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How to Buy Classic Skis

Skiing the Way Skiing Began
How to Buy Classic Skis

Classic is the most recognizable of the cross-country skiing disciplines. It requires a straightforward stride and glide motion. Classical skis depend on wax or a section of fish scales on the base to give you the traction to move forward when you weight and kick. The camber and flex of the ski allows the waxed or scaled section of the base to lift off the snow slightly when you unweight the ski; this allows for maximum glide. Like skate skis, classic skis use wood, foam, and composite materials to keep the ski light, and they often feature cap construction, which strikes the ideal balance of weight and durability. Whether you’re racing or simply out for a fun ski, there’s a style of classic ski for everyone.


Featuring waxable or waxless bases, classic skis have wood, foam, and composite cores and lightweight cap constructions.


Classic skis have a ‘tall’ camber profile and soft tips and tails, so you can weight the ski for traction when you kick and unweight the ski easily for speed when you glide.


Longer than skate skis for better glide and stability, the length of classic skis is determined primarily by the skier's weight. A heavier skier requires a longer ski.