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    This board is a great all around board. Its forgiving and lots of fun in the park! I am coming for a forum youngblood and I like the extra flex I have with the Custom..way more fun for buttering...The top sheet does scratch pretty easy as maxglade said before....


      Great board, Great response, with est bindings makes your board feel apart of you,
      Thinking about buying this board, BUY IT!

      Sick board...

        I've been riding a custom since 04 and I doubt I'll get anything else. I ride all-mountain, backcountry and park and this board does it all. Incredibly responsive with lots of pop - even after 5 years of solid abuse, this thing still shreds. My only complaint is a bit of rust on the edges, but it cleans up when tuned. To avoid this, get the custom X with the stainless edges.

        I'm abt 160lbs, and 5'4, size 8.5 / 9 feet,...

        I'm abt 160lbs, and 5'4, size 8.5 / 9 feet, should I go for the 154 or 156?

        Many Thanks!

        would this be a good childs freestyle...

        would this be a good childs freestyle board

        If i am 5'2 120 lbs. and 10 boot what size...

        If i am 5'2 120 lbs. and 10 boot what size freeride board should i ride?

        Freeride specific? Then take a look at the Supermodel 155 or the Guru 156. You don't weight that much, but your feet are the biggest issue. If you run a smaller board you'll have to deal with toe and heel drag. But if you plan on only ridding powder, then the bigger board won't be a problem. Check those out. If you're not down with them, then the custom is a great all around deck.

        Hey, i'm looking to buy this board, but...

        Hey, i'm looking to buy this board, but i'm not sure if it will work with the conditions I live in. Since the area i live in doesn't get much fresh powder, would this board work with groomed hills?
        Also I have Ride XS bindings, would the retro disks work with them? Thanks for the help!

        which board has a softer flex custom vrocker...

        which board has a softer flex custom vrocker or regular custom? Other board suggestions are fine.

        although you probably won't be able to find it at this point in the season, the lib tech T Rice is a better board, it will outride the custom anywhere on the mountain. C2 BTX in the T rice is a much better rocker design than v rocker for an all mountain board... it is more stable and gives you more pop plus theres magnatraction which cuts through any snow like butter

        ride whats left of the season on what you got and pick up a t rice next summer, you will be glad you did then after riding the t rice for a little while find somebody you know with a custom have them let you borrow it for a little bit and ride it, you will see how much better the t rice is after 1 run on the custom

        one more thing that the t rice gives you is the freedom of using whatever bindings you want, and the best bindings out there are not made by burton. Union forces or any union binding are bombproof and lighter than anything else

        these are strange bindings ive seen how...

        these are strange bindings ive seen how they work and every thing but.... how to the binding pads look they specail ordered or what

        Yo, you can use any binding you choose on this board, it comes with special adapters you can use. You can put any binding on an ics channel, but the est bindings only work on the ics get what i'm saying? IF you do get est bindings you'll be stoked, you can remove the footbed and ride exactly on the board! it's crazy and gives uncontrollable feel. IF you go with regular bindings you can use it on this board, and any other board

        How is this the "free gift" considered...

        How is this the "free gift" considered free??? 1. the boards are supposed to come with these retro discs and 2. i just bought a burton board from this site and they came free with the board

        I read that the large bindings won't work...

        I read that the large bindings won't work with a 156cm board. Is that really true?

        How is this board for buttering? How's the...

        How is this board for buttering?
        How's the flex?

        Feel: 5/10

        Feel is based on a variety of factors including the board’s materials, shape, tip-to-tail flex, and torsion (aka edge-to-edge rigidity). This number is based on a scale from one to ten with one being softer and more relaxed and ten being most responsive.

        Should i buy the regular camber custom or...

        Should i buy the regular camber custom or the v rocker custom?? I have been riding for 2 years and want a lot of pop. Suggestions are fine.

        I would go for the v rocker if you're into powder and park. That (in my opinion) is where most v rocker boards really excel. Both boards will give decent pop, but due to camber the regular custom will pop a bit more. Probably the regular camber, especially for high speed cruising with stability and pop (although I personally really like v rocker).

        where can you custom your own snowboard?...

        where can you custom your own snowboard? isn't there a website by burton or k2 that allows you to pick the board and design it? thanks

        I'm a borderline beginner/intermediate...

        I'm a borderline beginner/intermediate rider thats looking to buy a first board and I've narrowed it down to this board and three others. The other three are, a K2 Brigade, K2 Anagram, and a Burton Joystick. I basically like going all mountain doing groomed green and blue occasionally black runs and may soon start a bit of rails. Which board will be best for me if I'm 6'3, 210 pounds and about a 12.5 boot size? Thanks in advance.

        And if there is any other board you want to recommend feel free to do so.

        Best Answer

        Well the Joystick is really sick. First it’s the only reverse camber board you have listed. Reverse camber will make learning easy. Plus reverse camber is great in the park for learning trick like spins or getting on boxes and rails. Reverse camber is great in powder so it's kind of a win win deal. Basically, this board will help cradle you through the learning process, then it can help guide you as an intermediate rider and beyond.

        Thanks guys and Ryan how are they for people my skill level? And Shannon would the reverse camber be better for me even though I don't do park or rails? If reverse camber is good Im looking to go with the Joystick or the Custom V Rocker.
        How about the Burton boards compared to the two K2 boards I mentioned? They say the reduced camber on the Anagram and Brigade helps them be catch-free for beginners/intermediate riders.

        Unanswered Question

        What are the differences between Custom...

        What are the differences between Custom ICS and Custom X?

        Will you please explain and list the differences between the two, and the bindings that go well with each?

        I consider myself an intermediate, I can carve down blue and black with ease, and sometimes double diamond black trails. I do some moguls. I will like to learn to do jumps, cliffs, pipe and parks.

        if i order the 154cm is the one in the...

        if i order the 154cm is the one in the picture the color that im gonna get or is it chosen at random?

        How would this board hold up for jibbing...

        How would this board hold up for jibbing (and some of everything else)with the burton exile EST coalitions?

        is the custom to stiff for jibbing and...

        is the custom to stiff for jibbing and rails ?

        Nope. It will hold up just fine. Although if you're more into rails and low speed stuff I'd go for a softer board like the Blunt, Fix or Dominat. Your buddies might show you up when it comes to presses and butters when you ride the Custom, but you'll stick it to them when you go out of bounds.

        The Custom is an all mountain freestyle board: Do it all and brag about it later.

        Also, this years color choice is hot. Reminds me of the 05-ish Tech Nine Boznuts. Mmmm.

        I would agree, its definitely not to stiff to press... unless you weight like 70 lbs, then maybe. ha-ha. Its an awesome go-anywhere, do anything board! Definitely drop in on Some Softer flexing EST bindings like the Exile or Malavita to help soften your ride and max out your pressability.

        is that board good for a intermediate ?

        is that board good for a intermediate ?

        can you put bindings from other brands on...

        can you put bindings from other brands on this board????? such as this one

        can you put bindings from other brands on...

        they include bases for non ics bindis but that means they are good only for burton bindis, it s basically a disk replacement, i know that some companies such as SP have binders that can be replaced with these kinds of disks i am not sure about any other brand