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  • CamelBak Antiodote Reservoir Dryer Arm Closeup
  • CamelBak Antiodote Reservoir With Dryer Hanger (not included)
  • CamelBak Antiodote Reservoir Quick Link Closeup
  • CamelBak Antiodote Reservoir Cap Rotate Closeup
  • CamelBak Antiodote Reservoir One Color
  • CamelBak Antiodote Reservoir Dryer Arm Closeup
  • CamelBak Antiodote Reservoir With Dryer Hanger (not included)
  • CamelBak Antiodote Reservoir Quick Link Closeup
  • CamelBak Antiodote Reservoir Cap Rotate Closeup

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  • CamelBak Antiodote Reservoir One Color

CamelBak Antiodote Reservoir

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    Camels have had it right all along.

    Quench your thirst for the outdoors with the CamelBak Antiodote Reservoir. This bladder holds all the water you need for a rigorous hike or day ride, and its low-profile fit minimizes awkward bulk. Its Quick Link system makes hose cleaning a snap, and the Quick-snap cap tightens in just a quarter turn so your precious fluids don't slosh out during a hot day on the trail.

    • Item #CAM0430

    Tech Specs

    1.5 L, 2 L, 3 L
    Recommended Use
    hiking, biking, camping, backpacking
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    5 years with no problems. Very durable.

    • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

    I have owned my Camelbak Antidote 3 liter bladder for 5 years now and have never once had a problem with leaks. I have used my bladder so many times that all the logos and text have completely worn off. Still holds strong and I will continue to use it until it completely fails. It does have its issues: 1) The mouth is wide, but is difficult to completely fill it. The best way is to lay it flat in order to "top it off" to maximum its liquid capacity. 2) The quick attachment is no longer is functional. It takes a lot of work to disconnect and reconnect it. I just leave it connected all the time now. 3) Has a few areas where water collects during drying. You can try to get all the water out as much as possible but it will still hang out along the bottom or top lip. 4) The lid is tricky to close. Mine has a sweet spot that I have to be exact in order to completely get the full quarter turn in to close it. Takes me a few tries every time, but once I get it closed fully, I can squeeze the bladder as hard as I can and it holds up very strong . 5) Its large and heavy but thats the price you pay for durability. It barely fits into Osprey external hydration sleeves like on the Kestral, but not in internal sleeves like the North Face Banchee, or Osprey Stratos. Something to take into consideration before buying.

    The bite valve is great. The shut off valve is essential and works great. I finally had to replace my bite valve after 5 years. They are delicate so you must be careful setting down your pack. Just recently noticed that the water started tasting weird. I bought the Camelbak cleaning tablets and that did the trick.

    If you want a durable, reliable hydration bladder look no further. It is more pricey than some others on the market, but I feel it is the best deal. It will last you a very long time like it has for me.

    Solid Construction, Reliable

      CamelBak has been making reservoirs forever, and they know what they're doing. This bladder is simple, but really well designed to avoid unwanted leakage. I bought this one to replace an older model that had gotten a bit funky. No fault of CamelBak, just normal wear.
      I absolutely loved my old one, so I knew I wanted the same one to replace it. The 2L size is good for day trips, but if you drink a lot or will be in the heat it would be wise to size up to the 3L.

      Simple Design, Durable

      • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

      Classic Camelbak design is simple to use and very durable. I have never had any issues with leaks. Highly recommend if you are looking for a bladder to add to your pack.

      Great overall

      • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

      The 3L size is perfect for almost any situation. It dries out quickly after your done and I haven't had any mold issues yet. No leaks to speak of and the tube gasket is a great improvement over older models.

      Great Camelbak

      • Familiarity: I've used it several times

      I love this Camlebak. It replaced my 7 year old Camelbak that gave out. Camelbak has made a lot of improvements in the past 7 years. The reservoir locking mechanism is awesome. It locks quickly and easy. The bite valve is also great. There is no longer a shut-off valve, because it's no longer needed. The valve doesn't leak. It fits well into a backpack. I think this is the best over all Camelbak. I do not think the "insulated Camelbak" is good buy unless you are looking at doing a lot of col weather camping.This camelbak can go through freezing temperatures at night and still not be frozen by morning. If you are in sub freezing temperatures throughout the entire day, might be worth looking into the insulated version.
      My one con is that I wish it were a little easier to clean, but that is a small complaint. Almost all water reservoirs have some difficulty cleaning. The ones that are easy to clean have much higher drawbacks.

      I find it funny someone complained about taste. Any reservoir/ water bottle has a plastic new taste for a week or so, it goes away.

      Great product. The only Camelbak I need!

      Drink More Water

      • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

      Don't try and lug a massive water bottle and need to go in your pack time and time again to get a quick sip. These reservoirs are the ticket to a solid hike or ride in the woods. The lid is easy to open and the bite valve is great. No complaints out of me. Make sure you get some cleaning tablets as you will get mold if you leave water in them. Also if you plan to use it skiing make sure you have an insulated sleeve.

      An improvement

        This seems to be an improvement over the old camelbak I had for many years. The lid is wayyy easier to open. And the shape seems a little better. I will have to see if the quick disconnect holds up. I don't know why they have that instead of just a solid construction like the old ones.

        Perfect replacement

        • Familiarity: I've used it several times

        My old reservoir kept leaking so I finally bought a replacement... and I'm so happy I did! This reservoir doesn't leak, holds my water perfectly, and fits into my old Camelbak easily.

        I bought the 3L and it fit into my pack without any issues (pictured below).

        Perfect replacement

        Way better than the Platypus

        • Familiarity: I've used it several times

        You will have a much better experience with the CamelBak Antiodote Reservoir than the Platypus, in all the following areas:

        I bought a platypus a year ago because it was slightly less money. Basically the current model, zip enclosure etc and have used it several times. Each time though, I've been frustrated by basically every way it's engineered. The straw material and mouthpiece are a sticky rubber that catches on EVERYTHING, so it gets dusty and linty fast and is a pain to pull through clothes, backpacks and even from the backseat of the car. The zip enclosure was a good idea in theory, but it's a pain to operate and far inferior to the "scoop" design that the CamelBak has. Hopefully you learn from my mistake.

        Gets the job done

        • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

        Works as expected. Holds water. Large cap that screws on tight so you don't get any leaks. Nice wide mouth for easy filling. Sufficient tube length for my height (6' 2") and pack. I purchased this with the Fresh Reservoir Filter from Camelbak and haven't had any funky taste issues.

        Goodbye water bottles

        • Familiarity: I've used it several times

        This was my first experience with a CamelBak style "hydration reservoir"; I had always been concerned these would cause a terrible taste or aftertaste. I'm thrilled that there seemed to be no affect on flavor whatsoever after two overnight backpacking trips in the High Uintas. No leaking, perfect size, easy to fill. At sub 25 degree temperatures at night it froze solid, but after thawing in the morning had no problems with functionality whatsoever.

        Best Hydration System

        • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

        I was a bit concerned about purchasing this product since I was not going to have a chance to test this out before a trip, but the hydration reservoir was great. Easy to fill, easy to lock in place to ensure no leaking occurred, the hose fit my pack perfectly in length, and this particular hose also comes with a lock near the bite valve that prevents any leaking in between drinks. I read in the reviews that folks have encountered a funky taste (plastic like) with bladders like this, but I gave mine one quick swish with water and didn't find any funky flavoring. I have used a variety of brands over the years and I have to say this is by far my favorite.

        Stay hydrated

        • Familiarity: I've used it several times

        This is one of the best bladders on the market, it sits flat against your back and fits in a variety of backpacks. I really like the filler cap closure, it really ensures that you won't have any leaking out during your adventure. I've found the best way to clean this is with a denture tablet and some warm water, the let it air dry upside down. This bladder will ensure that you stay hydrated on even your most intense excursions again and again.

        What I've been waiting for

        • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

        I'm not much of an ultralighter, I like being prepared--but the only reason I never carried a 3 liter reservoir before this one came out was because it was just too damn uncomfortable. It used to feel like you were wearing a log on your back between your back and pack.

        The permanent connection between the two halves, which helps the bag keep it's flatter shape, is really the vital linchpin with these "newer style" camelback reservoirs. I can carry a 3L bag way more comfortably now. All the extra features they've added to these reservoirs are really just a bonus comparatively.

        The quarter-turn lid is a huge plus, as rethreading the old lid on the older style reservoirs without spilling water was basically impossible. The hanging clip is also far stronger than the old one, and the quick release at the bottom of the bag makes quick refilling from your tap a breeze, without having to rethread the hose out of your pack straps.

        Big win for Camelback here

        Worked perfect

        • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

        I would fill it to the top and no leaks whatsoever. Very lightweight. Just make sure you close it properly. Bite valve might slide off; possibly Camelbak can come up with a better design. But no complaints otherwise

        For skiing should I go with the 2L or 3L?...

        For skiing should I go with the 2L or 3L?

        Best Answer


        The size of CamelBak Antiodote Reservoir you use really depends less on the whether you are skiing, trekking, or snowshoeing, and more on whether you are skiing the resort or deep backcountry. The three factors to consider are weight, space, and proximity to more water.

        If you are skiing the resort and are always within 45 minutes from a water source I would recommend the 2L. No sense in waisting precious space and weight when you can refill whenever you want.

        But if you will be an hour or more from a good water source I would suggest that the 3L is worth the added weight and moderate bulk.

        I personally always go with the 3L. Just because you have the capacity to carry 3L of water, that doesn't mean you have to fill it all the way up. Most of the time I only put 1.5L in my 3L bladder, and I have the capacity to put more in if I am going to need more water and not have to worry about swapping out different size bladders. 3L all the way!

        Does anyone have any experience on how...

        Does anyone have any experience on how this performs under snow/cold conditions? I'm planning to utilize my backpacks pouch and go snowboarding with this reservoir. Am I better off with an insulate bladder?

        Any help would be much appreciated.

        Best Answer

        So the biggest reason you are going to want to go with an insulated reservoir isn't because the reservoir itself will freeze up but because the hose will first and it really doesn't need to be much below freezing for that to happen quickly. You could just blow back all the water out of the hose but then you just have a lot of air in the reservoir and all your water is sloshing around. Do yourself a favor and make sure you go insulated.

        I have used uninsulated reservoirs for snowboarding before and the biggest issue is the hose freezing. You won't have any issues with the reservoir freezing but it would be a good idea to get the insulated tube to go with it. The insulated tube won't always keep it from freezing but it does help.

        I like the insulated tube in the summer to because it helps to keep the water from not warming up as much in the hose. No matter the conditions I always blow the water back into the bladder to keep it all the same temperature, but I also love the insulated hose because of the mouthpiece cap that comes with it. It stays on better than the Blue cap you can buy separate and it keeps your mouthpiece clean from dirt and other debris.

        Are the reservoirs BPA free? Mine has...

        Are the reservoirs BPA free? Mine has that 'baby toy' plastic smell, and I can taste the plastic in the water.....trying to avoid drinking bottles and plastic products that aren't healthy for us. Sure hope they aren't made w/BPA.

        I hooked everything up. Tried two of...

        I hooked everything up. Tried two of these?. Even called REI where I bought them and can not get water to run thru the tube. Even if I take the tube and run water frm faucet, water wii nor enter the tube.... Frustrated

        I bought a camelbak pixie about 3 years...

        I bought a camelbak pixie about 3 years ago. It came with a 1L water reservoir and I'm having trouble finding this size now. Do you carry any IL size or would a 1.5 L probably still fit.

        Does the Camelbak Reservoir Dryer work...

        Does the Camelbak Reservoir Dryer work with the Camelbak Antidote Reservoir? Can I get some of those yellow drying hooks from the Camelbak Antidote Cleaning Kit individually? Thanks.

        anyone get a leak with this thing yet and...

        anyone get a leak with this thing yet and take up camelpak on their lifetime warranty?

        seems to good to be true.

        Best Answer

        i had this and threw it out before i knew about the warranty. i also had the camelbak "better bottle." i did get another one free when it crapped out, except shipping. contact the manufacturer directly. or just buy off backcountry next time...and dont ever worry about it. they back everything they sell for your lifetime. but, do yourself a favor, spend the extra $ next time and get the Osprey/Nalgene hydration bladder. i love the thing.

        Mine started leaking on my second hike with it. I opened up my pack to get my camera out and noticed that it was sitting in a pool of water. Kind of sucked. I dumped some water out hoping that it would take some pressure off the tube connector or opening but no luck. The next day it leaked again and my pack was wet around the tube connector. Later it was wet around the opening. Not sure where it's leaking exactly. If I squeeze it real hard nothing comes out. I decided to unhook the tube and attach the bladder to the outside of my pack to finish my hike. I'm going to exchange it for another one hoping I got a defect because I like the design but I'm a little skeptical.