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They Don't Make Them Like They Used To

    I "copped" (as the kids say) these at the beginning of the season this year for a "fresh" white-on-white look, paired with a Burton Jussi. The look is great, the padding is better than any others I've had, but that's about where it ends.
    Beautiful "pow" day at the "Bird" yesterday and the toe strap broke, permanently locked at the tightest setting. So now I'm stuck trying to peel the toe strap off at every lift and peeling it on at the top of Mineral Basin with the wind beating at my old face. And that was probably the 7th/8th time I've used them.
    I had an old pair of Drake Mikey LeBlanc's on my previous board and never had one problem in 9 years. For 200+ bucks I'd expect a little better craftsmanship. I'm not trying to break a hip or anything out there

    wrong gender

      i just got these bindings and have riden on them a couple of times. im a girl and thus have girls boots so i find these bindings abit average, everytime i stack it the capstrap comes off my boot so i have to have them on really tight, which isnt that comfy. as a girl i dont recommend these if you ride in womens boot as they are not made for it, get womens bindings.

      more cushion than JLo

        i just got these and love them. its my second pair of triads and i dont think i'll ever buy anything other than triads. they are so comfortable its crazy. theres so much cushion that jump landings are smooth no matter what. i've landed sideways right on the knuckle and still rode away fine.the response is awesome too, never had any complaints about these bindings. i got the Green Machine and its actually more of a neon green and they look sick.

        If I have size 10 feet, should i get M or...

        If I have size 10 feet, should i get M or L

        Chris Jones is right! I'd stay with a medium as you don't really want any play in your binding/boot setup. The only reason you may want a large would be if your boots are old-school and boxey... then it may be a bit of a tighter squeeze.

        I hate it when bindings are on the small side. It sucks when you have more toe off the board than heel. Also, you want the footbed to reach all the way out to your toe so you have good responsiveness. I wear 10.5 boots and always ride large binders. I have some M/L Rides and I wish they were bigger.

        I am size 10 boot and demo'd L, bought M, am now returning M for L. Boots are 32, Level 2, only a couple years old, so probably wouldn't be considered big and boxy. Anyway, I could not get the M to fit right. I was near the tightest settings on the L, which is why I wanted to try an M next. But the L fit just how it should. I think triad performs better if it is on the larger rather than smaller size, which is kind of counter-intuitive, but I think it has to do with geometry and kinesiology.

        JD and Wakozacho’s answers seem to be a little closer to the truth regarding rocking boots that are borderline of the binding manufacturer’s sizing suggestion, especially when it comes to the Triad. I bolted these badasses (last year’s model) to my Burton Custom wide 59 last year and this year’s model to this year’s Custom Wide 62. Having ridden wide sticks since the inception of the Floater, I have worn boots from size 12 to 10.5, depending on the brand. Currently, I am sporting 10.5 Salomon Synapse (last year I wore the Salomon F22, also a 10.5). Both pairs of Triads were large and as the boots packed in, I was able to adjust the binders to maintain complete tightness thanks to Burton’s straps having tremendous adjustability. I inserted the new boots into the medium Triad in a local shop and even with the “gas pedal” fully extended, the toe of the boot hung over the edge of the almost an inch and a half. Go with the large, you will not regret it. Oh yes, the heel of my 10.5s did NOT shift or wiggle in the heel cup of the large.