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Use the brushes, tablets, and reservoir dryer in CamelBak's Hydration Pack Cleaning Kit and restore your water reservoir to clean-as-new condition.

CamelBak's Hydration Pack Cleaning Kit makes it easy for you to clean out that mossy stuff growing in your water reservoir. Scrub all the way down the inside with the reservoir brush, and get your water tube cleared out with the skinny tube brush. Pop one of the two cleaning tablets in to attack any leftover nastiness, then use the reservoir hanger to keep the bladder open as it dries.

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4 5

CamelBak Hydration Pack Cleaning Kit

Works well to keep mold and skunk from forming in you water bladder. Would be nice if they added more cleaning tablets. However, I've found lemon juice to be a nice way to clean as well(I'm okay drinking it as well). Remember, as long as you rinse/clean dry your bladder properly after each use, you will have good tasting water.
A tad bit on the expensive side, but clean water makes for a happy camper.

4 5


this kit works really well, my only gripe is that it only came with two cleaning tablets. great way to keep your reservoir mold free

3 5

Cleaning kit

I was stoked to finally clean the hose on my bladder system.Just a little too expensive for a oouple of brushes.But at least you won't have mold sitting in your hose for months at a time.

5 5

Clean as Vhisle

I hate Camelbak bladder taste after sitting for a couple of days. I clean mine eveytime the inside of the bladder is slimmy. I also am very keen on the wire hose brush; that is where most mildew grows.I would suggest getting a pack of extra clean tabs...They work wonders but are cholrine and should be handled with care. Dish soap, cheap vodka, or non sugar based mouth washes also work well, but the Chlorine tabs still work the best...I destroyed one bladder in college using it for rum and cokes on the go...Wish this product was around then...haha

Oh and I paid 20buck for this so 15bucks is a steal!

4 5

Nice little kit

The tools are great to use, makes cleaning and drying the bladder easy. The tabs are over-rated.

5 5

Great idea

This kit works great and now I drink from my camel pack worry free.

3 5

It Works

Bought this kit and found it to be overkill to use.

If you have a reeking, mildewy bladder that you don't take of; then this is perfect for the job.

But if you rinse and air-dry you bladder after each use, then this kit is overkill.

anybody have any experience using this on...

Posted on

anybody have any experience using this on a Deuter bladder? I have some weird black stuff in my source hose. dunno if it's mold. I heard the material is mold proof...

Responded on

The Deuter bladders have a similar tube diameter as the camelbak ones. So it should work no problem.
Yeah thats mold, never bothered me though.

2 5

tube brush too short

Got just the kit with the brushes, since I use a combination of baking soda followed by a couple of drops of bleach for cleaning. Seems like it wouldn't have been so hard to make the tube brush longer than the tube itself, but maybe that is just my petty complaint.

3 5

Only necessary for non-water fluids

If you only use water in your camelbak bladder and are consistent in emptying it out when finished and air drying the bladder (with hose in a vertical position, bite valve open), you don't need a cleaning kit. I have at least 6 or 7 camelbak bladders (going back 4-5 years) and still have never had odor issues with any of them. My thought is this on storage: air dry completley then seal up (preferred); leave completely full with water (less preferred but greatly preferred to leaving a bladder mostly empty with a few oz. wetting the sides, allowing stuff to grow). My camelbaks have been on two combat tours and multiple training deployments and are still clean and growth-free. If you use gatorade or other non-water liquids and fail to rinse them with fresh water immediately upon consumption, you will need this cleaning kit.

5 5

Review Title

This kit makes cleaning a resevoir easier than ever. I am very impressed of how easy it is to clean my 3L bag with the kit

5 5

works great

if you have a camelbak, or any similar hydration system, you just have to have one of these or you will never get that nasty stuff ouf of the drinking tube! rinse well after use or you get a funky taste for a little while after.

5 5

Everything Works Great!

The drying tool and hanger work great and replaced my makeshift coat hanger setup. I have a Nalgene. My g/f has a Camelback and used the cleaner tools and said they worked great. PROTIP: On my Nalgene both ends pop off the tube, and I can tie a few knots in a paracord, dip it in some mouthwash, and pull it through the tube and it works like a charm. I believe Camelbacks have only one end that comes off, so you really need the brush.

4 5

Great kit

Works well and better than rigging up the drying yourself which can lead to procrastination of drying the next time. My advice for cleaning the tube is to let the tube dry, drop some paracord through, tie a knot or two in the end, wet the knot and then pull the knots through the tube. Works like a charm on mine and doesn't 'scrape' out the inside like the kit brush will. Otherwise, awesome kit!

Responded on

okay, what's a paracord?

5 5

CamelBak Cleaning Kit

Works like a charm! The CamelBak Hydration Cleaning Kit does exactly what it says it does and really makes cleaning your bladder so much easier and efficient. No more rigging hangers and stuff to dry it and no more soap taste after. Effortless cleaning!

2 5

Sort of worth it.

I don't bother using the cleaning tablets. Not E.P.A. approved and bordering on being removed from shelves according to a pal at REI. I just make sure to empty the bladder when I get home and dry out as much of the moisture as I can with cloth and the tube brush then hang it in front of an A/C vent. If anything this kit decreases the longevity due to the tube brush scraping out the interior coating of germ fighting polymers. You're really exchanging one fatality to the bladder for another kind of fatality. In general using the cleaning kit is more traumatic to the bladder system overall.

You're honestly better off sticking the bladder into a freezer set at 0 degrees to prevent any growth in what water wasn't poured out or dried out after use.

Write your question here...what kind of...

Posted on

Write your question here...what kind of soap do you use to clean the mouth piece

Responded on

I use regular dish soap and rinse thoroughly afterwards...

I really couldn't get the tube brush...

Posted on

I really couldn't get the tube brush through. Are you suppose to detach the water tube from the bladder? And then clean it out with the tube brush? I tried muscling it off, but it doesn't see like it wants to come off. I didn't want to try anymore for fear of damaging it. I have the omega hydro tanium resevoir.

Best Answer Responded on

Feeding the brush through the tube can be difficult. Remove the bite valve from the tube and feed the brush through that way. Just give it a good tug; it will come off. Do NOT remove the tube from the bladder. Sometimes the brush can get stuck while you are feeding it through. Notice that the long grey plastic line the brush is attached to is curved from where it was rolled up during packaging. If you bend the tube in the same direction as this curve it will be easier to push through. Otherwise just wiggle it around and eventually it will work it's way through. Good luck. It takes a little practice to get it to work, but the tube will be nice and clean after.

Responded on

if you take the mouth piece off odds are that connection between the tube and the mouthpiece will leak when you put it back on.

Responded on

There is nothing wrong with removing the tube from either the bladder and/or bite valve. If the connection is not tight after reattachment, cut off enough hose so that you have fresh "unstretched" hose to put back over the tapered/stepped nozzle. It will have the same seal as when you originally got it. So you lost an inch or two of hose length. Whatever.

3 5

Good idea

Works...How bout a old hanger and Kitchen spoon to hold the bladder open. Baking soda and hot water.

Responded on

When I used a coat hanger it left rust spots on the inside of my nalgene reservoir.. I'm never going near that idea again. and the camelbak reservoirs are much better btw!

5 5

Nothing works better than a little elbow grease

To avoid ingesting the green slime left in your camel back from last month's trip you have to clean it out good. We've all done it: Retunred home from some epic adventure and tossed all your gear in a pile intending to clean it up tomorrow... after work... seriously... I'll get to it Tuesday... or Wednesday. The little hanger works great for drying. I tried to make one of my own using an old plastic hanger, but it doesn't quite spread the walls apart to allow it to dry properly. This is a good kit!

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