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CAMP created the Pulse Ski and Climbing Helmet for serious ski trips that involve technical pitches on the ascent followed by steep, must-not-fall runs. Rated as both a ski and a climbing helmet, the Pulse gets the job done for several pitches of steep ice as well as a tight couloir descent.

  • Vent plus and insulated earflaps available in the Pulse Winter Kit (not included)
  • Ultra-light construction keeps you from getting weighed down
  • Large vents keep your head from overheating
  • Ratchet-back adjustment strap lets you perfect the fit when you add a beanie
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Comfortable and lightweight

  • Familiarity: I've used it several times

I hate helmets. I only wear then when I really need to. I wore this climbing Nevado de Colima in Mexico in 70-80 degree temps and found it to be remarkably comfortable for a climbing helmet.

Also wore it for early spring climbs in Colorado and Wheeler's Peak in NM and was pleased.

Just recently a local ski area started requiring helmets for their lift-served areas. I wore this over a Serius full-face balaclava found it extremely comfortable even on what I would have normally considered a two-hat night.

Light and Rad and Comfortable!

  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

I love this helmet! I wear a 7 1/8" hat size and the small/medium is perfect for me. I have the helmet for a little over a year now. I climbed with it all summer in Utah, I have used it canyoneering, mountaineering, biking around the city at night (so i can have a helmet compatible with a headlamp) and now I use it for ski touring. It's a true all-arounder. Ventilation leaves a bit to be desired, but it catches sweat well, and I really don't mind it at all in the summer. Much more protective than a typical climbing helmet because it is rated for ski impacts. I feel safe in it, and its so comfortable I often forget its on! I love CAMP products for their low weight and innovative designs. This helmet does not disappoint. I've probably had it on my head well over 100 times.

Best helmet for skiing and climbing

    This thing is light, strong, and actually stays on my head. I haven't found any suspension type helmets that don't slide back on me, but this one stays put. It also works well with goggles so I don't look like a gaper. I took a huge block of ice on the head and it absorbed it fine, just left a decent dimple in the shell. I've smacked my head hard on the snow twice when I caught an edge skiing and didn't end up with any thing more than a rung bell. Can't find anything to replace it with and I don't need to. Winter or summer, anytime I need a helmet for climbing or skiing, this is it.

    PS: Don't buy the winter kit, it's a waste of money. Just wear a beanie under the hat. I've never needed the vent holes plugged and the earflaps don't stay put.

    Year 'round noggin protection

      More than warm enough for even the coldest outings and cool enough for the hottest summer crags. I love this helmet! If you are looking for a good fitting, cool looking, extra versatile helmet for all sports. This is it, no looking back!


        I bought this mainly for b/c skiing and rando racing. I got tired of having my big Giro helmet flop around on my pack while skinning, so I bought this and wear it often even when skinning. It is light, has vents that can be closed or left open, and the ratchet helps you dial in the helmet fit.

        It isn't the lightest helmet out there but it does provide alot of coverage and has an outer shell which I think would improve durability unlike the speed. Maybe the trango skull cap would be a lighter option, but I've been happy with Pulse.

        OK helmet. Not great.

          I would rate this helmet between 2 and 3 stars. The good: I certainly like the low weight. The earflaps are warm and the level of protectiveness seems good. The bad: unfortunately the velcro to hold on the earflaps does not work at all and they come off constantly. I wrote to CAMP to request the older clip in earflap system, but they never responded. So I resorted to gluing on the earflaps which will make the helmet too hot for most of my spring skiing. The fit of the size 1 is also very tight as mentioned in previous posts. So overall I am lukewarm about this helmet and will probably look for a replacement soon.

          Great Helmet

            I got this helmet to have a helmet for BC telemarking and climbing and hopefully someday for minor ski-mountaineering.

            It fits fine, this is of course subjective and it shouldn't be expected that the helmet will fit like a glove on any head it rests on.

            The winter kit works just fine. After one season the plugs still fit nicely into their spots. As they are just foam plugs I would wager its not to hard to manufacture up your own if you had the gumption.

            The only problem I had was I didn't install the extra velcro to secure the ear flaps of the winter kit. They still work just fine when the chin strap is clipped but sometimes are a pain to get in place.

            Same as everyone else - weird fit!

              I can't really fairly rate it since it just simply didn't fit my head. But like many others this helmet seems great on paper but neither the size 1 or 2 would fit my head right. I ended up with a BDel Tracer which seemed much more comfortable for my head shape but sacrificed the skiing rating.

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                The helmet is great except that it squeezes tightly to the sides of your head causing it to ride up. It's also not the most ventilated helmet. Otherwise, it feels and works well. The chin strap is actually comfortable and it's easy to make adjustments.

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                Great helmet

                  I have a large oval shaped head and even the XL was a little small, but I was easily able to make it a touch bigger with a grinding tool. Light weight, functional, good looking, the headlamp clamps are great. Too bad I dropped it on Mont Blanc and had to watch it tumble 1,000 feet down to its perminant resting place at the bottom of a crevasse. Now I need to reorder.

                  Wait for the next generation...

                    I was disappointed by both the fit and the winter kit functionality (CAVEAT: I have not used this helmet in the field). The tension band does an adequate job of keeping the helmet on my head, but the fit is rather clunky. Given that this is the only helmet of it’s kind, I would have gone with it based on that. However, I opted to return it as the winter kit is pretty under-engineered: the insulated plugs neither friction into the holes nor adhere to the interior of the helmet - hard to imagine how they’d stay in without tape - swapping them out in the field would be awkward at best. The ear flap attachments interfere with the tension band and the chin strap (at least at my head size). There is so much slop in the closure mechanism for the holes on the front of the helmet (right over your forehead), that they only partially close.

                    This might be a fine helmet for spring skiing, but for winter climbing, I can’t see it working that well as an insulator.

                    My advice: wait for the next generation…

                    Good, but not great.

                      This is a very good helmet for skiing in the BC or any sort of winter climbing. The Winter Kit can be a little pain to install but it still only took me less than 15 mins. I think that it might be a little cold for skiing lift served on sub zero days but other than that it would be fine.

                      The place that it really shines is the light weight and comfort. I can't comment on how well goggle fit because I don't wear them. I have spent way to much time waiting for people to de-fog their goggles, but the helmet works fine with glasses.

                      I would recommend buying this with the winter kit. However even without the winter kit it is too hot for summer climbing.

                      I love it!

                        This is a great backcountry skiing/ski mountaineering helmet. It's super light, rated for climbing too, warm with the winter kit, ventilated for skinning. Totally worth it. Remember that a large portion of avalanche victims die from trauma alone. Also, you can't keep that avalung in your mouth if you're knocked unconscious. Definately a good idea and this is the best way to execute that good idea.
                        Definately try it on if you can.

                        Try before u buy

                          The pulse helmet seems to have too much of a oval shape. My head measured 56 cm and the size 1 was perfect fit without the winter kit or any headgear. But pressed on the sides of my head. The size 2 fits perfect with or without any head gear.
                          It sits extremely comfy and snug without giving any head aches.headlamp clips look flimsy and of lower quality but seems t work fine. The back light-clip is single and doesn't hold headlamps with a battery pack on the back well, but it is possible. Ski goggles fit supperp. Best of both worlds and I would strongly recommend it.

                          No Goggle Issues Here...

                            I have now tested the Pulse Helmet with goggles both with and without the optional "Winter Kit" attached. With the goggle strap properly situated under the provided keeper tab (at the rear of the helmet), the goggles fit seemlessly. This is a great/light/comforatble helmet for backcountry skiing!

                            Helmet not ski goggle compatible

                              This is a really beautiful helmet, very well made, light, airy, comfortable, good looking, excellent fit adjustment etc....however as soon as you put a pair of standard ski googles on over the helmet it all goes to hell...the tension in the goggle strap (even if it is adjusted to a minimum) causes the plastic fit adjuster at the rear of the helmet to dig painfully into the back of your neck....very bad design. I experimented a bit, but could find now way to resolve this serious problem. I reluctantly returned the helmet for a refund as a result.

                              Unanswered Question

                              I've read a lot of reviews saying that the size 1 is significantly smaller than advertised, (52-57CM) is there any way you guys could give us some hands-on measurements that may be more accurate than what the product info states?

                              Does this come in an XL or XXL size for...

                              Does this come in an XL or XXL size for big heads? Hat size is 7 7/8.

                              Good for summer climbing? Is this helmet...

                              Good for summer climbing?

                              Is this helmet too warm for summer climbing? I'd love an all-season helmet, but I've heard some people doubt that this would be a suitable helmet for summer trad climbs.

                              so, i look at a helmet like this, and it...

                              so, i look at a helmet like this, and it seems perfect for winter climbing. one thing comes to mind however: they made the winter kit, but why is a VISOR not an option or a part of the kit? (for that falling ice or an adze that begs to hit you in the face)

                              CAMP makes a visor that you can install on any helmet; you have to drill two holes. Normally $25, they're closing it out for $10 (I guess it didn't sell well).
                              Seems like a lot better deal than $50 for other visors I've seen that snap right on but only fit one helmet.

                              CAMP makes a visor that you can install on any helmet; you have to drill two holes. Normally $25, they're closing it out for $10 (I guess it didn't sell well).
Seems like a lot better deal than $50 for other visors I've seen that snap right on but only fit one helmet.

                              Is this helmet rated for rock fall (top)...

                              Is this helmet rated for rock fall (top) and ski impacts (side)?