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So you want a BPA-free water bottle, but are not stoked on the way aluminum bottles dent easily and have pesky twist-on caps? Try the CamelBak Better Bottle w/ Bite Valve. CamelBak made this 0.75-liter bottle out of BPA-free copolyester polymer material. Flip up the bite valve when you want to take a sip. The bite valve also self-seals, so no water will leak out even if the Better Bottle tips over with the valve bite valve open.

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Love it!

    I didn't know I could ever be so attached to a water bottle. I love this. I love the straw, I love the hard plastic, I love the whole damn thing. It's just a little inconvenient when you're so thirsty and you have to unscrew your bottle to splash it all over your face.

    Love Camelbak

      I bought these for the wife and kids. They mouthpiece can fold back and lock so you don't have to worry about accidentally spilling or dropping the bottle on the mouth piece. The straw and mouth piece are also replaceable for when you forget to wash out the bottle and everything gets groady.

      Convenient go-to bottle

        I originally got two of these for use in the hospital when my wife was giving birth to my son; the straw is super convenient. They soon became our go-to bottles for around town, and I have even purchased the smaller .5L model for my son. I dinged it one star because of minor durability issues: the plastic pull tab broke off one, and the pivoting straw connector broke on the other.

        *I downgraded my review, because all three of these we own (.7L for my wife and I, and a .5L for my son) have broken at the straw lever.

        Great Around Town

          Girlfriend and I love these water bottles. I have one at work and at home, and my girlfriend carries hers around. Nice to have at work because it somehow encourages you to drink a lot more water than I normally do. Nice to have around the house, especially next to the bed for late night thirst.
          Haven't field tested it much, cause if I'm going hiking or anything I'll just take my Osprey with hydration pack. I think another reviewer said it right; this bottle has moving parts, so it might not be a good idea to rely on it when you will be exposed to the elements for a duration of time. Probably better to go with a traditional nalegene for those type of excursions.

          Love this but a few issues...

            So I drink from this on a daily basis, and it has completely become my replacement for drinking several plastic water bottles a day (such a waste!). However, I've found that even though I wash it at least once a week, I still find mold in the bite valve. Any suggestions for this? Also, although it doesn't appear to leak when I turn it upside down etc., sometimes it will make my entire backpack wet when I leave it in there for a while. Can anyone help me with these two problems?

            Love it! But.....

              I really love this bottle. It's gimicky and silly but I have increased my water consumption because the bite valve is pretty fun. Like others have said, it's like an adult baby bottle or sippy cup! Cleaning it takes a bit more maitenance than regular water bottles which is a bit of a pain if you're hardpressed for time. The novelty has worn of slightly, but I still drink more water than I used to.
              My one problem that I haven't seen mentioned elsewhere is that I'd LOVE a cover for my bite valve! I know the better bottle doesn't have a cover but other models do have ones available. If my bottle is in my backpack all day and I grab it, fuzz, dust, and other particles stick to the silicone like a magnet and I end up having to rinse it off before I sip. Anyone found a solution to this? My one other gripe is that I'm a little afraid all this biting is going to make my teeth stick out to their pre-orthodontics stage, but only time will tell.

              Great, but leaks!

                I like everything about this bottle EXCEPT that it leaks all over the floorboard of my car or on the seat. So, it always has to be upright. Pain in the butt. It's the small air intake valve in the center of the lid that leaks, not the bite valve.

                bomb proof

                  i have two one is over 5 years old still in good condition, use them everyday. it might seem common knowledge but altitude change may cause volcanic like eruptions from mouthpiece, also NEVER use carbonated beverages in these bottles, the pressure will overwhelm the mouthpiece even when folded.

                  LONG TERM REVIEW - Wanted it to work out but needs improvements!

                    I have 2 of these bottles and have owned them over the past 1-2 years. I use them regularly

                    1. On 1 of the bottles, the tab that you press to flip the straw out have broken off. This is will normal use. I have met 2 other folks who have had the same problem (I also own 3 1 L better bottles and this happend on their cap too) I called camelbak and they sent me free replacement lids
                    2. Bite-valve eventually developed a small tear (on my 1 L, but they are the same bite-valve/lids). This decreased the amount of water I could drink at one time as air interfered with flow of water. Again, camelbak replaced this
                    3. MOLD MOLD MOLD MOLD MOLD. I know regular cleaning should prevent this, however, there are many parts, lots of small crevices, the tube is hard to clean without a proper tool, and the bite-valve has to be removed and cleaned with a q-tip. Tough to clean when in austere conditions.
                    4. Ahh, this is the kicker. I am active duty military and am exposed to unpressurized aircraft on a routine basis. As we go up in altitude, the air that is trapped inside expands and pushes on the liquid inside. If not careful, when i flip the straw, the liquid would shoot out great distances and randomly hit people IN THE FACE, thus leading to akward moments with the commanding officer

                    I will move onto nalgene bottles to see if they are any better.

                    Best water bottle ever

                      I just purchased my 5th camelback water bottle. These are so perfect for the gym and hiking. They don't leak, and the bite valve is great for staying hydrated because it is always there ready to sip like a straw. You don't have to tilt your head back and get lots of water all over your face.
                      one drawback-I use rehydrate when I hike. It is grape flavor and if it stays in the bottle too long it begins to flavor the plastic, So if you like to use other liquids other than water make sure to wash the bottle as soon as you get home. Otherwise you will have flavored water next time you put water in it. So I have one bottle that is only for my Rehydrate and one for water. And then the ripple effect. My son wanted one, then my husband. Seems like no one in my family uses any other water bottles now.

                      Best water bottle ever

                      Great everyday bottle, get's a little dirty

                        We've got a ton of these. They're just convenient. The only thing I don't like is that the bit valve gets dirty over time and is nearly impossible to clean out well. I bleached one of mine for a while and I'm sure that made it sanitary, but I still couldn't quite get all of the gunk out. It's nice that it has a big opening to put ice in, easy for my kids to drink from, etc. I only use this at home and work. I wouldn't use it on the trail. When I drive up to work (much higher altitude than my home) or when it goes from cold to hot, water tends to leak out of the valve so I have to keep an eye on that.


                          I've always been a fan of a widemouth Nalgene, but with the bite valve on this bottle it's just that much more convenient to drink without having to actually stop doing what you're doing.

                          It seems like the ring/handle could be a point of weakness. I've abused mine pretty badly since work got them for us and no stress marks yet, but I could see it happening.

                          I think the biggest pro for me would be the ease of hydration. When you're sucking on a valve it's not the same, mentally, as chugging from an open faced container. Sounds silly, but you'll drink a lot more water with this bottle--which is great when you're trying to stay constantly hydrated in prep of something.


                          I can't suck any water thru the straw...

                          I can't suck any water thru the straw unless I loosen the top. What do I do

                          There's a small hole that is covered when the straw is down, and open to allow air into the bottle when you drink out of it. If this hole is blocked, you cannot suck any water out. Another possibility: your straw is fixed to the cap upside-down, so that the end with the angled cut is not on the bottom. If your straw is flat against the bottom of the bottle, if can seal and prevent any water from entering. If all else fails, call CamelBak. They'll probably hook you up with a new bottle free of charge.

                          I was cleaning my bottle, and I wanted to...

                          I was cleaning my bottle, and I wanted to get all the dirt out of the lid so I accidentally popped the bite valve apparatus off the rubber straw part that attaches to the lid. It won't go back on. Have any of you guys had this happen, and how do you put it back on?

                          is there any latex used in the making of...

                          is there any latex used in the making of this water bottle?

                          If you're concerned about the bite valve having latex in it, Camelbak's website says it is made out of medical grade silicone. The plastic for the bottle is made by a company called Tritan, and it looks like this might be the specific type:


                          Hope that helps!

                          It appears my bottle has an air lock in...

                          It appears my bottle has an air lock in it - but I can't blow or suck it out and I'm getting no water. Now what can I do?

                          how do you cleab the bite valve?

                          how do you cleab the bite valve?

                          Best Answer

                          The blue rubber and the straw inside are removable. When you put what's left of the stem in the open position, it's a straight shot for some soap and the faucet. In extreme cases, soaking all the parts for a little while in some hot water and a little bleach, then rinsing it all out, is the way to go. Pretty simple and self-explanatory when you look at it in-hand.

                          Totally random question. Do you think this...

                          Totally random question. Do you think this water bottle sucking "straw" hurts your teeth the same way a baby pacifier for too long can cause gaps and overbites?

                          It kind of does after a while. I sometimes forget i still have the whole bottle in my mouth and carry it around in my teeth for a couple minutes at a time.. (I'm a painter and i sometimes just cram the bottle in my mouth and suck away while i paint. xD) and it feels almost like my teeth are being pushed back now. I wouldn't suggest doing what I do. Otherwise, it feels fine, almost relaxing to have that bitey thing to chew on.

                          How can I compare ml or ounces to .75 L?

                          How can I compare ml or ounces to .75 L?

                          The inside air valve got cut / damaged by...

                          The inside air valve got cut / damaged by the straw and water leaks out of there. Where can I get a replacement valve??

                          Best Answer

                          I have only seen the bite valve and straws for sale but I believe the product comes with a 2 year warranty. If it is outside of warranty, I still think the most likely source of replacement parts will be camelbak themselves.
                          Of course I have a feeling that you will need a whole cap, and that it might be simpler to replace the bottle as a whole.. Good luck!

                          Can you get a replacement straw for these...

                          Can you get a replacement straw for these bottles? The dishwasher ate mine.

                          Just got a bottle with the bite valve and...

                          Just got a bottle with the bite valve and I can't seem to get it to work. Is the bite valve supposed to have a slit in it that opens when you bite it? There's no slit in mine and I just can't suck hard enough to get anything out.

                          How to clean the bite valve? ..On the...

                          How to clean the bite valve? ..On the inside of the bit valve appears to have something black inside. Mold? Or is it the washer Not sure. How to clean. I don't want to purchase another bottle, since I have only had this one 3 months!

                          Best Answer

                          Pull the mouthpiece off (it comes off and goes back on easily) and use a toothbrush, maybe bleach if it's serious. If you put drinks other than water, especially sugary drinks, it can grow mold pretty quickly (this is true for all Camelbak products and most water bottles in general).

                          Write your question here...On the inside...

                          Write your question here...On the inside of the bit valve appears to have something black inside. Mold? Or is it the washer Not sure. How to clean. I don't want to purchase another bottle, since I have only had this one 3 months!

                          Best Answer

                          Chances are it is mold or some other grunge. I had the same problem with several of these bottles that I owned. It was a chore to keep it clean. I would rinse every day if possible and let it dry over night. A little warm water (I didn't use soap because it would leave a taste) seemed to do okay.

                          When it did get to having mold in there, there was nothing I could do to clean it all out. I'd have to buy a new bite valve (which they only sell with two additional straws).

                          In the end, I stopped using these bottles (as much as I liked them) because they're just too much hassle.

                          can I boil the bottle, the cap, and the...

                          can I boil the bottle, the cap, and the mouth piece in order to disinfect, and clean properly?

                          Can we put our company logo on these?

                          Can we put our company logo on these?

                          I would like to replace the cap on my...

                          I would like to replace the cap on my bottle, but cannot find it. Does anyone know where I can go? It is the one with the sip/straw. Thank you!

                          do you think a quad. will be able to handle...

                          do you think a quad. will be able to handle this bottle?

                          I bought this bottle, or one just like it,...

                          I bought this bottle, or one just like it, a year ago and was wondering if that bottle is BPA-free? Anyone know? Is there some marking on the bottle? I love this bottle and hate to part with it and will buy a newer one if my old one isnt BPA-free.