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Camp Kitchen

Camp Kitchen Basics


Everything but the Kitchen Sink

If you want to eat well when you're camping, you'll need some camp-kitchen equipment. This broad category includes everything from basic stoves for boiling water to full-on ovens and frying pan sets.

If you want any kind of hot food or drink while you're backpacking, you'll need a backpacking stove at the very least. You can find pots, pans, grills, griddles, and accessories that allow you to cook just about anything you might make at home when you're out in the wilderness.


There is a camp-friendly version of almost everything you have in your kitchen that's been designed to save weight and improve convenience, including pots, pans, plates, and coffee presses.


Ranging from lightweight, self-contained units to large grills and ovens, camp stoves come in many styles and sizes to accommodate everyone from the minimalist backpacker to the car-camping family of four.