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Pinarello FCX



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How to Buy a Cyclocross Bike

Cyclocross bikes are designed for use on dirt and road. To win races, a cyclocross bike has to have the right combination of low weight, lateral stiffness, and vertical compliance. While this is true for all cycling categories, the intensity of cyclocross racing concentrates these factors so that a minor advantage can mean the difference between standing on the podium or not.

Carbon Fiber
If you’re looking at high-end cyclocross bikes, chances are you’re looking at carbon fiber. Carbon has a few advantages over other common materials, such as superior strength-to-weight ratio, longer fatigue life, and increased vibration-damping. While they may cost a bit more, ask any serious cyclist, and they’ll tell you carbon’s worth it. Shop Carbon Fiber Cyclocross Bikes
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Aluminum’s main advantage as a frame material is cost. Aluminum frames are less expensive to make. This means they are less expensive to buy. Aluminum frames are also stiffer than carbon or titanium. This can give the rider a speed advantage during short sprints, but the added vibration can fatigue the rider on longer rides. Shop Aluminum Cyclocross Bikes

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