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While Crankbrothers pedals sometimes overshadow the rest of their products, it should be known that their forward way of thinking is prevalent here in their Power Pump Alloy. The packaging of all its features is impressive considering its size.

What you get is a mini pump capable of inflating both Presta and Schrader valves. And as we all seem to ride on road and off, it has an air switch that lets you select from high volume or high pressure to lessen the number of strokes and effort that it requires to get your tires pumped up to spec. It even has a round dial gauge that lets you see, at a glance, exactly where your pressure is as you pump.

The Crankbrothers Power Pump Alloy is meant to last as it's made of 6061-T6 aluminum alloy. The dual piston design is efficient and makes quick work of both road and mountain bike tires. It pumps to a maximum pressure of 130 psi and includes a mounting bracket. It's available in Black/gold and measures 9.3"/238mm in length.

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Worse than useless

  • Familiarity: I've used it once or twice and have initial impressions

Bought this pump to carry with me on my road bike as an upgrade to my previous Wal-mart pump and an alternative to a CO2 cartridge, where if you run out in the middle of nowhere then you're in trouble. While the Crank Brothers pump does come with a frame mount, I like to stick mine in my back jersey pocket. It fits okay. On the plus side, the pump feels very solid and well made.

The problem is when I actually needed it. Got a simple flat on my front tire. I turned the head unit to the appropriate spot and connected the pump to the stem. After pumping like crazy, I could get to maybe 60 psi (and sometimes the tire would inexplicably lose pressure and I would have to start over at 20 psi or worse). I could never be sure that the stem was securely attached to the nozzle. Neither did I notice any difference using either max pressure or max volume settings. After exhaustion from all that pumping sets in, and mounting frustration, I needed to brace the pump against the ground to keep going. Since the nozzle is attached to the pump unit itself, you can only do this very awkwardly. And it's not a good idea for another reason: The valve stem isn't designed to be abused like this and so it snapped right at the rim opening. So not only did the pump not work at all for me, it ruined a tube and forced me to have to call in a rescue from an hour away while standing on a roadside getting hammered by frigid wind. Lesson learned.

If you're on a road bike, get a pump with a flexible nozzle. And make sure it works before taking it out on the road.

Solid little pump after years of use.

  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

This one has been in my back pocket or hydration pack for years (2009 or 2010?). It's a hand pump and designed to be portable and get you out of a pinch--not to pump large volumes of air quickly. I've never had to replace parts or do maintenance. There are two settings on this pump--easily switched by a dial on the end--one for high volume (mtb) and one for high pressure (road). When using the pump, I use both settings. I always start out with the high volume setting, than switch to high pressure once I get fatigued from pumping. The pressure gauge isn't that accurate any more but it's close enough. Overall, it's solidly built and Crankbrothers has some of the best customer service out there.

Capital Suck

    I own many pumps. I own many bikes. I could pump none of their tires with this terrible object. Great toy for your children. Terrible pump. Develops no pressure (well, what do you expect for an eight inch barrel) and does not seat reliably on valve stem. Get yourself a Topeak.

    Perfect, save the landfill from CO2 cartridges

      I have been using this little demon of a pump for about a year now with any disappointment. You need to read the little direction that come with it so you start using it correctly. You have to turn the head once you are on the valve stem and have a choice between high volume (MTB) vs. high pressure (Road). The gauge has been pretty accurate which is pretty nice rather then guessing and feeling the tire. I carry this on every ride, small enough for a back pocket or attach to your frame. Save the CO2 for race day, and put less material in the landfill. Ride On.

      Good pump

        I make sure this pump is in my pack every time I hit the trails. For a mini pump it's pretty darn good. It's really nice that it has a gauge, and independent fittings for presta and schrader valves. I've been lucky and have only had to use it a couple of times, but I'm glad I had it with me. It works great!


          I naively purchased this pump before being caught up in the rapture of CO2. To give it some credit, it probably needs some technique to be used properly but I didn't have it. The cap attaches to the stem by turning the whole head of the pump which compresses a rubber insert to hold onto the stem. The cap on my pump blew out after a few used rendering the pump useless on the presta valve side. I never really got used to the hand pump thing so I suggest just getting a CO2 pump.


            I already had one of these on my other bike, so when I got my new bike - I got this one. I like the weight, and the fact that it has a pressure gauge as part of it.

            The only issue I have with it is that you have to thread the strap through a thin slit to reattach the pump after using it, and that can be a little tricky when you're pumped.

            highly recommended

              small and light is nice, but it actually works too! use it in the woods and even on the road. has a dual pressure feature that you need for high pressure. i throw it in my bag, but the frame mount velcro feature is pretty sweet if you go that route.

              it's dead....

                I just don't know... not very happy with the pump to begin with... and over time it just got worse. I have had the pump for several years now... so this is a long term review. Parts sort of started falling off it here and there, but I was able to rebuild with parts from other pumps. It is a pain to work the pump, flipping the head around, turning the pressure switch on the bottom...anyhow there are a lot of pumps out there... I would suggest looking somewhere else... in fact... I am on the site now to find a new pump as this one finally died... does not work any more.

                Good pump, not great.

                  It works well for a hand held pump but it does take a little while to pump your tires up. I mainly have it for a trail pump but if I'm doing something at home I'll just use my roommates floor pump.

                  Great Pump

                    Don't quite agree with Nelbow. I found this pump do deliver quire well. I like the ease with which it switches from low to high volume and vice versa. Only thing I could see improvement on would be the mounting hardware. I replaced the zip ties with some generic hook and loop strips (velcro). I found it very easy to get my 700 series tires up to volume otherwise. Maybe Nelbow should hit the weights a little.

                    Looks good but doesn't perform

                      I imagine it works great for tires other than road bikes. I couldn't get enough pressure to ride on. I'm keeping the pump in case I need it for when I get a mountain bike but absolutely not recommended for road bike.

                      Attachment is annoying

                        The pump works well enough, but the attachment to the bike uses a strap that you have to thread through a small slot when you put the pump back on your bike. It is a bit finicky wearing gloves when your heart is pumping, you've just lost two minutes changing a tube, and you want to get back in the race.

                        Small volume. So what?

                          Yes, the volume is small. I have presta, my wife has schrader. Rather than switch the innards, it's easy to use either one. Lightweight and built fairly well, I'd hate to have to pump a road tire with it, but I don't have to.

                          Looks better than it is

                            This pump is certainly from a well regarded manufacturer and looks cool, but it doesn't actually pump up tires very well. The high pressure mode doesn't move enough air, and the high volume mode requires everything you can muster. Broke mine because of the force and effort needed to pump up a tire.


                              This is a solid pump that certainly takes care of business...although not as quickly as I was hoping for. The alloy construction is bombproof and the dial is key. If you want a semi-small, fairly-light tough pump to throw in your pack just in case, this is the one.

                              *As a follow up to the above review I recently broke this pump while on the trail. I placed the pump over the Presta valve of my recently replaced tube and the entire head fixture broke. It is now useless. I have only used this pump a handful of times and I must say that I expected it to last longer with very minimal abuse. I am changing my rating of this pump from 4 out of 5 stars to 2 out of 5 stars due to construction.

                              Good but not great.

                                So i may have an unrealistic expectation of what pumps of this nature should do but i think this pump does the job but it's not amazing. It takes a lot of pumping to do the job. Also it only pumps on the inward stroke.

                                Gets the job done

                                  With the whole double-chamber thing, I expected this pump to do a bit better, but it's still pretty good. This thing is super tough, and it's really nice to have a gauge on there. The gauge isn't super accurate, but what do you expect on a tiny hand pump?

                                  HI... I have a Alloy pump and the last...

                                  I have a Alloy pump and the last days became problems. Like just the high pressure is running, even the position high flow is turned.
                                  Could you inform how to manaintance my pump?


                                  This is a link to a nice little video to rebuild your pump or troubleshoot your issues. I have the Power Pump Pro and it has been an amazing little safety piece. Would not leave home without one.
                                  Ride On.

                                  So my roommate bought one of these. We...

                                  So my roommate bought one of these. We were out on the trail and both of us needed to add a little air to our tires. Neither of us could get a good seal on it. It end up deflating both of our tires completely. We even tried jamming it on the valve as hard as we could thinking it just wasn't inserted all the way. We ended up having to walk it back to the care to use the car powered pump. What are we doing wrong? Its a pretty simple tool. Unless it came defective or something.

                                  Best Answer

                                  Try giving the pump handle a quarter turn after it is on the valve, or
                                  you could have been using the Schraeder fitting on the pump instead of the Presta. Schraeder valves look like what you will find on your car tire. Presta valves have a threaded end that needs to be loosened before you can inflate the tube. Try the other side of the pump, or watch this:

                                  Does this pump attach to a bike frame?

                                  Does this pump attach to a bike frame?

                                  Will this also pump up baskets balls or...

                                  Will this also pump up baskets balls or soccer balls with an atachment?

                                  Do Ineed an adaptor to fit this to my road...

                                  Do Ineed an adaptor to fit this to my road bike tire 770X28c-32c with Presta 48MM? And, Do you suggest a clamp to fit this to the frame of my Specialized Doce Elite?

                                  Nope, according to the Spec list, this is compatible with Presta valves out of the box without an adapter. As for the other question, I'm not really sure, having not seen the bike or pump in person. Some of my friends use velcro straps to hold their pumps onto their frames, and that seems to work out pretty well for them, along with giving them a lot of options for mounting locations. Also, a lot of pumps come with their own frame mounting clamps that fit under a bottle cage, but I'm not sure if this one does or not.I hope the information helped, good luck!