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just awesome

    been wanting one of these for a loooong time and now managed to get my hands on one. love the long arms and high collar and seems really warm. Zip could be a bit chunkier and the hood does not have any drawstrings and the outer material is duller than hoped - really like that TNF metropolis parka type finish - but cannot complain - this is one of the best long down coats i've come across.

    Review Title

      I returned this coat today not because I didn't like it, there was just too much of it for my 5'2" frame. If I didn't look so silly (my son laughed out loud) I would have loved indulging in its coziness every day on my way to work. It is really beautiful quality and has a nice slimming cut for a down coat. I am normally a size 4-6 and I ordered the Medium. It fit plenty loose and comfy, room for a sweater, and it went down almost to my ankles. LOL. I found a different (shorter) coat for half the price but it just doesn't seem to have the quality of this Columbia coat.

      Will keep it

        Great length!!! Great arm length! especially for people with long arms like me! And I love the high collar!!! Something you hardly find for tall people! Its super compfy.
        However - this product must have been made for lefthanded people, the sipper is not attached on the right side, which makes it a bit of a pain to close when in a hurry or dealing with a child... It is also not as warm as I expected it to be!! And deep winter has not even arrived yet! I am thinking of sowing in some fleece on the inside.... or should i even bother?! I think I will - for the arm length-, high collar-, warm hood-,..-reason.

        I love it but...

          This is a beautiful coat. It feels luxurious and is extremely stylish! Everyone loves it and I get tonnes of compliments. That fact that it is white is good and bad. And the price is really fantastic. I think overall it is great value. However there were a couple of problems. The main problem was that it came in smelling like the dead goose from which it was made. It was horrifying! It was completely unwearable. The other problem was that the zipper was extremely tricky and frustrating to the point of also possibly making the coat unwearable. So I called Ben at Backcountry and told him and without any hesitation at all he said get it cleaned and get the zipper changed and that they would pay for it... so that is pretty darn awesome customer service. So I had the coat cleaned and as far as I can tell the funk is gone and, miracles of miracles, the zipper problem seemed to resolve itself in the cleaning process. So I will send in my receipt to Ben and he is going to credit me the cost of cleaning. Overall, I am very happy and will shop at Backcountry again for sure!

          Not so Hot

            This item isn't nearly as good-looking in person as it is on line. While it is probably dressier than most long down coats, it would look more appropriate on an adolescent than on an adult. In fact, I felt ridiculous when I tried it on. My guess is that it's somewhat trendier style will also look dated very quickly.

            The fill is also only 70% down, which will affect warmth as well as "shedding." No interior pockets. All-in-all, a disappointment. I returned it.

            Awsome jacket

              I have worn this jacket for two weeks straight. I think it is awsome! It fits great, true to the size. It is also very, very warm, and looks great. I like how you can wear it with jeans or a dress. Backcountry is the best company to do your shopping with, great customer service and great gear.

              so I just got a smoking deal on this on...

              so I just got a smoking deal on this on geartrade. We live in london half time and after granny fixes it, this will be mum's warmest. England is milder than many US cities but can get quite chilly... and wet. Any real reviews on this? Should we layer goretex over it in the real deal downpours and stay in when the mercury plummets below zero-C? or just stick to long island iced teas? ;) Thanks!

              this is highly water resistant with a treatment at the fiber level (as opposed to application to fabric) and there is no waterproof membrane. a downpour may find its way in at some seams since not all seams are taped. this is a great jacket for low temps and I dubbed it the sleeping bag with sleeves

              I will say the long island iced teas sound like a good remedy to just about any situation

              thanks Jeff. I meant zero-C not zero-F, if it's below zero F in London methinks it's time to stay in. as for waterproofedness, I forget the tendendcy the Brits have to bring umbrellas (brolleys) which the wife is very good about. So if it's cold AND wet, she'll pair this with the brolley and be good to go. The shipment came in, the tear that Grandma is to repair is so miniscule - what a smokin' deal.

              It was posted earlier that you can remove...

              It was posted earlier that you can remove the fake fur only once.
              Is it hard to remove? Will the hood look right if you remove it?
              I do not like the fur and want to know how it removes?
              I am between the L.L. Bean coat like this and this one.....any thoughts?

              the single removal remark was tongue in cheek. It is not a pretty or easy removal. Rom____ is correct that it will probably involve damaging the seam to remove it.

              I don't know about the Bean version, and I can tell you that the amount of down fill in this jacket is superior to almost every other down coat out there.

              How big is the hood? Does it fit tight,...

              How big is the hood? Does it fit tight, or is it large and big?

              do you know if this is acoat that will...

              do you know if this is acoat that will keep you warm in Fairbanks, Ak where the temp can get to -50

              Write your question here... i wanna buy a...

              Write your question here... i wanna buy a jacket and u guys say free shipping but when i go to pay for it u guy are asking me to pay for shipping

              How warm is this coat? I live in northern...

              How warm is this coat? I live in northern IL. It gets very cold here in the winter.

              Hello, This is the jacket that many people are reaching for as they prepare for the coldest days ahead. The down insulation will retain heat very well and and the outer shell will prevent the outside from getting in. The extra length will cover more of you and create a great, more stable interior environment...

              ... or, yes, it can be that warm. I am sorry there is no heat rating on clothing when it comes to this jacket!

              Unanswered Question

              Write your question here...I'm 6'0 and...

              Write your question here...I'm 6'0 and 160lbs, athletic build with long arms... often have trouble with sleeve lengths. what are the sleeve measurements on the large coat?

              I am wodering if this is a bright white...

              I am wodering if this is a bright white or off-white color...? How is the outer material - shiny, soft etc.?

              Unanswered Question

              So, I heard that they aren't going to...

              So, I heard that they aren't going to restock the mid-length version of this jacket, but how about this one? I'm hoping to get a Small in preferably the Black.

              Could you please tell me about the warmth...

              Could you please tell me about the warmth in this jacket - what temp range would it be suited to. What is its wind and rain ratings? What is the fit like - does the sizing run small or large. I currently have a large Columbia ski jacket in the modern bliss range is the fit similar?

              Clothing is not rated for temperature, due to a huge number of variables. I will tell you that the lenght of this jacket offers more coverage, the outer material is a great barrier from the outside, and the insulating down is fantastic at heat retention... making this one of the warmest jackets available this Fall. This is also running pretty true to size