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oh, and sorry for all the questions, but...

oh, and sorry for all the questions, but is this v-rocker, because I live in CT where there is a bit of ice, and I heard that the v-rocker is hard to control and stuff on ice, so should I get this, cu i wanted hero, but it's v-rocker and I am not sure about it...

why would I go for a smaller board if I...

why would I go for a smaller board if I want to go in the park then, and where would I find the 148, cuz its not on this site, and if its on burton they don't have sales and it would be like 100$ more, which i don't want, considering this is my first season riding, and have learned how to shred incredibly quick, after like 5 times at the mountain, i can already go off the park jump. so when would you suggest getting a second board if I have the money, and don't worry about expenses. I am only 13

i normally ride a 153, but want to get a...

i normally ride a 153, but want to get a full out board just for park. if I want this, should I get it in 154 or 151? and would exile est bindings work well with this

If you normally ride a 153 then I'd say go for the 151. For example, I ride a 156 in the park, 158 all mountain/anything I feel like doing, and a 160-162 for just carving around groomers. Depending on your specific needs in a board and your weight you might be able to go for the 148, but from what you said, 151. Any EST binding will work on a channel board.

I agree, go smaller! 151 for days!

and yes, the Exile EST's, Coalition exile ST's, or Mission EST will kit up perfect!

You will get the best board flex and feel you could ever imagine.

Guarantee if you drop into EST your riding will improve by 30%!!! no joke!

Presses and butters for days!