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The Tiny Tighe Breaker Knife utilizes CRKT's most advanced technology for reliable, safe cutting.

The CRKT Tiny Tighe Breaker Knife has you covered at the campsite. Columbia River Knife & Tool incorporated an Outburst-assisted opening mechanism into this Brian Tighe designed model, which instantly springs open the blade after you have opened it approximately 30 degrees. AutoLAWKS technology creates a virtual fixed blade when the folder is opened and locked. The Tiny Tighe Breaker Knife's dual stainless steel thumb studs allow fast opening, while its fluted and scaled nylon handle ensures a sure grip. CRKT used premium AUS 8 stainless steel for this knife's 2.875-inch blade and made the Tiny Tighe Breaker available with a plain Razor-Sharp or combo Razor-Sharp and serrated blade.

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Here's what others have to say...

5 5

Great quality

Great quality,as always from CRKT. Lock function is superb and the blade comes real sharp out of the box. Serrated blade does a good job of cutting anything fibrous. Good job!!

3 5

Bring On the Suck

Brute force and ignorance always overcome science and knowledge. This knife proves it. In summary:

Japanese AUS 8 tool steel is usually reserved for larger knives and results in tougher construction and better edge-retention, but a larger profile less-suited for delicate tasks like cutting a block of cheddar into thin slices or skinning furry animals. The nylon handle is lighter but less durable than most metals and when it breaks, it shatters. I also really dislike the finger grooves, especially on a knife this small.

The locking mechanism deserves its own discussion. The logic behind including a safety that keeps the knife open but NOT closed escapes me. Yes, it gives you a little more security while cutting, but others have mentioned on this site that the knife opens on its own quite frequently. That's like carrying a loaded gun that likes to decide it's time to go off every once in a while.

I'll admit, I'm very happy with this knife, as I got it cheaply in place of a knife I lost but preferred. It WORKS and I'm not concerned with it breaking or needing much maintenance in the near future, but I'd be a little disappointed if I'd purchased it at full price.

Happy trails!

3 5

does open but good anyways

It's not super light, but it opens very fast, and comes very sharp as I would expect from CRKT. I'm always pleased with CRKT but it is true this knife is more prone to opening on it's own depending how you have it clipped or in a bag etc. I've only had it open in a bag once in probably 25 times. When attached to the inside of a pants pocket (not cargo) it has never opened on me, which I wear daily for the last 4 months. When attached to a pack strap or similar it's opened twice. The last thing worth noting is that after heavy use the last 4 months (including repeatedly flicking the knife open out of boredom) the hex screw is getting a little loose. I expected this given the very fast spring assist. I'm content, got off S&C, totally worth it for that price, and the handle fits pretty well even being small. Most importantly it won't close unexpected, for me that's worse than unexpectedly opening, I exhibit way more pressure on the knife when the blades open.

5 5

CRKT is next to infallible.

I love CRKT and I am a walking commercial for them. Brian Tighe is an excellent knife maker that is the maker of my favorite knife ever, the Mini My Tighe. Tighe's knife has opened literally 20-30 boxes a day, 6 days a week, for 5 months, and I'm just about to sharpen it. the only wear on it is minimal fading of the titanium nitride coating. I am forever loyal to CRKT.

1 5

Nice for your desk.

As with most gear I get, the first thing i tried on this knife was the GIRT(Gravity Impact Resistance Test) I have perfected this test through years of dropping my cellphone. Anyway, when the GIRT was applied, the knife promptly opened on its own. Considering how close this will live to my junk while in my pocket, it has been relegated to desk use. The quick open is quite effective for scaring off gawkers and donut thieves. Not a safe knife.

Responded on

I have never had my knife open without permission when it's clipped to my hip, in my pocket, attached to my radio vest, anywhere. Considering the 15 great reviews below me, I think you just over reacted. Also, you're GIRT is BS.

Responded on

I unknowingly had this knife open in my pocket. Had a bit of a surprise when I reached into my pocket and got sliced along the finger.

Responded on

There is instruction included with the knife now on how to remove the open-assist spring. If you have a #6 torx screw driver, it literally takes just 30 seconds to do so. Open the knife, unscrew, slide out the spring (a thin steel rod), tighten the screw, close the knife and you are done. The knife remains smooth and still can be opened with one hand easily without the spring.

5 5


Thought I would add a little update to my review. I have now had this knife for several months, and I still aboslutely love it. I carry this knife everyday. I use it pretty much everyday. Does anything from opening plastic containers and bags, to cardboard boxes, to whittling off kinding for a fire on a recent trip down the Nantahala River. I have taken this knife on numerous trails, hikes, and other various trips and it has performed like a champ. Seriously the best knife I have ever owned. Cuts through anything, comfortable, easy to use and keeps a blade. I have sharpened it maybe once in the close to a year I have had it and that was just a touch up. I love the serrations, great for cutting rope, plastic or anything they can hook into and slice. Only gripe, as with some other people on here, is that occasionaly it will open in your pocket. This has only happened once or twice and I think it had more to do with the pants I was wearing and a water bottle hitting the knife thna the knife itself. I love this knife and at least three of my friends have bought one since using mine. Great product for CRKT. If you are thinking about it, stop and just buy the thing, especially at that price, got mine on SAC for about the same.

3 5


While the knife is nice... it did open in my pocket accidentally the first day! I was being pretty active and I was wearing basketball shorts so the fabric could've grabbed. I would say this is a nice knife for CASUAL outings, and NOT for active outings.

5 5

Good deal!

Man, for 24 bucks this knife rocks! Fits in your hand nicely and it looks killer. The spring loaded assist is a nice feature as well. CRKT is the best way to go for the money. Recommended!

5 5

Follow Up

I reviewed this knife shortly after getting it and loved it. I have now had it for a few months and really had a chance to use it. All I can say is this is the best knife I have ever owned. I have never needed to sharpen it, it cuts through pretty much anything and is really lite. I got the black version with the serrations and beleive me, they are a good thing. They do not get stuck in things like other knives and they act like a hooked blade that you can just pull through material. I carry/ use this knife on a daily basis and love it. I have cut plastic containers, opend food with it, opened cardboard boxes, cut drain hose and all kinds of other stuff without a hitch. My only negative is that one time when I was hiking it opened in my pocket, but I believe this was due more to the pants I was wearing and that there was a water bottle that kept hitting it. Other than that once it has never opened like that and again I carry it on a daily basis. Do yourself a favor, or someone else for that matter, and buy this knife. You won't regret it.

5 5

Awesome knife!

Love the grip, the spring assist, the serrations, and how sharp it is! Just Make sure it's not open when you reach into your pocket, those serrations will make getting your hand out interesting...

4 5

Great Knife

Not sure why so many people have had problems with this accidentally opening. I tried dropping/banging/throwing/etc. as others have mentioned and still have yet to see it 'accidentally' open. It takes a decent amount of pressure to get the blade started, and don't really see how anything short of throwing it onto concrete could possibly get it to open. Carry it in your pocket w/ the clip and you won't have to worry.

The blade is super sharp, and the deep asymmetrical serrations should be rather effective.

The dual finger grooves give a great grip and the knife seems to be well balanced.

The only thing I don't like about it (the only thing keeping it from getting 5 stars) is the blade finish. The black titanium nitride is a bit too glossy for my taste and shows dirt/oil/smudges well, though is purely an aesthetic flaw. All in all a great knife

4 5

Super Sharp

Got this knife on SAC and have not been dissapointed. I have had it for about a year and took it backpacking through South America and it has stayed razor sharp. The assisted opening is amazingly fast and fluid. The double lock is quite solid and can stand up to huge amounts of pressure. My only complaint is that blade can open in your pocket or bag on occasion, which with a razor sharp blade can be bothersome. The pocket clip should be reversed to prevent pocket opening and a closed lock would nice for rough backpack storage. Just bought my second one!

5 5

Awesome knife

Just got this knife the other day. It is amazing. I got the serrated edge charcoal version. The handle is extremely comfortable, and gives a solid grip. The blade is razor sharp right outta the box. Aggressive looks and solid design. The mechanism takes a few minutes to get used to but now I have it and I find my self flinging the blade out and closing it with one hand just for fun when I am bored. Awesome product and for a really great price.

5 5

good knife

some other people wrote reviews saying that it opened in their pocket, but that never happened to me. very sharp, etc. very cool open-assist system -- it works very well. all around a good knife.

5 5

Great Knife

I have had this knife for about 5 months now and I really like it. I gutted and skinned a deer with it and it was ideal for the task. It is small enough to be agile and big enough to make quick work of skinning and gutting. I will warn you that you would not want to leave it laying around with kids in the house. The auto-open is a bit jarring until you get used to it, and I would not want a child to get a hold of it and have an accident.

5 5

My go-to knife

I have the Charcoal, serrated edge, and it's great. The Outburst is a little touchy, seems to open a bit too easily, but the knife is burly, the grip fits my hand solidly and securely, and the special serration cuts rope and chicken with equal ease. Also super easy to clean.

4 5

Groove on this

I bought the serrated knife. Construction is very sturdy, handle is very comfy, which surprised me because it looks like it might be a little rough. All around a great knife. Only complaint is that the assisted open has opened once in my pocket, I have no clue how. It only opened a little and no harm done, but I prefer it wouldn't open at all in my pocket. Sine then I have placed a little "twisty tie" from the grocery store around the bottom of the knife when I throw it in my pack to prevent accidental openings, hasn't opened in my pocket or bag since. 4 out of 5 because of the accidental opening.

3 5


Very solid knife. Its a tad heavier than I thought. My scale has it at about 4oz. While the autoLAWKS mechanism is nice, it does open in your pocket sometimes. The grip is great, but my hand is too big for it to fit 4 fingers around. I love CRKT knives

4 5

I bought 2

Love the well for ski patrol, camping, and all other things I do. Very sharp, the serrated version is great for cutting rope.

Warning, this knife is spring assisted and it DOES OPEN IN your pack and even POCKET sometimes....Not for beginners!

3 5

Nice Blade, Uncomfortable Handle

Overall good knife, just remember if you need to cut something with an iron grip on the handle it can hurt. The handle is not rounded and tends to poke into your hand.