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My utensil of choice

    I love how light, and compact this spork is when folded. If fits perfectly inside my cookset along with a fuel canister and stove. Initially I hated that the handle didn't lock in the open position. When I used this to stir food, if any resistance was encountered on the spork end, it would fold at the hinge. Recently a friend of mine pointed out that the cross piece on the handle slides to lock it open. I had always thought that the cross piece was simply to reinforce the lightweight wire design of the handle. Now that I know that little tidbit of info, it works perfectly. Great design.


      Smallest, lightest, most durable spork I've found. It is the only utensil I carry backpacking. The only downside one might find is if they are deep diving into a mountain house dinner, they might find it a bit short. However, if you want a long spork, then buy one. Personally, I just cut the top half of the freeze dried food bag off and eat of it like a bowl. I bought my son one of these too and he LOVES it. It hasn't scratched up any of my cookware either.

      Spoon, Fork, Spork?

        I am a long standing fan of sporks (foons for some of you goons) really I think it should be a standard in anyones pack, I got 2 one for me one for the little lady. To go with the Snow Peak 1400, Cut down the stylish (though slightly wasteful) packaging that they came with, tossed both sporks in the same container, and then tossed the plastic container into the 1400 with my cookstove and towel.

        They open easy and stay solid, they are strong, light, small, and BOTH a spoon AND a fork. You cant go wrong.

        Awesome & Lightweight

          Bought this to fit in the Snow Peak 600 Titanium Mug and it fits perfectly with all my other gear(Snow Peak Litemax stove,sm bic lighter,pac towel cut to fit,sm visine bottle of campsoap & last the Brunton Spork)! The pac towel is needed to eliminate the scraping noise on the inside of the cup. A small canister will also fit on top of this gear inverted. The spork performs as advertised and locks in place very smoothly.

          Minimalist's dream

            Hard to get anymore minimalist and functional than this! So compact and lightweight. Wouldn't recommend using this when eating out of those 2 serving freeze dried meal bags. It's a little short for that. That's if you don't like to get your fingers dirty.

            Get yours here, will treat you well.

            Minimalist's dream

            Germ haters beware!

              I've been looking for this spork all of my life. i don't have to bend the handle until it breaks in half. It fits perfectly in my Trek 900 cook set along with my fuel and stove. No more lost spork! The only problem is that my grub sticks in the hinge of the handle which makes cleaning a little more complex. i just leave it as seasoning for the next meal!


                Really like the size and weight. Only complaint is that food gets stuck in the joint where the handle closes. Not a big deal, just a bit of a pain to clean. Just used it on my trip to the National Redwood Forest and was very glad I had it.

                Perfect Backpacking Utensil......

                  I don't really count my ounces, I was even bringing up some dominoes & a chess set just in case somebody got the itch to play 15 miles from the trailhead! You could almost say I'm not a smart backpacker: I torture myself just to make it to camp (and it takes me longer than those guys with 50lbs. or less, but they always try to bum stuff off me {let's just say the Rocky Mountain Goat tax is not kind}) with a lot of sodas/red bulls/beer (the way home is much better) & I pack a very roomy Marmot Crib's all about enjoying camp & suffering with the pack for me...but I was using utensils from home that weighed a I threw away my 4oz. steel spoon & 4oz. steel fork & I now have a .6oz. spoon & spork combo (i.e. spork, why not foon?)!!! I'm actually starting to think I may not need to bring so much crap on every trip...thanks Brunton...your Brunton My-Ti Folding Spork was a backpacking epiphany for me...I mean maybe a 60lb. pack is OK...65-70lbs. hurts too much!!! :)

                  Eat your food with this

                    Awesome SPORK! The spork will NOT "close" on one while eating. I had about 10 mounths now and never had problem (Knock on wood). Cleaning is not a problem too. This is what you want to eat with in the great outdoors!!

                    does anybody know if this brunton spork...

                    does anybody know if this brunton spork will scratch the inside of my msr reactor pot since its made out of titanium if i use it to cook and eat out of the pot? thank you.

                    The hard anodization used by MSR on the Reactor Pot creates a surface similar to that of stainless steel as far as scratch resistance in concerned. That's the benefit of quality hard anodized aluminum cookware is that you essentially get stainless steel durability (in terms of surface damage, not denting) without the weight penalties of stainless. You can use any kind of utensil you want.

                    anybody know if this brunton spork will...

                    anybody know if this brunton spork will scratch the inside coating on my msr reactor pot if i use it for cooking/eating out of the pot with?

                    Does anyone have any issues with the spork...

                    Does anyone have any issues with the spork closing on it's own while in use? Other brands have had complaints about the spork folding under the weight of food. I want to get these so they fit in my cooking set, but am not sure about the folding idea.

                    I've used for two full backpacking seasons & it's still never folded up when I didn't want to on my 3rd season...the slide is easy to move up & down but never seems to loosen when I don't want it to; besides, I just let some of my cheesy lasagna dry up in their & it's even more solid! You won't be disappointed, a great buy. :)

                    Does anyone know where these sporks are...

                    Does anyone know where these sporks are made?