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The Cutter Dead Bolt Skewers know a thing or two about security. This steel-forged skewer set locks your wheels in for the long ride. For those who aren’t removing wheels on a daily basis—the Deadbolt puts your setup on lockdown. The included seatpost skewer keeps the dead sexiness going.

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Lookin' good.

    Used these to replace the quick-release ones on an old mountain bike I'm "upgrading" to a single-speed grocery cruiser. Haven't rolled around with them yet but they installed easily enough and they look really nice. The seatpost bolt is a nice bonus... hoping it will discourage thieves from trying to yank my seat when I have it locked up.

    may be better off with skewers.

      I got these today and the back one snapped when I tightened it down. I was using a standard allen key to install it. The seat post one didn't fit due to the cam indention on the clamp. I have the front one installed, but I will have to test it well before I trust it on anything difficult.

      Cutter Dead Bolt Skewers = Awesome!

        These are just what I was looking for. The cheap clamp style skewers that came on my bike would allow a thief to walk right up and take my stuff of the bike with little effort. These skewers are a great way to keep my seat and wheel/tire set locked down. Plus they look classy! My rig is a Fuji Odessa 1.0 and this skewer set fit the seat post and both wheels perfectly. I have some new tires on their way, so I did not test drive these yet (not that it will make a difference in the ride quality). Cutter just makes good stuff. The End!

        Superlative Skewers!!!

          I live in the kleptocracy of San Francisco and these skewers seem to be thwarting the ablest of our citizenry. And, jeez, what a low price, too. I'd highly recommend this product. No idiot tool needed to work them. But just hope the would-be thief doesn't carry a set of Allen wrenches with him.

          Nice skewers

            I finally bought these and installed them. They are great thus far. Really solid end caps -- I'm not worried about them failing like I was the lightweight Delta Axlerodz that I had previously. These are on a commuter bike, so weight is not an issue.

            rear skewer a few mm too short

              rear skewer end only goes halfway through the acorn, 5mm short of the end. i can't imagine why it would be too short on my bike, a standard hybrid commuter with a 135mm dropout spacing and 6mm dropout thickness. i also can't imagine that it's very safe... looks like less than 5mm is actually threaded on. the front skewer and seatpost skewers were the perfect lengths, flush with the surface of the acorn. they look good and are fast and simple to install and remove. measure your bike first, paying close attention to dropout width. rear skewer is 150mm, not including the acorns, my bike measures 147mm (135+6+6) dropout to dropout, outside measure. i don't think it would work as intended on bikes measuring more than 140-142mm outside the dropouts. this is probably sized for roadbikes, it just doesn't say so.

              Who do I go through for warranty? at 10...

              Who do I go through for warranty? at 10 bucks, do they just send a new piece?

              Are the end caps on these skewers metal?...

              Are the end caps on these skewers metal? Bought a pair of Delta's Axlerods, and was really disappointed with the fact that the end caps are an "anodized aluminum" that looks and feels as sturdy as plastic. Can't trust that. And the springs look like aluminum shavings.

              Is there a special tool in order to remove...

              Is there a special tool in order to remove locks or do you just use an allen wrench?

              Appears to be just a 5 mm allen wrench. I have the Halo version of this, and my one piece of advice is not to use the rear skewer on any bike that has horizontal dropouts. The end caps are aluminum, with aluminum teeth to keep it in place. In the battle between aluminum and Chromoly Steel, steel wins.

              I happened to be in something of a street race using these when I pulled the entire rear axle out of the drops due to the large amount of torque on the chain. It wasn't pretty.

              These look like a better value than the Halos since they throw in a seat post bolt, and the whole package is a lower price. Just be sure to only use with vertical drops.