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Still Chaco but it hurts....

    Well I got them in the mail today. My old Chacos were going on 5 years old and the straps were starting to go (I wear them almost every day of the year, snow or not. These ones fit the almost the same and feel just as great under foot... still the same old Chacos but it hurts to see the tag that used to say Made in Colorado replaced with one that says made in china. I am planning on sending my old ones back to Chaco at some point to get re strapped and resoled so that they can continue to be proudly made and assembled in the good ol US of A.However until some one gets smart and comes out with a sandal that is as awesome as Chacos there is no reason to look anywhere else for a high quality technical sandal that will do everything from take you down the river, up the mountain or in to work.

    Some notes on fit: the foot bed is about 1/4 of an inch shorter than my old chacos, not a big deal but my toes are right on the edge now.
    The heel strap is a bit shorter as well, my foot slides right into my old ones when they are loosened, with this new pair I have to reach down and pull the strap up behind my heel.
    The main strap is shorter also. The buckle rides right on the top of my foot rather than off to the side a bit like my old ones.
    I am guessing that everything is a bit shorter to cut down on material costs. Not a big deal but they just dont fit like my old ones.

    The sole is also harder ans less cushier than Chacos with the Terrino sole that pre-dated the Unaweep. Makes feet hurt after an epic when the old one didn't. Also seems thinner so definetly try the wide model before you buy. Also don't think the Unaweep last as long as the Terrino...By at least a year...

    I'm with you. They never even asked us if we'd pay more for an American made model. If Chaco can't make money at 100 bucks a pair then raise it to $120 and go figure out where your costs are. They better hope someone doesn't go through the trouble of going after this market with a domestic product or at least one made in a place where we believe in the labor practices (read prAna).

    All that being said, these are still by far the best sandal for serious river dwellers that are on rocks and sand all day. I have done lots of week long wilderness trips down the Middle Fork of the Salmon, the Main Salmon, Hells Canyon, etc. with people wearing Tevas, Keens and other wanna-be's. It always ends the same for them, socks and sandals on day 4 because the combination of sand and buckles or enclosed shoes turns their feet into hamburger. All the Chaco people are still in good shape. If you spend much time in a river, regardless of which model, Z/1 or Z/2 or whatever, the Chacos are a must have.

    Supportive Sandal

      This is my third pair of Chaco Z/1 sandals -- wore out the soles on my last pair into the midsole and so decided not to try to have them resoled.Bottom line: I love the arch support -- have not found anything quite like them except Birkenstocks.One minor issue with this pair: one of the straps seems to be stitched lopsidedly to the tab on the insole of the right sandal -- but that could be me. Either way, did not seem to affect the performance.One other thing: I wore these barefoot in the rain on a hike, and the front strap on both sandals sawed into my big toe, abrading off the top layer of skin. Glad I had band aids and other shoe options with me! Again: could've been my fault -- maybe strapped them too tight or something.Overall: a great sandal, and excellent service from

      Former Teva Lover Turns to Chacos

        Been wanting a pair of these for a long time, but couldn't find a retailer near me to get fitted. I wear 11.5 most of the time, and you can't get half sizes in Mens. I ultimately contacted Chacos directly and they sent me a 2 page foot sizing chart that I printed out and taped together. That chart showed that I would be an 11. Strange, but OK, I'll order them.
        3 days later, I now have some sweet Chacos strapped to my dogs. Love the fit, love the arch and heel support, can't wait to get these babies wet in Lake Superior next week. Thank you to Chacos customer service, and to for having the size, color, and fast shipping! Buy these sandals and you won't look back.

        not bad

          Took a little time to dial in. They are a little heavy but dont really notice once they're under your feet. Footbed could be a little softer, maybe over time they will soften up. Not as comfortable as my Teva's but the arch is much higher on the chaco's. Not bad overall. I wear a 10.5 and ordered a 11, the fit was fine.

          Thanks for your purchase. I am a rep for Chaco, and we often get people asking why the footbed is so firm, and if they will get softer over time.

          In order for our biocentric footbeds to properly align your body, we use a specific PU that will not break down. Most sandals use an EVA foam, similar to the cushion in running shoes. EVA is a great material that offers a ton of cushion, but over time it will break down and you will have to be shopping for a new set of sandals. Keep on wearing them, and you will get used to it, and you will see the advantage when you are still wearing the same sandals next year.

          4 stars only because...

            the z/2's are better. if you read all my other posts about the z/2's then you'll realize that the z1 slips a lot more than the z2 and doesn't have a toe strap to compensate for steep descent. i'd recommend the z/2's for more technical terrain. these are good though but be aware of get stuck, they'll come off...but NOT if you get the z/2.

            Jim in Texas

              I just found out that Chacos are now made in China. We ordered new Hip Things and my wife's were not made correctly. As I was looking them over I saw the tag. My wife and I have worn Chacos for 15 years.I am so very disappointed. The CO team was so helpful. The product was awesome. Now it will probably just be another Teva like shoe. Maybe the folks at the factory will start their own. We can hope.

              The folks at were awesome. Sent out a new pair with no questions. They are great it is Chaco that I am disappointed with.

              Good deal

                Glad I chose to get this version. I saved money, the Chaco quality is there, and I've even received compliments on the color :) Great sandals! They are comfortable and secure on your feet. I chose the Z/1's so I could wear them with socks if it gets nippy.

                Best sandals I have every purchased.

                  I love these things. They are one of the most versatile pieces of footwear that I own. I have yet to take them on the river where they are most at home, but I have walked through many a creek and never had to worry about falling. These are also great as a casual sandal when let loose, and I even backpacked out 4 miles with about 2000 feet of elevation gain, and going down about 1000 feet, and only encountered some red spots because I had only owned them for a few days. Needless to say it would be very tough to be disappointed when purchasing these shoes, they are also bombproof!

                  Great sandals

                    These sandals have been phenomenal. They are tough and comfortable as well. I've worn them about every day since I received them in the mail, although since it's started getting colder, I've had to refrain. Awesome product. Highly recommend.

                    Like walking on sandpaper + blisters

                      After reading all of the amazing reviews of this product, I went ahead and purchased a pair of these for a trip to Europe. After just a couple of hours wearing these around, I had a huge blister on my left heel. The surface of the sandal is extremely hard and rough - it literally feels like walking on cement bricks with sandpaper and they shredded the soles of my feet. I am very confused as to who is writing the reviews of these sandals. It seems that the soles changed where and how they are being made, but I don't see how there can be recent reviews of this sandal that are positive. I am now stuck in Europe with these things and will have to deal with returning them when I get back. For the price of these, I was expecting much more comfortable sandal. They are so hard and solid that they will probably last forever, but if you're looking for comfort, avoid these at all costs.

                      Very comfortable

                        This is a great buy from BC. I like the green color and the arch support is fantastic on the molded footbeds. The straps adjust easily in the slots to custom tailor the tension and fit. I have only worn them around town and they are great so far. They are very cool in warm weather and no more smelly sandals like some other brands in the summer heat. You also have the sock option for cooler conditions, but you do give up a little stability that the extra toe wrap offers on the Z2's. I am very pleased with this product and the great service from Back Country.

                        Everything they say

                          I put these one and have not wanted to take them off. Used them on approaches in the Tetons this summer, and around town every day. They're heavy, but I won't mind toting them on my pack, not when the support and comfort is this good. I'm a half-size (10.5), tried both 10 and 11 and went with the 10. Perfect.

                          Best Opened Toed Shows.

                            I couldn't be happier with my Chacos. I wear them everywhere. Some of the best footwear on the market. I saw a girl climbing Pikes Peak, Bar Trail (13 miles one way) in these, and she couldn't have been happier. Similiarly, I've seen several people doing class 1 and 2 14ers in these as well as rafting and just around town.

                            Great Sandal

                              Durable, comfortable after break-in time, these sandals have become my everyday shoe. I've worn Keen Newports in the past, and these are far better. Much more durable, allow your feet to breathe, and have a far simpler design that fits better and is more comfortable. I hike and fish in them when I'm not wearing them around town and such. Grippy in both wet and dry environments, they can't be beat. My only technical gripe is that they are a bit heavy and take a bit of breaking in. I had blisters for about two weeks, but they are great after breaking in.

                              Lastly, I dislike the fact that the sandals are now manufactured in China. Had I known this prior to purchasing my latest pair, I would probably had passed on them. Now with the Chaco company being sold to Merell, who knows what will happen or if they will continue to re-strap and sole the sandals. While these sandals are great, I will most likely be looking elsewhere when they wear out for the two reasons stated above.

                              Durable but heavy

                                Having owned numerous Tevas before, this was my first foray into Chaco. The single strap adjustment is clever and I like the simplicity of it as opposed to trying to triangulate a fit based on multiple strap settings. I also like the fact that they make do with less material with the simpler design.

                                I find the footbed somewhat hard and the sandals are quite heavy. All in all they are adequate...

                                Unanswered Question

                                I saw the question asked below but it didnt...

                                I saw the question asked below but it didnt get an answer so Ill ask it again.
                                Why do these Chacos have only a 1 year warranty while the other Z1's that arent BC exclusives have a lifetime warranty?

                                Unanswered Question

                                I notice the warranty for these say 1 year...

                                I notice the warranty for these say 1 year but the other Chaco's say lifetime against manuf defects, what's the diff? Because they are made for BC? thanks.

                                I do a fair amount of backpacking in the...

                                I do a fair amount of backpacking in the mountains of North Carolina, Tennessee & Virgina and frequently encounter multiple stream crossings of as many as 10 in a day. Also, three years ago I gave up forever the 50-55 lb pack in favor of one under 30 and my whole body thanked me but especially my feet. Never-the-less, I am tired of having to stop at each river crossing to change into my river sandals and then back to boots on the other side. I have had to do this sometimes every several hundred yards but the rough terrain has required it with the sandals I have been using. It would be great if I could find sandals I could wear during at least most of these trail stretches without change-ups. Would the Chaco Z/1's allow me to do? Has anyone out these done so successfully? My wife swears by her Z/1's but doesn't hike like I do. 1-10-10

                                This is a complicated question to answer, but I'll give you my 2 cents. Yes, this sandal can be worn while backpacking. It has fairly good arch support, and decent traction. But personally, I prefer the Z/2 to the Z/1 because the toe loop (to me) seems to provide added lateral stability. But either one would probably work.

                                However, the (obvious) problem in hiking in any sandals is that it is real easy to get gravel or sand between your foot and the shoe, and this can be quite annoying (especially with a pack on your back). Also, sandals don't provide great toe/foot protection. For this reason, if I am going to be backpacking in places with lots of streams, I usually wear my Keen Newports. I have also used dedicated water shoes for this purpose (see the section of water shoes).

                                I do a fair amount of backpacking in the...

                                I do a fair amount of backpacking in the mountains of North Carolina, Tennessee & Virgina and frequently encounter multiple stream crossings of as many as 10 in a day. Also, three years ago I gave up forever the 50-55 lb pack in favor of one under 30 and my whole body thanked me but especially my feet. Never-the-less, I am tired of having to stop at each river crossing to change into my river sandals and then back to boots on the other side. I have had to do this sometimes every several hundred yards but the rough terrain has required it. It would be great if I could simply wear a sandal during at least most of these trail stretches but thus far my sandals allow my foot to slip and chafe too much to go far on dry land. Would I be able to hike further in these conditions with the Chaco Z/1's? I all for pushing the envelop but can't afford to waste money on excessive claims. My wife swears by her Z/1's but doesn't hike like I do.

                                As far as comfort, the footbed of the Unaweep will be soft enough for a 30 lb. load however, the potential for pronation with that extra weight and or you coming across some uneven ground, gopher hole, rocks, or anything else which can jar your ankle, I simply would not do it. One mans opinion I guess.

                                Write your question here...I need a Z/1,...

                                Write your question here...I need a Z/1, 13 Wide. Is this size available (wide)?

                                What is the difference between a medium...

                                What is the difference between a medium and wide chaco z/1 unaweep? Is it merely the length of strap or is the footbed wider too? And by how much?

                                Both the Z/1 and the Z/2 are made in wide versions. The footbed itself is wider, but I can't say by how much. Also, with both the Z/1 and the Z/2, the straps usually go around (rather than over) the widest part of the foot, so by adjusting the straps it is usually possible for people with wider feet (or even a bunion) to get a comfortable fit. For people with narrow feet, it can be a little more difficult.

                                I owned a pair of Chaco z/2 sandals and I...

                                I owned a pair of Chaco z/2 sandals and I loved them. I am now in the market for another pair (because they were stolen!). I was wondering if the z/1s are as comfortable. I found that the z/2s were great in the water because the big toe loop helped keep them secure. But z/1s allow the option of wearing socks as well.
                                Any thoughts or suggestions on how these models compare? Do the z/1s still stay snug on your feet?

                                I've owned a pair of Z/1's for about 3-1/2 years and recently had them re-soled. I have never liked having anything between my toes (I NEVER wear flip-flops) so the Z/1's were perfect. I've worn them in rivers, on trails, tramping about Europe, and just around town. By far the best pair of sandals I've ever owned. I was sorry to hear the company sold to Merrell and that they now make their stuff in China.

                                my shoe size is typ. a 10.5-11 (wide) but...

                                my shoe size is typ. a 10.5-11 (wide) but my biggest gripe with my last sandals (not chaco's) is that they're way too big (size 11.5). Is a 10-wide going to be sufficient in chacos? Do they make other styles in wide too?

                                I'm pretty sure that the only Chacos that come in Wide are the Z1 and Z2. My foot is 10.5-11 and slightly on the wide side, and the normal Chaco size 11 fits perfectly. If your foot is wide around the big toe joint (i.e., where a bunion would be) then a regular width could be fine, because the straps in Chacos usually go around (and not over) this joint. If your foot is truly wide (and all of your regular shoes need to be wide) I would go with an 11 Wide. If your foot is only a little on the wide side, I'd try the regular 11 (and is very good about exchanging items if they don't fit).