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Take a Load Off

Chairs for the Great Outdoors


There are a lot of options for keeping your butt out of the dirt when you're camping, from simple inflatable pads to reclining chairs with footrests and cupholders. Although camp chairs come in a wide variety of sizes and styles, they are similar in that they are lighter than the chairs you have in your home and they are collapsible or packable to some extent. Weight and packed size are key things to look for when searching for a chair to take backpacking or hiking, while chairs with amenities such as cupholders, leg rests, and side tables can make car camping more comfortable.

Camping Chairs:

Camping chairs are foldable or collapsible chairs that are perfect for sitting around the fire. Although too bulky to take on long backpacking treks, they can't be beat when it comes to comfort.

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Backpacking Seats:

When you're on the trail and a camping chair isn't an option, backpacking seats are lightweight alternatives that are either pads or kits that transform your sleeping pad into a legless chair.

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