and rain but it is not waterproof. If you need a bag that can be submerged look at the dry bags. If you're simply planning on biffing it all day long or snorkeling through powder, you can put one of these coatings on and it'll keep things more resistant.