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Nearly automatic shredding.

In an era of overly complicated acronyms and dubious claims about funkily shaped boards, we're glad to see Capita sticking to its guns with the NAS snowboard. NAS stands for, among other things, Normal Ass Snowboard, so as you can probably imagine, there's no flash or gimmicks to be found here. Instead, underneath the sleek black topsheet, you'll find traditional camber, a directional twin shape, and a multi-radius sidecut, and it all adds up to an all-mountain ripper. Leave the gimmicks to those other guys, there's shredding to be done.

The NAS runs a traditional camber profile, for powerful turns and unrivaled pop. The directional twin shape gives you a bit more nose for deep snow float, while the boards remains otherwise a twin, so you won't sacrifice a thing when doing switch laps. There's two carbon fiber beams running inside of the edges, for improved grip and pop. A Black Fleece additive is used to reduce weight and improve strength throughout the board. The die cut sintered base is highly porous, so it holds a ton of wax and runs fast when you're straightlining into the big jump line.

  • Traditional camber
  • Directional twin shape
  • Multi-radius sidecut
  • 360 degree steel edges
  • 2x carbon fiber beams
  • Black Fleece additive
  • RFC sustainable wood core
  • Sintered base