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A bicycle that can get you around town quickly, safely, and reliably doesn't start with a road racing or mountain frame. It starts with a clean sheet and design parameters that suit commuters and urban cyclists. Tyson Hart, Civilian's founder, honed those parameters during his history of wrenching at local shops, delivering packages by bicycle in San Francisco and Portland, and finally, crafting custom, one-off frames. All this experience and expertise can be found here in the Civilian Corduroy Rebel, a complete, commute-ready package.

Unsatisfied with the offerings available from mainstream manufacturers, Hart set out building frames under the Civilian brand in 2005 after attending UBI, a respected frame building school in Ashland, Oregon. Relying on a combination of extensive personal experience and working closely with clients, Hart designed a city-specific geometry to endow lively handling, a comfortable seating position, and a commanding view of urban bustle. These distinctive bicycles quickly gained a cult following for their seamless balance of utilitarian qualities with fun-to-ride attitude.

Civilian Corduroy Rebel DetailPossessing that once-reserved geometry, the Corduroy Rebel retains the same attention to detail and purposefulness of Hart's custom pieces in a package for the masses. While geometry is key to the Corduroy Rebel's urban prowess, just as essential is its high-tensile, double-butted tubing. The springy steel keeps your pocketbook flush, yet offers the durability and supple ride that ragged city streets demand.

At the back end of the Corduroy Rebel, kinked seatstays further dampen broken pavement and connect to robust Tange Design sliding dropouts. The sliders are machined from 7075 T6 aluminum and have integrated eyelets for a fender and rack that won't interfere with disc-brake calipers -- letting the Corduroy Rebel use more powerful, less maintenance-intensive disc brakes.

A standout feature of the Corduroy Rebel is the simple, internally-geared hub mated to a Gates Carbon Drive CDC system. Belt drives are enjoying progressive popularity in the urban market because of their advantages over grimy chains. The belt itself is constructed around carbon cords that give it an incredibly long life, and it requires almost no maintenance. Chains need routine cleaning and muck-attracting lube to run efficiently, and will eventually need to be replaced. The CDC belt runs smooth and quiet without lube, which helps keep clothing free of black smudges, and the Corduroy Rebel will be whisper-quiet after a damp, lonely night locked outside.

Frame builders have long preferred internally-geared hubs for their low maintenance and clean, derailleur-less lines. But options with disc brake compatibility were extremely expensive. When Shimano set out to build a hub for the commuter, they worked closely with dedicated, bicycle-dependent travelers and frame manufacturers to make sure the hub met their expectations. The resulting Alfine eight-speed internally-geared hub offers disc-brake compatibility with smooth shifts over a wide gear spread, and, most importantly, Shimano quality.

The combination of a Gates Carbon Drive with an internally-geared drivetrain maintains the Corduroy Rebel's no-nonsense, practical nature -- and so does the rest of this city bicycle's smartly spec'd components. Hammered alloy fenders and a belt guard prevent clothing from getting snagged, tangled, or road sprayed. The fenders' rich texture not only looks great, the creases help stiffen the overall structure to prevent tire rub caused by flexing. Both the fenders and guard are removable for a stripped, lightweight look during temperate months.

Laced to the Alfine rear, and a cup-and-cone alloy front hub, are durable, triple-wall rims. Using 32 straight-gauge spokes each, these combinations offer great strength for loaded riding, and the ubiquity to ensure that any necessary repairs or maintenance can be carried out by bicycle shops across the continent. 700cx32mm tires with water-moving channels provide positive handling on wet rides. The frame has room for tires up to 38mm, and the rim will safely work with tires as narrow as 28mm.

Modern Tektro Lyra cable-actuated disk brakes are matched to light, 160mm rotors. These rotors use a special wave-shaped cut to ditch heat and remove dust and grime for consistent braking. The pads use a metal-ceramic compound that offers excellent modulation, lever feel, and extended life. Disc brakes may be a contemporary component, but details like the classically-styled levers and North Road-esque alloy handlebars contribute to the Corduroy Rebel's timeless flavor.

The Cordurory Rebel connects with you via animal-friendly faux suede saddle and grips. The lightly padded saddle doesn't require a break-in period to be comfortable, and it'll stand up to harsh weather. If you enjoy the freedom of riding gloveless, the soft, napped finish to the grips feels great and breathes well.

The urban-minded Civilian Corduroy Rebel is finished into two colors: Lake, a powder blue with dark-blue decals, and Asphalt, a dark grey with dark-blue decals. It comes in six sizes: 49.9, 52, 55, 57, 59, and 62cm

Bear in mind that because of its Gates Carbon Drive, the Corduroy Rebel may only ship as 'Ready to Ride.' With this limitation of options, we'll be reducing the standard shipping price to $99, ensuring your new bike is immediately ready for its first urban flight, while leaving you some change left over for groceries.

  • Gates Carbon Belt Drive uses carbon cords instead of chains for an incredibly long life (up to 3x more than a comparable chain) that's free from routine maintenance like cleaning and lubing
  • Shimano Alfine eight-speed internally-geared hub offers minimal maintenance with smooth shifts over a wide gear spread
  • Tektro Lyra cable-actuated disk brakes with metal-ceramic pads and wave-cut rotors ditch heat and remove dust and grime for consistent braking
  • Each wheel is laced with durable triple-wall rims, 32 straight-gauge spokes and brass nipples for strength and easy repair or maintenance
  • Animal-friendly faux suede saddle and grips don't require a break-in period to be comfortable, and they stand up to harsh elements
  • Removable Hammered alloy fenders and belt guard prevent snagged clothing while blocking spray
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Poor customer service on CVLN bikes...

  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

I bought a CVLN bike about a year ago, and the bike itself is pretty decent. It's pretty much what is described here. However, they ( are no longer making CVLN bikes, which means that they have no incentive to provide decent customer service for them. I needed one tiny little replacement part in the seat (probably a $5 part), and would only offer to SELL me a $65 seat post, not to replace the defective part. It's like buying a warranty for a product and then the company goes out of business. I'm just saying, buyer beware with these bikes.

Customer service is not top notch. I was told for drivetrain failure within the warrantee period they would refund the cost if I returned the whole bike (since they were out of stock). It turned out to be a worn Gates cog which they eventually sent a replacement after many emails back and forth. The replacement turned out to be a used cog with the same problem. I eventually decided it was worth spending $50 on a new cog and was surprised when a few weeks after I emailed a copy of the receipt that they refunded me the total cost of repair.

So even though the customer service is not easy, they did eventually come through.

Aside from this one issue, I absolutely love this bike and ride it every day as a commuter. My father-in-law also has one and put over 6,000 miles on it last year without a single issue. So despite their service I would still buy another one.

Nice bike

  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

Very happy with my purchase. Bike came in huge box basically ready to go, just needed to turn the handle bars and adjust the seat. Peddles had some turning resistance, so I upgraded them, added a rack and a bottle cage and I was off. Love the belt drive, no noise at all, except as noted below. Now I don't have to tie my pant leg up. The internal hub is heavy, but shifts pretty smooth. It makes a little noise when not peddling hard, but I'm told all internal hubs do. Changing the rear tire was easy enough, considering I hadn?t ever dealt with the internal hub or belt drive. Love the grips. Disc brakes are middle of the road and I will upgrade them one day to something better, but they work fine. I still see other bikes for sale and feel very satisfied with my purchase. Love the 700x32 big wheels. Bike looks real sharp. Would recommend this bike to others without hesitation.

Nice ride

  • Familiarity: I've used it several times

Got this bike a few months ago. Overall good quality and a little different. Belt drive is super silent. Alfine is awesome. Brakes work fine. Pedals are cheap, as is the seat. The bars wrap around and are a bit small - narrow - even for a small rider. Chainguard is nice, but ill fitted to the bike. Fenders are "hammered" style but in fact cheap stamped aluminum so that they look hammered from the top (look underneath and you will see!). They are also both too short to prevent you from getting wet - you get a skunk stripe from the rear one in the wet, and your feet will get wet from the front one.

Weight is ok for a steel bike.

Only real complaint is that with 170mm cranks on the smallest frame, the pedals themselves hit the front fender if you pedal and turn at the same time. Your toes hit as well. This is annoying and dangerous. Planning on replacing the cranks with 165 or 160mm versions as soon as I can find some.

We put a rack on the back and it is now rolling around vancouver bc, rain or shine!

Nice ride

A good commuter bike

    This is a nice commuter bike. Solid with a good design. The only thing I would have preferred to have is better brakes.

    "With this limitation of options, we'll...

    "With this limitation of options, we'll be reducing the standard shipping price to $99"

    shipping appears as $150 in the cart.

    Unanswered Question

    "Free shipping on all complete bikes" why...

    "Free shipping on all complete bikes" why then the $150. web search for this item also turns up the phrase "free shipping" what happened to truth in advertising? consider the phrase "Free shipping on SOME complete bikes"

    Unanswered Question

    I love the grips I got from you! I'm looking...

    I love the grips I got from you! I'm looking at the Corduroy Rebel. How much does it weigh for the mid sized frame option? Thanks, Jeff

    Hi-Ten Steel? No center-track belt drive...

    Hi-Ten Steel? No center-track belt drive or dyno hub?? For this price you can get way way more from a number of other manufacturers.