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Ascension Nylon STS Skins

Black Diamond Ascension Nylon STS Skins

from $139.95

5 5 (38)


Ascension Nylon Custom STS Skins

Black Diamond Ascension Nylon Custom STS Skins

from $164.95

5 5 (12)


Ascension Nylon STD Skins

Black Diamond Ascension Nylon STD Skins

from $139.95

5 5 (1)


Free Glide Skin Care

Black Diamond Free Glide Skin Care


3 5 (1)


Gold Label Adhesive

Black Diamond Gold Label Adhesive


5 5 (4)


Glop Stopper Wax

Black Diamond Glop Stopper Wax


5 5 (20)



Black Diamond STS Kit


4 5 (5)

Sport Climbing Gear from Top Brands

Trim Tool

Black Diamond Trim Tool


4 5 (5)


STS Tail Straps

Black Diamond STS Tail Straps


5 5 (3)


Glue Renew Transfer

Black Diamond Glue Renew Transfer


5 5 (2)


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How to Buy Climbing Skins

Skin It to Win It
Alpine Touring Climbing Skins

Unless you enjoy slogging around in the snow on foot, climbing skins are the only way to go when you travel in the backcountry. Climbing skins attach to the bases of your skis and give you traction so you can step and slide uphill. Easy to attach and detach, skins are a simple, easy tool and a vital piece of backcountry ski equipment.


Skins are made of mohair, synthetics or a synthetic/mohair blend. Synthetics are durable and grippy, while mohair glides with superior speed and efficiency.


Clips at the tip and tail and sticky, non-permanent glue compound keep a skin attached to your ski. Most skins use clips that will universally attach to any ski, but some manufacturer-specific skins will only work with a few skis.

Length & Width:

Unless it’s manufactured specifically to fit your ski, you’ll need to buy a skin that’s longer and wider than your ski at its widest point (usually the tip) and trim it to fit. Most skins ship with an easy-to-use trimming tool and instructions.