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Love it!!

    I recently purchased a Feelgood V-Rocker 151 and I love it!! I have ridden on it two times.
    It is really awesome for tree riding, and does especially well in powder conditions. I have heard a lot of people say that it is not very good if you are looking for speed on groomed runs, and that it can be sketchy if that's what you like to do.

    Carves like a dream. I am very satisfied with my purchase. I have not yet purchased EST bindings yet, and have Escapades on it, and it still works very well.

    Love it!

      I love this board!! I fell in love with it after I demoed it at our local ski hill. It's very responsive in all kinds of conditions. I combined my board with Burton Lexa EST binding - the 2 together are very light (my last board was very heavy)!

      Burton Feelgood Rocker

        Demoed this board and LOVED it. Thinking I need to add it to my board collection. This board performed great in every condition it was ridden - new snow, slush, park, and pipe. Definitely worth getting.

        Burton Feelgood V-Rocker

          ABSOLUTELY love this board has tremendously helped me improve my snowboarding ability and is just so much fun to ride. You glide down the hill and I never caught my edge once. I definitely recommend this board if you are a beginner to intermediate rider looking to greatly improve, makes such a difference!

          This board is the jam

            The Feelgood V-Rocker Kills it!!! This board tears it up all over the hill. Really nice edge hold for all mountain riding and jumps but still soft and enough for rails and boxes. Also the Feelgood V- Rocker is so nice for doing presses. All and all a super versatile board that is great if you only have one board for the whole season or just want to add another great board to your quiver.

            Perfect~ Im gonna to have the Burton...

            Perfect~ Im gonna to have the Burton Feelgood V rocker 144 deck..
            Thank you for your helpful answer.
            Would you recommend which bindings and boots would fit the Burton Feelgood V rocker 144, please? which would be the best?
            My shoes size is 6, then should I buy same size for snowboard boots?
            and what size of binding should I buy?
            Thank you again for your help! ^-^b

            Definitely go with an EST binding!!! after all, half the point of getting the channel board is getting the unparalled flex and feel of that 'no material underfoot'. you wouldn't want to restrict the boards flex by dropping a binding on it with extra material underfoot.

            I would suggest the lexa EST in medium. (medium fits size 6-8 and will be a perfect fit) EST BEING THE KEY THING TO LOOK FOR! (extra sensory technology -- it just feels so so good :)


            Boots go with something comfortable like a sapphire or emerald. (fit them true to size so a six should be golden.


            Hi~ My height is 5.3 and my weight is...

            Hi~ My height is 5.3 and my weight is 110.
            Am I fit for the Burton Feelgood V-Rocker 144 size?
            Is it too long for me?

            Best Answer

            Nope, the 144 should be just perfect fot you. A lot of the time its easier to have a little bigger of a deck so that you have that comfort of being secure and stable. Too big of a deck is another story. But for your weight, because height really doesn't matter, it should be perfect. Also with the rocker tech, it allows you to have a shorter deck that rides like a longer one. Hope this helped :)

            Hi, which binding would fit a 144 board?...

            Hi, which binding would fit a 144 board? I have a pair of size 5.5 women's burton boots. I was thinking the escapade. And it has be be an EST binding right?

            Hey there!

            You should get a Small pair of bindings and the escapades are an insane choice!

            However, you do not need EST bindings... and Burton Disk Binding or forum disk binding will work as well!!

            But trust me, the benefits you get out of EST with flex and feel are well worth the few extra bucks!!!