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Black DiamondMammutScarpa

Zephir Altitude Harness

Mammut Zephir Altitude Harness

from $72.21 $84.95 15% Off

4 5 (3)


Zephira Harness - Women's

Mammut Zephira Harness - Women's

$79.96 $99.95 20% Off

5 5 (6)


Ophir 3 Slide Harness - Men's

Mammut Ophir 3 Slide Harness - Men's

$49.46 $54.95 10% Off

5 5 (2)


Togir Light Harness

Mammut Togir Light Harness

$59.46 $69.95 15% Off

4 5 (3)


Ophira Harness - Women's

Mammut Ophira Harness - Women's

$42.46 $49.95 15% Off

4 5 (2)


Zephir Harness - Men's

Mammut Zephir Harness - Men's

$84.96 $99.95 15% Off

4 5 (3)


Ophira 3 Slide Harness - Women's

Mammut Ophira 3 Slide Harness - Women's

$46.71 $54.95 15% Off



Ophir Harness - Kids'

Mammut Ophir Harness - Kids'

$42.46 $49.95 15% Off



Ophir 4 Slide Harness - Men's

Mammut Ophir 4 Slide Harness - Men's

from $59.46 $69.95 15% Off



Elephir Full-Body Harness - Kids'

Mammut Elephir Full-Body Harness - Kids'

$50.96 $59.95 15% Off


Fly Fishing From Top Brands

Realization Pant - Women's Harness

Mammut Realization Pant - Women's Harness

$195.46 $229.95 15% Off



Realization Pant - Men's Harness

Mammut Realization Pant - Men's Harness

$206.95 $229.95 10% Off


How to Buy a Climbing Harness

A climbing harness distributes your bodyweight and provides a secure tie-in point. Although harnesses are specialized for different types of climbing, there are basic features every harness has in common: a waist belt with a manual double-back buckle or an automatic double-back buckle, adjustable or fixed leg loops, two tie-in points, and a belay loop that connects the tie-in points.

Sport climbing harnesses are designed to be as low profile and lightweight as possible. They will typically have minimal padding, fixed leg loops, and a couple of gear loops. Shop Sport Climbing Harnesses
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Bigwall and trad climbing harnesses provide more comfort and versatility for longer routes that involve lots of gear and time spent on the wall. They will typically have extra padding, adjustable leg loops, at least four gear loops, and a rear haul loop. Shop Trad Climbing Harnesses
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Ice climbing harnesses are similar to trad climbing harnesses, but they include features geared towards cold weather and ice climbing equipment. These include leg loops that adjust to fit winter clothing, at least four gear loops, a rear haul loop, and clipper slots for attaching ice screws and tools. Shop Mountaineering & Ice Climbing Harnesses
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