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Returned after many issues

    The heating element above the top of the foot in the liner killed my daughter's foot (sharp edge) and the one of the j-bars (outer right) really hurt her foot. Seems to have been assembled wrong.

    In addition, neither battery lasted anywhere as long as it should (one 20 mins, one one hour).

    I'm sure this boot would be great w/o the heating element and if it was made correctly.


      I have been wearing Burton boots since they started making them for women and these are a huge dissapointment. After a few hours of riding I could barely stand the pain caused by the extreme heel padding. My heels were bruised and blistered. Do any of the Burton boots have normal liners?


        I can't stress enough that you should go with your NORMAL shoe size...whatever you'd wear for tennis shoes (not heels). They will be snug, uncomfortable, and will probably make you want to cry if you hit up the hill the first day without having worn the boots around your apartment/house to break them in, and will still be very snug the first few days you ride them. HOWEVER, once they "pack out", the boots become like toasty little yummy foot huggers that hold you to your board in the most responsive way possible. You are going to have to suffer through the first few days but if you get a size that is comfortable from the get go, they will also pack out and be HUGE. I have two pairs of these boots and absolutely adore them. I have fairly normal feet but long toes and my toes never feel smooshed. Plenty of toe room once they pack out :)

        hurts my heels too

          These boots keep my feet very warm and the heaters are great. The first 2 times I used them in Jackson Hole the built in J-bars in the heels squeezed and rubbed on my heels so bad I had bruises and raw skin. I had to rent boots for the rest of the trip. When I got home, I put softballs in the heels and tightened the laces to flatten out the J-bars. Now they fit great. The J-bars barely bother me and my heel stays in the boot nicely. I almost gave up on these boots but now I love them. If you buy them, make sure you wear them around the house and break them in first.

          warm but squeezes my heel

            These boots definitely keep my feet warm and toasty, without even using the heaters. However, they seem to cut off circulation to the heel of my right foot. My left foot is very cozy, but the little cushions that hold your heel seem to be killing my right foot. In Telluride, I had to call it a day because I just couldn't stand (literally) the pain in my foot anymore! I love the way the boot feels on my left foot so I'm giving them more time to see if the right boot breaks in and gets more comfy.

            Best I've had yet, but

              I agree with the Burton rep who wrote that these are the best Boot for women out there. My circulation has always been cut off in other boots and had hot spots. I have had no problems with the heat packs. My feet always get cold and I've found that the one setting is always usually warm enough.

              I think what many of the reviewers don't understand is that the liners can be heat molded to custom fit your feet. You want to order your regular boot size (they will be tight and uncomfortable. Then take them in to your local shop and have them fitted. It's a little costly but well worth it. You may have to take them in a few more times to have them adjust hot spots but that should be free. It's kind of a hassle and I was skeptical after the first fitting. Had to take mine in 3 times but now they work better and are much more comfortable than any boot I have had in the past. In the past I have had to take a break and remove my boots to recirculate and warm up.

              The biggest problem I have with these boots is the speed zone lacing system on both boots is starting to unravel on one side where it comes out of the plastic dealio on either side where you pull up and back to tighten.

              Now granted I ride hard and rack up many days during the season but I haven't even used these for a full season. This shouldn't be happening. Not sure what to do about it. You can't just replace the laces. I'll be taking them into my local shop to see what can be done. Hopefully it's not a big deal.

              I paid full price for these boots plus approximately another $100 bones to have them custom fitted. Too much money to have this happening so soon.

              Gorgeous boot with great support.

                Got my boots true to my actual shoe size (size 7) & I was in torturous pain for the first few hours. My toes felt cramped & my right foot would lose all sensation. I even ordered a replacement, a half-size larger because the boots were gorgeous. But after a number of professional recommendations, I decided to tough it out and try to break them in. After the 3rd or 4th ride & a few minor blisters, the boots really started to mold to my feet. Now they feel like they're custom made for me & I have absolutely NO PAIN, just super comfy toasty support. I absolutely LOVE these boots!

                PRO-TIP: Before taking them out for a spin, wear the boots around the house for as long as you can. I wore mine for at least 4-5 hours before my first ride. You might feel a little ridiculous (i did) but it definitely helps speed up the breaking-in process. :D

                Great boots, small

                  I picked these up for my girlfriend and ordered them a 1/2 size larger than her Salomon boots, but they were still too small. Picked up the next size up and they were perfect after a heat molding session (that's a total of 1 full size larger than her Salomon boots). The heat packs are on the budget side and therefore only get about 4 hours on the middle setting, but they keep her toes nice and toasty considering her very poor circulation. If the heat packs held their charge as advertised then this boot would get 5 stars. If you can get this boot on Whiskey, it's more than worth the sizing and heat pack issue.

                  Not necessarily 100% the best ^%$#@^ boot but OK

                    I liked my old Burton Supreme boots so I ordered these as replacements. I ordered the same old size and they were a little tight on the toes but after a few rides the boots packed out and are fine now.
                    However, as far as the heat goes: I had to return a battery for warranty right off the bat and the heat wasn't lasting very long but is getting better after several charges over time. I keep them on "1" and I don't feel real warmth coming from the boot but my feet don't get cold and that's the idea I guess. If you set it on 2 or 3 you can really feel the warmth but the batteries won't last all day. Turn them off at lunch or if you go in for a drink. They are working out very well. I figured the Supreme was a good boot heat or no heat so I'm happy with them so far. Even if the batteries die I still have a good boot.

                    Good boots, not so good heat

                      These boots feel good, order a 1/2 size bigger. The heating units work great as long as you're NOT planning on wearing them snowboarding... As soon as they are cold at all, they stop working. One of my battery packs works and one doesn't even really charge.

                      Great boots

                        I ordered my normal boot size and they fit snugly. At first I thought they were too tight, but once I was out on the slopes I realized they were perfect. I would say maybe ordering them 1/2 size bigger would be ok. I found them to be perfect for riding - just the right amount of support. As far as the heat, I've only been able to use them for spring skiing, so haven't had a good test of it yet. They seem to get warm, but I'm not sure how well it will work on really cold days.

                        WAY SMALL

                          Order bigger than normal size (not sure how much yet... on my third order) I first ordered a Size 7.0 (I am a WMNS 8.0) because the gearhead told me Burton's sizing was the same as 2003/2004 when I got my current pair of Supreme's. Reordered a size 8.0 still squishing my toes OUCH! Not sure I like the fit of the new supremes in comparison, hit weird on my ankle and seem like a pain to lace. Wish they stayed the same! BOO!

                          Best ^#%%@&^ boot on the face of the planet

                            Heat? What? All of those had to go in or home on those sick powder days when my feet were numb are GONE. If these boots were $2,000 dollars I would find a way to get them now that i've tried them. The supreme (since they put in an articulating cuff) have always been my favorite overall performing boot, but now to have the ability to clip in heat on cold days? these boots are THE best boots on the market for women today- and it isn't because i work for them- it is because i wear them and i am a snowboarder.

                            The heat isn't a big deal. you can't feel the cords or can tell they're even wired except for a little plug in area on the front. When you choose to wear the heat- charge them the night before. throw the units in your smallest pocket until you are cold- then plug them in a clip them onto the tongue of your boot. You can't feel them, and they don't fall off, or get in the way of grabs or airs (FAQ). They are held in by your boot gaiter even if they did. AGain, growing up at Kissing bridge ski resort in NY i would have KILLED for a boot with HEAT. You guys are lucky.

                            I just got the 2016 supreme because I loved my old supreme heat boot sooooo much but first day, big pow day so I was out alllll day, my toes froze. Has anyone done a butcher on the electronics of the old supreme heat and moved them to the new boot?