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Single Square Cooking Iron

Camp Chef Single Square Cooking Iron


Dutch Oven Lid Lift Tool

Camp Chef Dutch Oven Lid Lift Tool


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Dutch Oven Carry Bag

Camp Chef Dutch Oven Carry Bag


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Maintenance Kit

Jetboil Maintenance Kit


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Sparkie Lighter

Ultimate Survival Technologies Sparkie Lighter


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Strikeforce Firestarter

Ultimate Survival Technologies Strikeforce Firestarter


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Pan Scraper - 3-Pack

Camp Chef Pan Scraper - 3-Pack


Professional Griddle Bag - Medium

Camp Chef Professional Griddle Bag - Medium


Cast Iron Conditioner

Camp Chef Cast Iron Conditioner


Dutch Oven Gloves

Camp Chef Dutch Oven Gloves


Floating Lighter

Ultimate Survival Technologies Floating Lighter


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Fuel Bottle

Optimus Fuel Bottle

from $14.95

Child Resistant Fuel Bottle Cap

MSR Child Resistant Fuel Bottle Cap


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Fuel Bottle

MSR Fuel Bottle

from $17.95

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Trillium Stove Base

MSR Trillium Stove Base


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Windscreen and Heat Reflector

MSR Windscreen and Heat Reflector


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Utensil Hooks & Paper Towel Holder

Camp Chef Utensil Hooks & Paper Towel Holder


GigaPower Windscreen

Snow Peak GigaPower Windscreen


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Barbecue Box with Lid Carry Bag

Camp Chef Barbecue Box with Lid Carry Bag


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Annual Stove Maintenance Kit

MSR Annual Stove Maintenance Kit


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Pot Support and Stability Kit

Jetboil Pot Support and Stability Kit


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Fuel Bottle

Primus Fuel Bottle


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Light My Fire

Camp Stove Basics
Camp Stove Basics

Sure, you could survive on Clif bars and peanuts when you're camping if you had to, but after a long day of hiking, biking, or skiing, you're going to need a hot meal to truly satisfy your hunger. Cooking over an open fire is fine for hot dogs and marshmallows, but if you plan on eating anything else, you need a camp stove. There is a wide array of different types of camp stoves, but they can be generally divided into two groups—campground stoves and backpacking stoves.


Backpacking stoves are lightweight, compact stoves that are ideal for multi-day trips and solo camping. Although not good when cooking for more than a couple of people, they can't be beat for weight and convenience.

Browse Backpacking Stoves


If you're car camping, opt for a campground stove. While heavy and not good for long treks, they're ideal for cooking for a group and much more versatile than backpacking stoves.

Browse Campground Stoves