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V. Good Winter Shell

    Have use half dozen times xc skiing - sometimes in light wet snow showers. Worked well - light weight, like: that hood folds into collar when not in use, pit zips, large pockets. Only complaint - sleeves are a bit too long - I ordered a small which otherwise fits me well.

    Good winter shell

      ...If used correctly. I've been using this as my top layer for all my hikes and I love it. I just have to continually adjust the pit-zips to exhaust. It is very waterproof as far as I can tell but it is also pretty windproof. The windproof part I like a lot. For an affordable jacket it does pretty well and I am pretty happy with it.


        I thought this was a zip in but I found it was not. Wasn't that big of deal. I bought the inner fleece liner two weeks before I found this shell. I like them both together very much.

        I live on the water and am often found in light and heavy rain which the shell works great for. The underarm vents work great! I have worn the shell without the liner and found it does keep in your body heat in and you will be fine with the vents open.

        Overall this is a great shell! I would buy another if I needed to!

        Pretty good jacket all round

          I haven't worn this in a real downpour so I can't tell you about how well it does waterproof-wise. BUT I did wear this out in the snow a couple of times and it works great. I've also worn this shell running and it does a pretty good job although in both cases, you get a fair amount of moisture build-up on the interior of the jacket even with the armpit vents open.

          It's light, the pockets are great and the hood is very good visibility-wise.

          I recommend it as a good medium wet-weather jacket. Works great with layers in the cold (down to 25 F) and is excellent as a top layer in warmer temperatures.

          Review Title

            I've used it for about a month now.
            It keeps me dry in light rain.
            In medium to heavy rain, not so well. It still resists water panetrating all the way in, but the surface DOES get wet and stops there.

            Great for everyday wear.
            Buy this one if you want something that is light, yet waterproof.
            (if you leave in a city like NYC, DC, this would be good enough to keep you dry while you walk from one building to the next building or to underground.)

            If you are looking for a hardcore waterproof gear, try something else.

            Oh Well

              Well, I can't really give a review on how this thing handled outside because I returned it the same day I got it. This shell is not truly zip in but is three point compatible meaning the sleeves and neck of a softshell/fleece can be attached however the zippers can not. So while, you can potentially where this with a softshell/fleece be aware that you have to zip that layer in addition to the shell up separately.

              In terms of sizing, I am 5'11" and 155 lbs with a 38" chest. This shell was a great fit with one layer, namely the fleece I tried to zip in.

              first impressions

                i haven't used it yet, but i'm certainly looking forward to skiing with it. Overall it seems pretty awesome. The seams are taped and it's lightweight and awesome. i got the medium and it appears to run pretty big, but its prefect because i'm gonna use it as my outer shell for skiing, so all my layers fit great underneath. Not much else to say until it gets a bit colder out so i can use it.

                Hi there...after a lot of searching..i...

                Hi there...after a lot of searching..i ended up at this jacket and at TNF venture jacket. I really can decide myself, although this is a lot cheaper and i like that the hood is removable. Any opinion is welcome( also about the weight of this jacket)

                I currently have an XL '09-10 bugaboo parka...

                I currently have an XL '09-10 bugaboo parka with a zip in/out fleece liner. Will the fleece liner from this jacket work (zip into) a XL waypoint II shell? I love my Bugaboo, but it's only good for cold days and sorta bulky (really) bulky/big on me if I take out the liner (no tapering or draw strings) to make it fit better without liner. I want the waypoint shell for not so cold days on the slopes, although it would be great if the bugaboo liner also works (zips in/out) with the waypoint II shell? I'm 6'1" and 235 pounds, so I'm assuming XL is the right size for the waypoint as the bugaboo fits well with the liner in, but bulky (big) without.....

                Do the arm sleeves stay comfortable in...

                Do the arm sleeves stay comfortable in cool weather, I am returning a sierra "hurricane' rain jacket because the lining in the sleeves is different from the body and it feels cold and clammy and uncomfortable in 50 to 55 degrees weather.... I am very picky about this, I do not like wearing long sleeve shirts to solve this so I need a jacket that feels good to my skin yet all over and is somewhat waterproof and breathable...Does anyone know about columbia's (thunderstorm II) jacket?

                Would this jacket be practical as a Shell...

                Would this jacket be practical as a Shell to go snowboarding?

                How high is the chin guard? I have a TNF...

                How high is the chin guard? I have a TNF Redpoint jacket I plan to use along with this, and it only goes up to about half an inch above my chin. I plan on getting a neck gaiter as well, but am worried that it will fog up my glasses when covering up to my nose.

                My primary use for my combination above will be for city walking, as well as walking the dog in Northern NJ winters, which can get to about 10-20 degrees F with some windchill in the single digits.

                Unanswered Question

                I've got a soft shell liner and I'm looking...

                I've got a soft shell liner and I'm looking for an outer interchange shell similar to the Waypoint II that I can ZIP my inner shell in to. Anyone know where I can get just the outer interchange shell for a reasonable price?

                Will the Steens fleece zip into this...

                Will the Steens fleece zip into this shell?

                Which columbia fleece jacket will match...

                Which columbia fleece jacket will match this Waypoint II Shell?? I would like to buy both, knowing that they work with each other...
                Thank you

                With a fleece underneath, will this keep...

                With a fleece underneath, will this keep me reasonably warm during the Milwaukee winters? It gets down pretty cold, often into the -20s or even lower with wind chill. I'm a college student and just moved here.

                Looking for stowable( high school...

                Looking for stowable( high school backpack/bookbag)for wet/windy walks home after school. Prefer shell for light weight . Cost is always a factor.This jacket or do you have other suggestions.