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Super light weight, eVent is great

    I am a big fan of this jacket. eVent is easily on par with the best of GoreTex, this is perfectly cut for cycling, but works well for light weather as a jacket only or for major technical if you have rain pants. Perfect backpack shell, cuz super lite. Brown color is very hip too.

    Love it. Buy it.

      This jacket is amazing. I am a daily bike commuter in Portland, Oregon. Like the other reviewer I read that lives in Seattle, it rains a lot here. Before this jacket came along I had some nice other jackets that were gore-tex with pit zips. There is no comparison. I would have the pit zips wide open in my other jackets and i would feel like i was in a sauna after a long uphill slog. the e-vent fabric in this jacket is amazing and there is no need for pit zips. I don't understand why people complained that this coat doesn't have pit zips. I ride with this bad boy up hills in the rain and this coat seems to suck the sweat out of my jersey. Buy this coat. It runs quite small, I am 5'10 145 and the large is a slightly roomy fit but the sleeves are the perfect length. The smalls sleeves were too short for me.

      Nice Fit, Decent Breathability

        I wear this jacket mainly as a commuting piece to cut the breeze early in the AM. I live in the desert where one might think sweating out wouldn't be a problem. This jacket does an honorable but not amazing job of breathing. It would be nice to have a set of pit zips or perhaps some small core vents. I am 6' and 175lbs and I am wearing the large. Sleeve length is great but it could be slightly more tapered in the body. I look forward to using this more in the fall as an MTB Jacket and am sure it will be more adequately suited to that purpose for me.

        Nice Fit, Decent Breathability

          I wear this jacket mainly as a commuting piece to cut the breeze early in the AM. I live in the desert where one might think sweating out wouldn't be a problem. This jacket does an honorable but not amazing job of breathing. It would be nice to have a set of pit zips or perhaps some small core vents. I am 6' and 175lbs and I am wearing the large. Sleeve length is great but it could be slightly more tapered in the body. I look forward to using this more in the fall as an MTB Jacket and am sure it will be more adequately suited to that purpose for me.

          Awesome versatile jacket

            I've owned the Cutter Cyclical eVent Jacket for about a month, and am very, very pleased with it. As another reviewer put it, this jacket won't keep you warm if you're not pedaling, but it's been completely adequate (w/out longsleeves, shortsleeves ok) for my morning rides into work when the temps have been 42-46 degrees. I also have to remark that the zippers on the jacket are STICKY. In particular, the front zipper (e.g., the most important one on the jacket!) takes several hard yanks to zip up. (I suppose this is to insure complete encapsulation and closure while you're riding, but it's just a little frustrating, esp. if I had paid full price for it.) One last thing about the fit--I normally wear a L in most other jackets (I'm 6', 190 lbs)--but bought an XL after reading that it's conservatively fitted.

            Great wind/water jacket

              I've only had the chance to test this jacket out once, but it did the job admirably. It kept my body and arms dry, and because it's extremely lightweight it allowed me plenty of movement. I'm 5'6 135lbs and the small fits nice and fairly snug. Love the packability feature, turn the back pocket inside out and you can stuff the whole jacket in there and zip it up, takes up very little space. The only thing I wish for was that it came in some better colours for visibility.

              Who is this Cutter Company?

                Ok, so I purchased this jacket at the end of Feb of this year. I have woren it in SF and Lake Tahoe at the beginning of March. I live in Denver. Have been wearing it almost everyday since the weather has been getting warm. Dont get me wrong; a layer under this jacket turns it into a body glove. 40 degree weather + is perfect for this jacket. The eVent material is super breathable; have not had it in the rain much It is definetly waterproof. Learned that when I found a hole in my lip and spill water over my chest. Super stuffable.
                Only con is that the pocket on the back of the coat has a zipper the pokes the back. I am 5'10" 175; larger shoulders; Large is perfect for me. Usually by Med sizes, so definitely by one size bigger. I can fit this jacket on with a tshirt and med-thick sweater on under it. I could go on and on how this jacket is worth every penny. The fact is that Cutter has producted a great products and if you dont like it your can renturn it...... Lifetime warranty... now only if Cutter made more rugged gear for Backcounty adventures.

                Nice jacket!

                  I'm very happy with this jacket; I've used it in a few downpours, and for general windbreaking on cold days. It does the job very well.

                  It's best used off-road: it loses one star because it's got practically zero reflective striping on it-- to a car, you look "notblack".

                  Fantastic jacket

                    The zipper is hard to start but the attention to detail on the rest of the coat is amazing. All riding jackets should have the extended wrist and back coverage the way this jacket does. I originally wanted a softshell when I talked to the sales department and they were wrong about this garment, it's a hardshell and I didn't give this jacket 5 stars because it doesn't vent the way it's advertised but it's great in the cold Chicago spring/late winter riding weather. It's a great coat.

                    Great Rain Protection!

                      Due to some unfortunate spring weather this jacket has received more use than I would like. Thankfully it works great!

                      If you are in the market for a waterproof top and you are avoiding the typical roadie DayGlow color palette - this jacket is for you.

                      Go a size up if you plan on wearing it with anything more than a jersey.

                      This is a sweet jacket.

                        I'm 6ft, 185lbs - the large is a perfect fit for cycling. Event is great - I'd just recommend being very careful if you try to iron it to restore water repellency - I melted some event pants that way. Jacket is a nice design, though, and the pocket is great because there's no worry about anything bouncing out of it since it zips. If you care about being seen by cars, the color is pretty muted, but if you're ok with the color the jacket is totally great.

                        What else could you need?

                          Great Jacket.

                          Windproof, waterproof, breathes better than egyptian cotton. Insulates well for what it is, but don't expect it to keep you warm when you're not burning calories. The wrist zips are really quite good at venting your forearms, and while this jacket breathes better than anything but mesh, you'll get hot, though surprisingly not sticky depending on what you have under it. Layer according to your activity level. I've taken it out in temps from 25F to 55F without issue. As in previous reviews, its very thin, but feels durable. Water and snow bead up better than you'd expect from a plastic poncho. It packs down to the size of a tall boy, (16 oz. can) and with a little cunning and some origami skills you can get it to fit quite well in the back pocket, which has a little inside zipper pull just for that.

                          Sizing. I stand 6'2" and am about 175lbs. I went with the XL. Sleeve length is just about right, and while a touch short in the front, the added tail length is on par. I find it a bit baggy in the middle, on account of the XL but the other lengths are right. It fits better on the saddle than standing, so as Mr. Salter mentioned, its not your typical around town wardrobe, though I've had a few compliments on it. For me it has a nice trim athletic fit everywhere but the torso, but isn't too tight to restrict layering options.


                          The zippered back pocket. If you dont have your jacket and/or messenger bag arranged just right, the zipper digs into that soft spot just below your ribs.

                          Racing stripes. Though not really that noticeable, they stitched two white lines down the left side of the jacket. Why? They even wasted about a meter of seam tape underneath them to maintain the integrity of the jacket. I don't see the point.

                          Bottom Line: eVent is better than the light goretex fabrics hands down. Fits well, good construction, all the gripes are minor details in the face of how awesome this jacket is. 5 stars, I'm stoked on it. Worth the $110 I paid for it. A standout piece in my outerwear collection.

                          Can you have both an awesome rain jacket and great cycling coat? YES!

                            This jacket has become the most versatile garment I own. I bought it looking for a waterproof shell, what I got was so much more. Yeah it stops water dead in its tracks, but can it handle the wind and cold without sweating to death inside. Hell yeah it does! I originally layered this jacket too much and got hot. What I found is it insulates well and I didn’t need dress for a blizzard.

                            I have been riding this jacket comfortable in the following conditions.
                            25-38 degrees: Was able to get a short 1.5 hours road ride or long MTB ride with this jacket layered with long sleeve insulated base layer and long sleeve jersey; don't forget the hat and shoe covers.
                            38-45 degrees: layered with short sleeve base layer and long sleeve jersey.
                            45-55 degrees: layered only with long sleeve base.
                            55-60 degrees: layered with short sleeve base or jersey, arm warmers optional.

                            I really love this jacket and it looks way better on than I thought it would, the only thing I would like to see is some reflective hits on the back.

                            Great fit, good breathability

                              I've had this jacket for about two months and have used it for many commutes and a few longer rides. The fit--I got a large for my 5'11 160 frame--is almost perfect. It's neither skin-tight nor loose and flappy and allows a couple of layers (or even street clothes) underneath.

                              I haven't ridden in a full downpour, but from the lighter showers I've seen I have no doubts that it'll keep me dry from outside moisture. As for breathing on the inside, it does warm up and get a little damp but I've never been uncomfortable. Compared to other less expensive rain jackets I've had--which all get soaking wet--this has been a major upgrade.


                                I bought this jacket to wear for early season rides, and a packable rain shell, and this thing rocks. it packs down small enough to stuff in a waterbottle cage, when things get too hot. I have worn this in light rain and been very happy with its performance. The breathability of eVent is great. Some other reviews said they got damp inside of it, which i believe, but they would be drowning in a goretex shell. The warmth is a unexpected perk for me, As far as sizing, im 5'11'' 185 with long arms and torso, and the XL fits great. It is a little bigger that i would like on the bottom, but hey hem cinch! The finish is top notch. I agree with the other reviewers that the zippers are pretty hardcore, but feel solid and work well enough. Overall if your looking for a lightweight rain/early season jacket, i think this one is a winner.

                                size up!

                                  this is an awesome jacket that is totally waterproof. i've only had it for a few days and i cant wait to use it more often. it's totally breathable so no more sweaty build up after working out at the gym.

                                  the only complaint is that the main zipper is a little difficult to zip up. but it's not impossible.

                                  originally i ordered a small thinking that it would fit well on my 5'4", 135lb, frame. I wear a 38" chest size, but it was a little too snug around the chest and shoulders. it's no where near the 41" thats specified on the size chart. it's not impossible to wear while riding though. it felt nice when hunched over the handlebars, but i wanted something that i could feel comfortable in while layering so I decided to size up to a medium. that did the trick. the medium is an excellent fit for me. the arm length difference between the S and M is negligible, but the little extra girth in the chest/shoulder area made a world of difference in comfort. so size up!

                                  Looking good

                                    So the only "precipitation" this jacket has seen so far is the stupid human trick shower test. That's right...I hopped in the shower with a tee and this jacket on to test the waterproofness. After a few minutes not nary a drop got in. Impressive. The style is good and it doesn't scream "Tour de France Wannabe" in any way. I look forward to actually putting the eVent fabric through it's paces...if it can keep me remotely dry (evac the sweat) I will be impressed. I've seen some question as to sizing. I'm not a "svelte" cyclist by any means. My chest is 44" and my belly is 43." The XL gives me a nice athletic fit with room for a mid weight jersey underneath if needed. The sleeves are a touch long (33" dress shirt) but not bad. The drop tail is fricken sweet.Look for this on Bonktown if you're a real cheapster.

                                    April Update:

                                    So now that I've had a chance to try this thing outdoors I'd like to update my review. Is it the uber miracle jacket that ever outdoor junkie is looking for? No, I don't think so. Here's why: we sweat. I sweat a lot. Under high aerobic conditions it's not realistic to imagine your clothes won't get wet. Such a garment does not and will never exist. What eVent does do VERY well is regulate body temperature. For a real test, I went out for a run with this jacket in the pouring rain. I wore a thin light gray colored base layer that shows wet spots really well. When I got back from my run, all the typical areas were wet (chest, arm pits) but there were plenty of areas that were dry. Best of all, it didn't overheat. Even the lightest goretex paclite shells have me gasping for air, claustrophobic hot under heavy aerobic use. Event kept my body temp in line. So does it pull sweat off and expunge it like a sprinkler? No, but it does keep the temps in line which is far more important to me.

                                    I love this jacket.

                                      The Event fabric breathes well and I've stayed dry so far (Portland in the winter). The cut and style is great (note, it's a pretty slim fit - if you're border line, go the size larger). I can't think of anything I don't like about it.

                                      I cant find this jacket in size Large...

                                      I cant find this jacket in size Large anywhere. I have scoured the internet and as far as I can tell it is unavailable. Does anyone know where I can find a large?

                                      Hi all. Would this jacket be suited for...

                                      Hi all.
                                      Would this jacket be suited for summer riding..... only to put on in a rain storm? Or is i meant only for cooler wet conditions?

                                      Read Mario C's review, he addresses this subject in a spot-on manner. It will be good in warm weather and is a perfect jacket for when you do not know what the waer could be like alter on. It does have eVent so the breathability is incredible. For super hot days, it may be a bit much though.

                                      I'm a climber and cycler, will this hold...

                                      I'm a climber and cycler, will this hold up to the rigor of having elbows/shoulders scraped against rock? or should i go with something with a little more heft? any recommendations?

                                      I would not use this for Climbing....only Cycling and some light XC MTB. This jacket is amazing, but it was not designed for that much abuse. Would love to see how it could hold up under those conditions but im not risking my it too much

                                      Anyone running this for mountain biking?...

                                      Anyone running this for mountain biking? Is it something that would hold up moderately well? I'm looking for a dual purpose commuter/trail jacket for next season (with some casual style) thats not so much worried about the rain as much as the wind (water resistance def is a plus...except for venting usually). Love the style and hear great things about eVent... so this might be the one?

                                      Everyone loves this jacket. The Waterproof/ Windproofness of the fabric makes it ideal for what you're looking for.
                                      The fabric is pretty durable i don't have any doubts it would hold up to the rigors of Mt Biking.
                                      The color and cut makes it stylish enough you can rock it for the city streets too. Might want to get some extra reflectiveness on if you're doing a lot of night riding. I think this is your baby. Go for it!!

                                      Clew, I have been using this on cool road rides, wet commutes, and off road. It suits off-road riding well in my opinion because the material is durable unlike thin nylon-ish rain coats. It doesn't get snagged with burrs and thorns which is a big deal riding in the mid-west and best of all you can wash the mud off without worrying about damaging the jacket. Other jackets I have had were not the same after a muddy ride this jacket comes out the wash just like new.

                                      Love this jacket, have i heard correctly...

                                      Love this jacket, have i heard correctly that cutter outsources the production to a very reputable company in canada? if this is true, would any one know who this is? i'd like to look into their product line, the quality is 2nd to none.

                                      I bought a L Merino Jersey and it fits me...

                                      I bought a L Merino Jersey and it fits me snug in the chest and arms - should I go with an XL jacket?

                                      How small does a large Cutter Cyclical...

                                      How small does a large Cutter Cyclical eVent Jacket pack down? Will it easily fit into a jersey pocket?

                                      If it won't easily fit into a jersey pocket, what other waterproof, breathable, cycling specific cut, minimalist jackets at will?


                                      What is the weight of this jacket? Say...

                                      What is the weight of this jacket? Say maybe a size medium?

                                      1.) Instead giving away the female version...

                                      1.) Instead giving away the female version of this jacket why don't you just sell them half price they would fly off the shelves. I been wanting one of these since I got the knickers....

                                      2.) I am somewhere between the M and L how do returns work?


                                      Rob, it's on the smaller side, to be sure, but I too am between a medium and a large. I went with the medium and kept it. It's tight (and doesn't stretch) when I'm walking around, but fits well when I'm sitting on the bike with my arms out: that's where I need the comfort. I think the large would be a bit loose on the bike. FYI, I'm 5'4", 165 lbs with a 41" chest & 34" waist.

                                      Hi, Does anyone have pics of this jacket...

                                      Does anyone have pics of this jacket on the body? I can't risk buying it online till I see pics. Please.

                                      Hi, Does anyone have pics of this jacket...

                                      Does anyone have pics of this jacket on the body? I can't risk buying it online till I see pics. Please.

                                      Any chance the Cutter Cyclical has pit...

                                      Any chance the Cutter Cyclical has pit zips?

                                      eVent is the most breathable, while still being waterproof material on the market. It does not need pit zips at all to breathe. Most eVent shells do not have pitzips because they only add weight and are not needed with this membrane. Check it out at

                                      Since there is NO info. anywhare available...

                                      Since there is NO info. anywhare available about Cutter cycling jackets, I'm guessing that someone makes the Cutter Cyclical jacket for them. It looks just like the Showers Pass Elite 2.0 jacket. Anyone know if Showers Pass actually makes this jacket for Cutter?

                                      Pump the brakes...they may look similar but IMO - The Cyclical fits WAY better than the Elite 2.0. The zippered cuffs and contoured fit of the arms make it the best-fitting cycling jacket I've owned.

                                      The Elite has two things on the Cyclical - 11" pit zips and an optional hood attachment. Having said that, I've never over-heated in the Cyclical (thank you eVent!) Offering the hood as an option/upgrade is sweet though...

                                      Hi. How is this sizing on this jacket......

                                      Hi. How is this sizing on this jacket... I wear a large t-shirt, unless it's designed to be form fitting, then I need a XL...

                                      Thanks for the input