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Amazing little gem. Get one.

    Sometimes I'm blown away by some of the gear that's available these days and with the Montara, that's the case. I paid just under 25 bucks for the grey and orange model here on and this thing is the bomb! It's not designed for all day ultra's like a Mini Hydration pack. For short length cardio, hikes of a few hours or so, that kind of thing, that's exactly what makes this work. Small, 41 oz. reservoir, but multiple stash pockets for things like trail mix, energy bars, nuts, keys, a small cell phone, even some credit cards if you need it for an exploratory jaunt through the big city. It's got great length to the hydration tube, nice clips and cinches all over to keep things tight and in order. Unbelievably well designed! The colors look great too and like all Camelbak gear, a lifetime warranty. Couple that with backcountry's insano return policy and this fanny hydration system is the rat's ying yang. It weighs around 3 lbs with the hyrdation bladder filled, so honestly it's difficult to tell that one is wearing it. Can't wait to try it out when I go snowshoeing in the ADK's this winter. Buy away and enjoy.

    Nice Waist Option in a camelBACK world.

      I have been a runner for 11 years, needless to say hydration and energy are always on my mind. I am currently training for my first ultra marathon (50 miles) in the back-woods of New Mexico and I have sorted through countless packs and water delivery systems until finding the Montara. It fits like a dream, but more over it feels comfortable and dare I say supportive for the lumbar. I was out running some of the roughest trails I could find as soon as I signed for it. It hung tough, straps slipped a bit, but I think user error might be a cause of that. Over-all it was great. The downside is that there is only a little over a liter of water held inside, If your going over an hour to two hours with no resupply stations that may be a problem. It does boast an expandable zippered and netted storage interior in the main pouch and a cell phone/mp3 pocket with a "coin purse" on the front. The tube is adequate for me (5'8") and I think it could be fine up to around 6'. I am glad I bought it and would suggest it to a friend.

      After some adjusting, it works great!

        This is a great hydration pack. I've used it on runs up to 15 miles and it definitely helps keep me going. Once it fits right, it's near perfect.

        The only downside is that it takes some real work to get it fitted correctly. It took me 3 runs until I made the waist strap tight enough to keep the pack from bouncing up and down. Now that it's locked in place, it doesn't go anywhere.

        As a side note, there's more drinking tube in the pack if you remove the bladder. If the drinking tube isn't long enough out of the box, there's plenty of length inside the pack.

        Takes some getting used to...

          Once you get this pack dialed in on your size and all the items you like on a long's awesome. Recommend taking it out on test run to make all the adjustments prior to just heading out on a big can be annoying until then.

          CamelBak Montara Hydration Lumbar Pack

            I have a dog and live in wine Country, so hike at least an hour a day in the heat. Love the idea of this lumbar pack but wish the water volume was a bit more. Also, before I purchased it I spoke to customer service and asked if the camelback mouth piece would reach my mouth (I'm 5'8" so tall, but not super tall) and they said "no problem, that it would easily reach" ... but honestly, I wish it was about 6" longer because I have to bend over to get a drink which means stopping on the trail which defeats the idea of using a Camelbak. Technically, the product is great quality and fits really well into the small of my back, is very light, and I like how the buckles make it snug. I also like the pocket in the front for keys, and how I can clip a shirt/light jacket on. So, the product is great quality and technically sound but I'm disappointed about the length of the Cambelbak tubing ... if you are taller than me would be a problem.


              I race motorcycles, motocross and cross country. I've used a backpack style bladder system for years now and I can't imagine riding without. The advantage offered by a lumbar style pack is carrying the weight lower. My body also move far less at the hip than upper back. The Montara has very effectively placed straps to lock it into place where it stays put even in the most violent terrain. I barely know it's there.

              Very useful

                Keep this thing strapped very tight to yourself and run, run, run. I use this running in the woods. So I keep a first-aid kit, energy bars, and my phone in the pockets. Don't hit the wall or hurt yourself and not have any energy bars on you or a cell phone to call for help.

                My camelbak Montara is leaking through the...

                My camelbak Montara is leaking through the screw top lid. Is there a gasket repair/replacement?

                CamelBac has a lifetime warranty. The hook that secures the bladder to my backpack keeps breaking. I imagine from my 300 pounds landing on it during frequent falls skiing. I told them what was going on and that I wanted to buy a new one, but they keep sending replacements for free. Check them out at or contact them at or 800.767.8725 x 234.

                They're like, they stand behind their product.

                I've heard that in winter the water freezes...

                I've heard that in winter the water freezes in the tube - is that true ?

                I've never had a problem with the water freezing. But I also have a tube cover and bite valve cap on mine. I don't think it'd be a problem without the cover on shorter runs but it could on long runs. I wouldn't know. I only do short runs because I'm a wimp! The cover is neoprene(?) and slides over the tube to insulate it -- hot or cold -- and seems to work quite well once you get it on. (Slides on better if you wet it first the let it dry on the tube. The bite valve cap is just a plastic cap to beep the valve clean.