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Great recreational boat

    I have been paddling the 2006 model for several years (10.5 length). I really like the way it paddles. It's not as efficient as a touring boat, or as manueverable as a whitewater boat, but that's the point of the recreational class. I have been happy with it on flat water, but it shines on easier rivers. I've floated Class II rapids confidently in it, and I'm not much of a paddler. Tipping means a wet exit; you're not going to roll it with a spray skirt anyway. The hull compartment isn't waterproof, but it works to keep spray or waves out. The ability to raise/lower the skeg from the cockpit is a very nice feature. This boat may not have all the bells and whistles of some competitors (cupholders, dashboard compartments), but much of that can be added with aftermarket accesories. I have a Canpanion cupholder that I clip over the coaming, and it works fine. I'm 6'3" and ~230, and I've been very happy with the 10.5. Incidentally, the product info here disagrees with the Dagger website. They give a max load of 295 for the 10.5. One caveat- with plastic boats like this, careful storage is necessary to prevent deforming the hull.

    Write your question here...Do you have...

    Write your question here...Do you have these in a two person I have children who like to go

    would a 12 foot long kayak be appropriate...

    would a 12 foot long kayak be appropriate for a 5' 4" woman ...would it be relatively easy to paddle?

    I have never used a boat with a skeg...

    I have never used a boat with a skeg installed what are the advantages and what are they for ????

    Best Answer

    A skeg is great to have to help you track better or go straight, when you drop it down it will act like a rudder to keep you going straight like in windy conditions it keeps you from weather cocking making your paddle more efficient and speedier travel. Skeg up makes the boat more playful for easier turning and manuvering.

    I have a 2006 model Blackwater that did...

    I have a 2006 model Blackwater that did not have factory-installed fore and aft handles (for lack of a better word) installed. Is there a Dagger product that I can use to retrofit these?

    Best Answer

    You can use Harmony accesories that are just as good and made to fit these boats also. They are nylon straps with rubber handles go to and hit the harmony link and you will be good to go