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    I rode this board for a full season, and I hated it. My board was made very bady, chipped easily, was very heavy, very stiff, and overall not a good board. It might be good for snowboard cross, but for park and all-mountain riding I wouldn't recomend it.

    Works great

      Status: Beginner

      Bought this for my first real mountain snowboarding trip. Works well and I feel much more confident on the slope. I had rented gear before, this board feels much lighter. Used these with Ride LXH bindings and they fit great.

      As a beginner, this works the way I hoped it would. I slid really slowly into a tree so it is a little chipped at the tip. Great experience nonetheless and it definitely has me hooked on boarding!

      Just buy it.

        My son is age 8. He stepped on to this board last ('08 version) year for his 4th year of riding. When making a purchase and spending this much money u don't know what your gonna get. I have had a custom in the past and found it to be an unmatched all mountain board(xc $$$$$). So I went with it.
        This board raised his level of riding and more importantly he thinks it is great to ride. It has a lot of pop and he just looked more stable turning at high speeds. The difference was immediate- very forgiving. Quit shopping.

        Just buy it

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        Does this board have good flex or is it...

        Does this board have good flex or is it stiff? I want a board on the softer side for park riding.

        i am deciding weather or not to get this...

        i am deciding weather or not to get this board or the burton dom grom and im wondering if this board is good for and intermediate snowboarder who likes the park?

        Both this deck and the dom grom and legit. It depends on you and what you like to ride. The custom is going to be a bit stiffer and is for a bit more progressive of a rider who likes jumps, pipe and rails. The dom grom is better suited for the jibber and small jumps. The custom smalls is legit for sure.

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        i have ssome small burton free stlyes and...

        i have ssome small burton free stlyes and i was wondering if they would fit the custom smalls 145w that has a waist width of 245mm and i have a size 8 boot

        My four year old son has just tried...

        My four year old son has just tried snowboarding with one of those play snowboards (plastic loops over feet). He is a natural and LOVES it! Wanted to find him a better board. Anything to recommend for the littlest rippers? ; )



        The binding can be bolted to the board no problem. The problem you will have is your toes and heels will extend over the edge a little to much. A medium binding means you have a men's size 8-10 boot. This boot is way to big for that size of board. Unless you feet are an 8 then you may be able to get away with the toe drag.

        is it a good jib board?

        is it a good jib board?

        for kids maybe, but its too narrow for anybody with average to large sized feet, if you want a good park board but don't want to spend that much check out the:

        Rome Cheaptrick
        Ride Kink
        DC Pbj
        K2 WWW
        Capita Stairmaster
        Signal Park Rocker

        if you're willing to spend a little more check out the Lib Tech Skate Banana and the Never Summer EVO-R

        is it a good jib board?

        is it a good jib board?

        Unanswered Question

        My son has been snowboarding for one year....

        My son has been snowboarding for one year. He's 13, 5'3", size 8 shoe, and 95 pounds. I know he would like a Burton board and I am considering the Custom Smalls 135 (or possibly the 140). Is this board too advanced for him? Should I go with the smaller board for more control even though it has a 234mm waist? The 140 has a 242mm waist. Thanks for any help!

        trying to get christmas present for 14...

        trying to get christmas present for 14 year old boy 3 years snowboarding 5' 6" 125lbs. size 10 sneaker. what would you recommend???? i am lost. thanks

        If it were me, I would steer clear of a child's snowboard for this young man. In particular, size 10 shoes may lead to a bit of toe drag on this somewhat narrow (231mm) board. Additionally, the weight and age would justify a slightly longer board than what is available in this model. For example, I would consider the 151cm Burton Clash if he is riding the whole mountain or perhaps the 152cm Burton Deuce if he is spending most of his time in the park.

        what bag would you recommend for this...

        what bag would you recommend for this board? Any suggestions

        Check this one out... Its a cool kids print and comes in a 146 so he could use it for this board and still pack his boots, jacket, helmet etc. in it.

        Plus, he will be able to use it for a few board to come as he grows up. Also it has some generous padding in it so it will keep its shape.

        For a board bag with a light-padding check this out: (sizing is limited)

        If you want more of a simple sleeve without padding you could go here: (this way you could get it to fit more closely to his board size)

        We would like to buy my nephew a board for...

        We would like to buy my nephew a board for Christmas. He is 12 years old and new to snowboarding. He is 57 inches tall and weighs 75 pounds. He is just fitting into a size 4 boots. What size/style board would you recommend we buy him?

        Given that your nephew is 75pounds I probably recommend the 125cm long board. That puts him right in the middle of the recommend weight range(50-95pounds)--I personally like it when I am towards the high weight range. This also still gives him about 20 to grow. If you think he will be growing a lot and won't be buying a new board when he gets to 95ish pounds. Maybe go with the 131(65-120pounds). He will still be within the weight range. Be ideally go with the 125cm. Hope that helps :)

        Lukas is correct, its all based on weight... I would go with the slightly larger size (130-ish) as he is still growing.

        Chopper may be a better bet as its less aggressive than the custom small and geared towards beginners... Custom small is insanely good and more durable if plans are to pass down to another child eventually.

        Free lift ticket and lesson come FREE with this board, too!

        My son is 4'9" tall, weighs 72 lbs. and...

        My son is 4'9" tall, weighs 72 lbs. and this will be his 3rd yr to snowboard. For the past two winters he's been using a Burton 126cm Chopper. He'll be wearing a size 7 boot this winter and it's a little large for his board. What board and size would you suggest?? He mainly does freeride boarding but likes to try the park occasionally

        Best Answer

        Well he needs a larger board for sure. I would go anything from a 130-137. Considering that he's probably growing like a weed, something closer to a 137 would be ideal, that way it'll fit him longer. As for his feet getting bigger, the waist width (how wide the board is) around this year's Burton Chopper 125cm (they don't make a 126) is 230mm. So I'm guessing that's really close to the waist width of the board your son has now. So you need to find something with a considerably larger width than that. Especially since he'll probably be in size 8 boots before you know it.
        The Burton Dom Grom is one possibility. They make a 134 and it has a waist width of 237mm. It is however geared more towards a park board.
        The 135 Custom Smalls and 135 Custom V-Rocker Smalls both have a waist width of 234mm. These boards are also both geared more towards park, but could be used all-mountain as well. I'm not sure how much his boots are hanging over, but if you don't think 4mm or 7mm is enough extra width, then I would look into something that is obviously a little wider. You can search the site for other kids boards that backcountry has. They unfortunately only show the waist width for one size of any given particular snowboard, so you have to go to the manufacturer's website (like and research that particular board there to find out how wide they are (waist).
        You may want to look into getting him a woman's board as well. Many of the woman boards they make today look just as cool and similar to mens boards, and they would offer a little more flex, have a wider waist than junior boards, and be more suitable for someone his size.
        Hope this helps! Goodluck!

        Write your question here...What size would...

        Write your question here...What size would you recommond for a 10 year old boy, weighing 100 # 5' advance boarder?

        This is really a personal preference question because of all the variables possible. But anything from a 130-145 would be fine. Considering he's "advanced" I would put him in something closer to the 145 than the 130. Especially if he's riding powder and all mountain. If he likes the terrain park, shoot for something more towards the middle, say 135-140. The most important thing is getting him a nice board that he can improve and advance his skills with.